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Gannon College 
Erie, Pennsylvania 



Campus Life 8 





Organizations 64 



/ have turned the last page 
and put down my pen — 
it is time. 



7 I 

- -^s 3 ^? ... %v~ 

^.iis^r 1 '^? 



**• * 

. . 1 -. ---"j-j— . : " " " t *•- ^ w , W~ ~-r-= v Sa gs 

. i^cCV "..'-■ 



>A phase is over, the wheel has completed its revolution 

Security is replaced by anticipation, 
hesitation, expectation — 
Roots settled are rudely torn up — 
it is time. 



EI)cfrUrJ)ork$tme$ £« 



A Speech ic Nation 
In K\ peeled Tonight 

C V1 

The 37th President 
First to Leave Post 

KM Rise and Fall IftlTICAlSCW 


Tht Other Major News jswjp" A Tiny G P Bastion ~~~: : i_ Only Nixon Is Serene 
»- ... .> .u ■-. — — ■ V". : :'~ . . FeeliLossandRehef~~.'-'~ - j»c.wm/>..»« u — 

A phase is over, the wheel has completed its revolution 

The day draws near too quickly, 
like everyman, we are not ready 
Manana, manafta 
we have said, 
planned tor — 
it is time. 

i m 

A phase is over, the wheel has completed its revolution 

Another journey, small pilgrim, 
begins as all others — 
shrouded, ominous, hopeful — 
inexperienced, therefore 
of unlimited potential — 
it is time 

A phase is over, the wheel has completed its revolution. 

■Robin Roach- 

The Professor 

They come seeking aid - with eyes shut and mouths open 
papers out and pens extended 
anxious faces seeking answers 
leaning on wisdom. 

He greets them cordially - uniformly 
offers coffee and extends small talk 
smiling blandly 
rolling an orange 
in his hand. 

This is what he offers - coffee and oranges 
smiles and small talk 
to each equally 
dispensing academic 

He gives them what he can - academic answers 
but more - a listening ear, 
a sympathetic essence 
wrapping itself 
gently around them — 
warming their souls, 
germinating their minds. 

-Robin Roach- 



Everything's Happening At Gannon 


^^ . 

JvM^I tL* 


e WJp /; t:i>^ 



BBSBS*«f «j ^ ^ ¥ ^^ > 





E.M.T.A.'s Largest Supporters 

Gannon's commuters either pay outrageous parking 
lot rates or support EMTA, our local friendly bus com- 
pany. If you're one of this somewhat large minority you 
know that Gannon commuters have a problem. Between 
tution and parking lot rates a student could declare 
bankruptcy; if you ride the bus you arrive either an hour 
early for your class or five minutes to half an hour late, 
(and you make the bus company rich). 

Gannon should have free parking for car owning 
students or at least cut rates for bus and car lot rates. 

Although no solutions have occured, Mike Miller has 
carried this problem the farthest in Gannon's commuter 
problem history. 



Ex-Male College 
Only Male Dorm 

Gannon College a once-upon-a-time 
all-male college now has only one all male 
dorm, which is Wherle Hall. This dorm 
became the only male dorm two years ago 
with the closing of South Hall. Wherle Hall 
attracts more upperclassmen because of 
the more flexible hours allowed them there. 
In fact, the dorm hour policies there are 
literally nonexistent. The men may 
decorate their rooms any way they wish 
from paneling the walls to carpeting the 
ceilings; from black lighting the walls to 
postering the ceilings. 

Wherle Hall provides all the comforts 
of home with its vending machines to ward 
off the munchies, billiard tables, and a com- 
plete recreation room to pass away the 
long hours in-between classes, study time 
and rainy afternoons. And to make sure 
those term papers can't be forgotten 
Wherle Hall is located right across from the 
Learning Resource Center. 


North Hall 
Reded icated 

Last year's North Hall is this year's 
Finegan. The dorm was dedicated in 
memory of Owen T. Finegan who died last 

Finegan Hall continued to be the only 
co-ed dorm on campus. More relaxed 
hours and rules led to a close and friendly 
feeling between the west wing men and the 
east wing women. 

The old 'North Hall' is the newest dorm 
complex on Gannon's campus. The 
modern lobby, laundry facilities, and zig- 
zag hallways attest to this fact. 



Apt. Rates Rise 
As Economy Dips 

Many male students as we know are 
lucky enough to live off-campus with their 
fraternal brothers in their "Frat" houses. 
But what about the Gannonites that don't 
have a frat house to live in, where do they 

Many live at home, since apartment 
rates have been hit by inflation. Others 
share apartments thus lowering rent and 
living expenses. To help cut those living ex- 
penses even more Gannon's Student Liv- 
ing Office provides a list of fairly 
reasonable priced apartments off-campus. 


Home and Studies 

The number of married students at 
Gannon seems to be growing all of the 
time. No longer can the married student be 
classified as a veteran or part-time night 
student. For many, it is a problem trying to 
juggle work, school, studying and their 
families. Most of them manage, however. 
For others, being married helps them in 
school because it brings order into their 
lives. The married students must be ad- 
mired for their perseverance. 

■* ***-*• 






No Longer 
Major In Pre-God 

The men from St. Mark's Seminary 
continue to take their place in Gannon life. 
Seminarians are involved in many activities 
on campus. 

Seminarians are likely to be in any 
class in school, not just theology or 
philosophy. The men have their choice of 
majors, so they can explore their own 
areas of interest. 



A Little Money 
For Necessities 

The work study student is an integral 
part of Gannon life. The program is 
designed to provide a vital service to the 
student with a much needed part time job 
and the school with cheap labor. 

For a mere fifteen hours of work a 
week, the student can afford the 
necessities of life — cigarettes and booze. 
Careful money management (learned in Ec 
11) may even allow the purchase of a pair 
of recycled blue jeans. 




f j i It' ' - ^fe. 

v-^H ^^ * v 



p^ ^^ 

^r^j™>**r/^ ^^^kbl 


Delegates Admit South Vietnam 

The twenty second annual Model United Nations' 
General Assembly was held on November 15th and 16th 
of this past year. The delegates from various tri-state high 
schools met for numerous causes before making the 
resolution to install the Peoples Revolutionary Govern- 
ment of South Vietnam to the United Nations. The 
General Assembly was directed by Chuck Taft, the 
Secretary General, and Dr. Gregor Reinhard. This year's 
Security Council President was Larry Maxted. As in years 
past, the students represented delegates from various 



A Time For Song And Celebration 



- Hi 




Hard Work-Study 
Payoff, For Some 

The success of Intersession 75 can- 
not be measured in numbers alone, but in 
terms of the personal satisfaction of the 
students and the faculty who participated. 
The three week period allows everyone 
concerned to explore areas of special in- 
terest. The curriculum deviates from the 
norm, offering anything from Cobol 
programming to Aerobic dancing, and for 
the more adventuresome souls, a seminar 
in Washington, D.C. In spite of these en- 
ticing titles, some fun-loving Gannonites 
prefer to spend their time on the southern 
beaches or the northern ski slopes. 


I 1 — 

i 1 




Vacancies For 
Sleep And Study 

Gannon's new Learning Resource 
Center offers the student much more than 
a stack of books and a place to cram for 
finals. It provides meeting rooms, TV 
studios, and art exhibits. Unfortunately, 
most students never get near the place, 
much less experience what it has to offer. 
The library appears deserted until you try 
to find an empty group study room. These 
are invariably filled with the usual assort- 
ment of paper writers, problem solvers, 
and thermostat fiddlers. 






"We've Got It Together At Gannon" 

The second annual Alumni Telethon was held in 
February this year. The telethon was in operation for two 
weeks from 6:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. everynight. The 
head of the telethon this year was Father Speice. The 
telethon was originated to raise money for the school by 
personally contacting the Alumni. The telethon was 
open to the students to do this volunteer work for their 
school. Many students independently or with 
organizations showed up to help the administration con- 
tact these ex-Gannonites. 

Even though this was volunteer work the telethon 
workers got paid when the result of their hard work 
totaled $18,018.00 at the end of the two weeks. 



Fever Hits, 
Dancers Drop 

Gannon students attending their last 
semi-formal dance of the year caught the 
fever and danced to the sounds of 

The featured band. Menagerie, turned 
on and tuned into an excellent dance band 
and all who were there rocked and rolled 
till one in the morning when the dance 

The dance was sponsored by the Stu- 
dent Senate. 


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly 

Frank Zappa was zapped to the Gannon Audi, in 
November by the Student Senate, to entertain all the 
teeny-bopping high school kids, plus a few Zappa freaks 
from our fair college and a few curious people with time 
to kill or nothing better to do. Zappa has developed a 
whole new technique to entertaining. He warns people 
about eating yellow snow, shows his T-shirts, and gives 
his latest medical report. He is entertaining to say the 
least but his music lacks one thing: you can't tell if it's a 
song they're playing or if they're tuning up. 

March 1st marked the second Student Senate con- 
cert. Once again Donny, Gary, and Tony, better known 
as the Lettermen appeared before Gannonites and 
Erites to be received wholeheartly and with the con- 
fidence of them performing their very best. As the con- 
cert began, everyone settled back for a very enjoyable 
evening with the Lettermen. 



Morris's Play Well Received 

Flowers for a Lexington Lady, an original play by R. 
Micheal Morris, had its premiere performance at the Gan- 
non College Theatre on March 14th. 

The story deals with an old woman, who recalls her 
younger days in a series of flashbacks. This was carried 
off quite successfully by the talent and hard work of the 
people of the Gannon stage. The lead character, 
Margaret Sullivan, was portrayed by a well known Erie ac- 
tress, Mina Eisenberg. 


$50,000 Furs 
Make Morris Sweat 

Gannon's final theatre production, Not 
Now, Darling, was a comedy. The farce on 
marital infidelity and sexual mix-ups 
sported elaborate costumes and a realistic 
set. J. C. Kramer loaned the theatre 
$50,000 worth of furs and a local jeweler 
donated $1,000 worth of beads and 
bangles. Dave Skevron, Gerry Halter, 
Laurel Becker, and Cathy Serger played 
the leads under the direction of R. Michael 


Coleman Speaks To 
Gannon Graduates 

The 31st Annual Gannon Commence- 
ment took place on Monday, May 26, 1975. 
The graduation ceremonies culminated 
two days of activities. On Sunday, a Bac- 
calaureate Mass was concelebrated by 
Monsignor Wilfrid Nash, and Fathers John 
Schanz and Paul DeSante. Sunday even- 
ing, the graduates hosted a commence- 
ment dance for their guests plus Gannon 
faculty and administration. 

Dr. John R. Coleman (President of 
Haverford College), guest commencement 
speaker, stressed the importance of a 
liberal arts education. Honorary degrees 
were awarded to Dr. Coleman, Dr. 
Lawrence Pelletier, President of Allegheny 
College, and City Treasurer, C. Francis 
Hagerty. Approximately four hundred 
diplomas were awarded to Gannon seniors 
as well as one hundred Master's degrees. 


Rev. Msgr. Wilfred J. Nash, President 



*Tu M^^H 

If . ■ H| 



Kevin Quinn. Comptroller 

Richard J Dunford. Student Affairs 

John S. Rouch 

James A. Treiber 

Joy Sweeting 

Rev. Richard J. Sullivan 

Fred D. Thompson 

■ AV ^T 

Ron Volpe 

Joseph W. McLaughlin 

Rev. Msgr. Louis Lorei 

Rev. George Strohmeyer 

Rev. Francis Haas 

Raymond F. Cicero 

Christopher C. Thorn 

Mary Pat Reuwer 

Richard L. Herbstritt 



Andreas Zafiropoulos 



William N. Latimer 

David R. Eichelsdorfer 


Abdelrahman T. Aburachis 


Rev. Robert Susa. Ernest C. Wright 

John P. Susko 

Charles A. Bennett 

Arts And Humanities 


! : \ a 

Lydle F. Brinkle 

Social Sciences 

Badria Mostafa, Charles E. McKelvey, Secretary. Charles Murphy, M. Jude Kirkpatrick 



FRENCH: Georges P. Agadjanian, William J. Carney 


GERMAN: Berta M. Weber. LATIN: Paul W. Peterson 

SPANISH: Eron de Leon Soto. Miguel A. Sague 


Robert H. Allshouse 

Gerard P. Walsh 

■ ■ 

Frank F. Angotti 


Edward Babowicz, Walter S. Minot, Robert L. Vales, Dennis Renner, Rev. Paul J. DeSante 


Cherie A. Haeger, Sr. Dolores Sarafmski 


Charles R. Smith. Jr.. Philip H. Kelly 


Political Science 

James M. Brasfield, Gregor Reinhard, Paul S. Kim 


Kenneth Gamble. John J. Fleming, John J. Duda 


Speech And Drama 

R. Michael Morris. Rev. Thomas J. McSweeney. Robert J. Falkewitz 


Michael J. Acri, Rev. Alphonse Crispo 

Rev. Stephen Minkiel, Rev. John Prah 


^_ ■»_" Ifefc 

* i 

* ^ ^ ■ apt 



SGM Steven W. Comerford, Capt. Ronald W. Riddle, Capt. Joseph N. Lander, Maj. Richard M. Warren. Maj. 
Rapheal H. Sayles 


LTC Joseph Ondishko. Jr.. LTC Glenn H. Wilson 


Fine Arts 


Rev. Howard Niebling, Ann Marie George 

Robert A. Wehrer, Paul K. Adams 



Rev. John P. Schanz. Rev. Gerald Orbanek. Barry J. Mitchell. Canon Warren Starrett. Rev. Richard J Sullivan 

Pure And Applied Sciences 




Rev. Austin OToole 

Elmer F. Kohlmiller 

Stanley J. Zagorski 



m ^ " 

^N jam v. / === \ n. ., 

m ' ^1 *'S 

/■ 11 B / ^'•■k^ 


1 P KU f\^l 

Thomas C. Miller, Mohamed K. El-Sherbiny 



Frank W. Groszkiewicz, Arthur H. Cook 


Rev. Richard Powers 

Paul A. Weidle 

James J. Freeman 



Rev. Robert J. Sciamanda 

Paul B. Griesacker 


Rama Gorla 

Halit M. Kosar 


Francis A. Pelczar, George P. Hesch 


Rev. Addison Yehl 


Vital But Not Recognized 

The services at Gannon have long been victims of 
non-stereotyping. They cannot be catagorized as ad- 
ministration, faculty, or student. Nevertheless, they 
provide vital and necessary services for every part of 

Mr. Flatley. Post Office 


Mr Wade. Maintenance 

Don Borgio Cafeteria 

Dr. Robert Timmons. M.D.. Mrs. Mary Hilbert. R.N.. Mrs. Shirley 
Kiehlmeier. R.N. 




w "-"'^B 

■ 1 ^^. 



V0 ^fc ^L 

C r 1" 


mP % m 

^" ^ ^** f 

1 V 

1. Mike Kane. Gary Moyer. Kevin S. Bentz. Ken Kasick, Pete 
Babnis. Mark Hoey. Ed Billick. 2. Row 1: Lou Gasser. Mike 
Minzio. Spoon Olshausky. Ken Kasick. Row 2: Mike Kane. 
Bogie' Saxton. Row 3: Eddie DeRose. John Andrews. Dale 
Mulcahy. Dave Jurenovich. Mark Hoey. Row 4: Ed Billick. Joe 
Sacco. Roger Boyd. Artie Battistone. Pete Babnis. Gary Moyer 
3. Row 1: Mike Kane. Joe Sacco. "Ziggy" DeRose. Row 2: Pete 
Babnis. Tom Moffett. Ken Kasick. Rocco Pughese. John An- 
drews Row 3: Ed Billick. Kevin S. Bentz. 4. Top to Bottom: Mike 
Kane. Pete Babnis. Ken Kasick. Kevin S. Bentz. Gary Moyer. 
Mark Hoey 5 Officers: Mark Hoey. Art Battistone. Roger Boyd. 
Dave Jurenovich. Gary Moyer. 6. Dave Hall. Mr Clean" 
Jurenovich. Lou Gasser. "Mao ". Chuck Drago. Mike Minzio. 


Mama Mia! APD's 
Did It Again 

The brothers of the Alpha Phi Delta 
social fraternity participated actively in 
various functions both on and off campus. 
Many of the brothers were active in the stu- 
dent senate: Mike Miller served as presi- 
dent and Mike Schwabenbauer as 
academic vice-president. 

Also, the brothers were involved in 
several special projects. One was their an- 
nual spaghetti dinner which turned out to 
be the most successful in its fifteen year 
history. Another was a Halloween party for 
fifty people at the Dr. Gertrude Barber 
Center. In addition, the brothers sponsored 
a concert featuring Kansas to raise money 
for their Spring weekend. 

- * r «» > ' 


Big Brothers 
Little Sisters 

Since 1968 Delta Chi has been perfor- 
ming services to Gannon College and the 

This year they have initated a most un- 
usual pledge program. This new program 
is an associate brother program. This 
program eliminates the usual hellraising 
associated with pledge programs, it also 
eliminates the hell nights and week-ends. 
The intention of this new associate 
program is for all the pledges and brothers 
to get to know each other and to gain the 
respect and responsibility of being a 
brother to each other. 

Besides their new associate brother 
program they also have a Little Sister 
program called Chi Delphia. This program 
open to girls from Gannon and outside of 
Gannon. This program like their "big 
brother" program is a social organization. 

1 Mark Chevalier 2 Rod Wise 3 Jim 
Hubert. Bill Ashbaugh 4 Pledges Terry Kerr 
Bob Barnhart. Steve Szymanski 5 Ed Cross. 
John Zylka. Rod Wise 6 Mark Chevalier. Thad 
Lewandowski. Bill Ashbaugh 7. Mike Shaw. 
Ted Rudolph 


Casino Vegas 
2nd & Myrtle 

Delta Sigma Phi, the first social frater- 
nity on campus, held its third annual 
Casino Night in its new house at 2nd and 
Myrtle. The event, which is a "mini-Las- 
Vegas" was open to the campus and 
proved to be quite a success this year, for 
the Sigs. 

Among the various activities on cam- 
pus the brothers were involved in, they per- 
formed consistently well in the Intra-Mural 

Delta Sigma Phi was a winner of the 
ALL-COLLEGE TROPHY for ten years. 
They were given the original trophy for 
their outstanding record. This award is 
given to the fraternity or organization who 
scores the most points during the year in 

1 Mike Doherty 2 Phil Lucchese, Charlie Buono 
3 Bottom Charlie Buono. Rich Pereira Top Dave 
McSweeney. Lou Palka. Edwin Burro " 4 Tim Landy. 
Jeff Boswell. Bob Burek. Bill Doran. Sabre Edwin 
Burro. Jack Mahoney 5 Jack Waschek 6 Wayne 
Durnick 7 Steve Nicholaus. Stush Giegucz. Phil 
Lucchese 8 Tom Masters. John Allegretti. Jerry 
Guanciale. Brad Farrah 


Pikes Defy Fate: 13 Lucky Years 

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has been on campus for 
13 years, but apparently that hasn't been an unlucky 
number for them. The fraternity has grown into a group 
of 32 very active brothers. 

As usual, the Pikes distributed desk blotters and 
helped at registration this year. The brothers conducted 
a fund drive for the March of Dimes and most recently 
helped with the Telethon. The fraternity is proud to have 
members who are members of Blue Key, Who's Who in 
American Colleges, and Student Senate. 

Social activities are not neglected either. A variety 
of parties have been held, providing good times for all. 

1 J Alberstadt. Joe Coogan. Fred Miaczynski 

2 Rick Janson. Gary Miller, Joe Kloecker. Scott 
Brown 3 Chuck Gelsinger 4 THE HULK. Bill Zuk 
5 Chuck Gelsinger. Mark Amadio. PLATO Tom 
Paterniti. Scott Brown. Andy Warholak 6 Mark 
Amadio. PLATO 7 Pat Dombrowski. John Wags 
Wagner. Joe Coogan. SPIKE . Mark Amadio 



Last fall, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon came 
through again in service to the school. The brothers 
tackled the problem of cleaning out the Gannon Theater. 
The effort was greatly appreciated. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon has been active in school 
politics this year as evidenced by the brothers serving 
on the senate. 

In intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon has captured the 
All-College Trophy following a tradition of remaining a 
top contender. 

"TKE Is Unique" 

1 John Johnson, Frank Resnick. Mike Hammersley. 
Joe Musco 2 Brothers ol T K E 3 Mike Conion, Roy 
Campbell. Jim Lally. Bill Dinenzo. Ed Pupo 
McLaughn 4 Row 1 Al Zameroski. Bill Pinfeld Row 

2 Bryan Francart. Lou Drosl. Mike Pyska 5 Tom 
Walsh. Paul Nasca. MOLE Valyo. Mark Wayne. 
Larry Dolghan. Marty Engel 6 Floor Dennis 
Novmsky. Joe Krall Standing John Pistner. Ben 
Onachila. Doc Aiello. Kevin Parker. Kip Belleau 


Brothers Donate 
Time And Blood 

The Sheik Social Fraternity has been a 
part of Gannon College since 1969. Since 
then the Sheiks have expanded their total 
membership, including alumni, to over 100 

The Sheiks social functions include 
parties, dances, a Founder's Day, and a 
Parent's Weekend. 

The Sheiks are also involved in both 
Erie Community and Gannon College pro- 
jects. This past year they sponsored, in 
cooperation with the Erie Community 
Blood Bank, a "blood donor drive." They 
were also active in the March of Dimes 
Walk-A-Thon. Involvement in Gannon 
College projects included the Sheiks par- 
ticipation in the alumni telethon, and par- 
ticipation in the summer orientation 
programs for incoming freshman. 

1. Dan Pernice. Tom Loesch 2. Paul 
Morbito. Paul Niedomys. Denny Sar- 
bak 3 Jim Torok. Mark Kinem. 
Chuck Schnefer. Bill Weaver. 4 Don 
Matson. Rick Wallace. Jim Torok. 
John Rosenquest. Terry Haggerty. 
Denny Sarbak 5 Rowl Niko". Rick 
Wallace. Paul Morabito. Dan Pernice. 
Pat Dugan. Jim Torok Row 2 Mark 
Kinem. Bill Weaver. Ray Wieszczyk 
6 Don Matson. Niko. 7. Row 1 Paul 
Miedomys. Ray Wieszcyk. Chuck 
Schiefer. Row 2 Bill Weaver. Paul 
Morabito. Dan Pernice. John 
Rosenquest. Terry Haggenty. 8. Jim 
Torok. Paul Morabito. Don Matson. 
Niko . Ray Wieszczyk. 9 Row 1 
Niko. Zwa ". Terry Haggerty. Don 
Matson, Row 2: Rick Wallace. Chuck 
Schiefer. Paul Morabito. Dan Pernice 
Row 3: Bill Weaver. Jim Torok. Mark 
Kinem. John Rosenquest. Pat Dugan. 
Ray Wieszczyk 


Drilling Isn't 
All They Do 

The Pershing Rifles have changed a 
lot since their start in 1958. Originally just a 
drill team, the P. R.'s have developed into a 
strong brotherhood, with R.O.T.C. no 
longer a pre-requisite to join. Their house 
on Peach Street provided living ac- 
comodations this year for eight of the 
twenty-one members. 

The Pershing Rifles represents Gan- 
non College by competing in drill meets in 
such places as Myrtle Beach, S.C., 
Washington, and Boston. 

This year saw the brothers raising 
money through its car washes and raffles. 
The P. R.'s social calender included its own 
Cord Dance and P.R. weekend, besides the 
college's 8 Ball and Winter Carnival. 


1 > ront Steve Ond n Seewagen. Diane Talaber. 

Pat I Back Rob Pauley. Paul Wo- 

jciechowski. Hank Stolz. Joe DeLucia. Nancy Gallagher 
How 1 Bob Fronzaglia. Dave Hardic. Rob 
Pauley Dun Wilkms, John Sweewagen. Brian Williams. Pat 
Fitzgerald Row 2 Diane Talaber, Paul Stadler. Hank Stolz. 
Paul Wojciechowski. John Sharer. Joe DeLucia Row 3 
John Hardic, Mark Sullivan 4 Bottom Bob Fronzaglia 
Top Mark Sullivan 5 Paul Woiciechowski. Mark Sun 
6 Front Ed Miller. Capt John". Brian Williams Middle 
Bob Fronzaglia. Nancy Gallagher, Mark Sullivan, Rob 
Pauley. John Hardic Back Tom Schreier, John Sharer. 
Don Wilkms. Dave Hardic 





Intern Program 
With Businesses 

AKPsi is Gannon's only business 
fraternity and they represent Gannon 
College in the initiation of a student chapter 
of the sales and marketing executives of 

Two AKPsi brothers Mark Rickert and 
Bob Sheperak participated as student in- 
terns at the First National Bank, in 
marketing and public relations under' the 
supervision of Mr. David DeFazio, assistant 
Vice-President and Marketing Manager. 

The brothers also participated in this 
years Muscular Dystrophy Drive and con- 
ducted several tours of local industries. In 
addition, they brought in various speakers 
from the Business Community. 


1 Sitting: Ron Swiner. Rick Reaghard. Ray 
Sebma. Jack McDonald. Chris Nutter. Dennis 
Hemtz. Mark Rickert. Don Graeca. Tim Kelley. 
Bob Sheperak 2 Bob Sheperak 3 Wolfman 
Jack' McDonald. Chris Nutter. Ray Sebma. 
Dennis Hemtz. 4 Mark Rickert. Tim Kelley. 
Jack Wolfman McDonald. Rick Raider 
Reaghard 5 Don Graeca. Ray Sebma. Ron 
Swiner. Chris Nutter 


Active In The 

The St. Thomas More Club is the first 
and only co-ed fraternity club on campus. 
"The MORES" is a service orientated 
organization. One of their major projects 
involves going to the Zem Zem Shriners 
Hospital to visit the Children. They are also 
in the process of becoming involved with 
the Campus Ministry and its projects. 

The Mores don't spend all their time 
doing service projects, they are also ac- 
tively involved with intramural sports. The 
Mores are also represented in Student 
Senate and were represented at the 

The members of the More Club had 
their annual semester Action week-end at 
Camp Findley and are planning a retreat in 
the Spring semester. 

1. Fr. Niebling, Mr. Bloesar. Fr. Peterson, Mary Rita 
Alberstadt. Sandy Krusewski, Mary Anne Connell. 

2. Paul Williams. Maryann Lucus, Becky Tann, Rose 


Members Date 
Biology Library 

Tri-Beta is composed of Gannon's 
biology minded students. It offers family- 
like companionship to its members and 
guidance to high school seniors interested 
in biology. 

Every year, tri-beta sets aside one day 
to devote to high school seniors. They are 
invited to spend the day at Gannon and 
observe our biology world first hand. 

Although career day is their major 
project, the tri-beta members also have 
fund raisers to help expand Gannon's 
biology library. 

Barb Dudzinski. Greg Shellito. Doug Zimmer. 
Kathrine Swanson. Mary Rita Alberstadt. Bill 
Falkenberg. Peggy Ditz. Marlene Bandur. Blame Bell. 
Bob Tyler. 



Gannon's "Bullish On America" 

Front: Janet Strohmeyer, Rick Rose. Jim Graeca, Back: Chris Vogt, 
Gary Smith, Scott Brown. 

The Student Investment Trust is an organization on 
campus that actually buys and sells stocks in a trust fund 
under student supervision. The organization was 
founded fourteen years ago by a gift given by Mr. 
Edward Lamb. The club is open to all students of the 
school and provides great investment learning ex- 


Members Present Holography Lecture 

The Society of Physics Students is an organization of 
science oriented students planning a career in Physics or 
other related areas. SPS is an active campus group. Its 
efforts resulted in having a well known speaker present a 
lecture to the Gannon community concerning holography, 
as well as, playing an active and vital role in Biology Day 
tours and activities. 



Participate In 
Pitt Contest 

The thirty-seven members of Gan- 
non's A.S.M.E. (American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers) took part in a 
regional contest this year held at the 
University of Pittsburgh. The members 
came in second in the category of par- 
ticipation. Other activities included tours of 
five local industries and a presentation of 
technical papers which was won by Mike 

At semi-regular meetings, the 
members watched engineering-oriented 
films and planned their activities calendar. 

1. Joe Durante. John Seewagen, Dr. Kosar. 2. Front: Paul Heintz. Russ 
Myers. Middle: Jim Platteter, Roy Davis, Jim Muders. Sue Kovach, John 
Assini. Joe Durante. Mr. Doivel, Dr. Kosar. Back: Don Speranza. Bob 
Platteter. John Seewagen, Bill Thompson. 




Career Night 
Double Success 

Career night highlighted the agenda 
of this year's student I.E.E.E. (Institute of 
Electrical and Electronics Engineers). It ex- 
posed the students to engineers in in- 
dustrial areas and enlightened them to 
possible career opportunities. 

Also, at regular meetings, a series of 
films was presented for the enjoyment and 
betterment of the student members. 

Social activities included a picnic with 
A.S.M.E. and a tour of the Koehler Brewing 

1. L to r: Tom Kopycinski. Frank Bekeny. Ken Obuszewski. Rich 
Konapelsky. Wes Micket. Jim Muders. Jim Fratus. 2. Officers: Carl 
Johanson. Oya Kosar. Peter Brown. 


Front: Susie Scheufele, Roswita Caines. 
Back: Dr. Weber, Michael Janceck, Emily 
Osiecki, Steve Anderson. 


Open To Students 
And Community 

Gannon College's German Club is 
open to anyone in the community of Erie 
who finds the german language and culture 
interesting. The meetings are held monthly 
in an informal german atmosphere. Ger- 
man is spoken throughout the meetings. 

A meeting's agenda usually includes 
a program related to Germany's 
geography, history, customs, and culture. 
The material for these topics is supplied by 
films, tapes, and slides. 

Other subject material includes lec- 
tures on the German educational system, 
the country's tales, legends, and folk lore, 
and its style of literature and music. 



Members Raffle Imported Blouse 

This year's Spanish Club members held donut sales, 
basket of cheer raffles, and, in the spring of the year, they 
raffled a blouse purchased over Intersession in Mexico. 

Meetings were held periodically and Spanish was 
spoken throughout. The subjects covered during the 
meetings included discussions, films, tapes and slides on 
various spanish-speaking countries, their cultures and 
histories. The meetings also included accounts from any 
member who had traveled to any of these countries. 

Front: Gunnar Klett, Susie Scheufele. Back. Elena George. Angela 
Marasco. Dan Davis. Mary Anne Connell. 



On Agenda 

This year's Criminal Justice Club with 
Mike Amidon as President, had regular 
monthly meetings in which the members 
discussed the rehabilitation of criminals 
and the city's new rehabilitation program. 

The club also had various guest 
speakers and viewed films on crime, its 
steady increase, its causes, and its 
probable solutions. 

1 Front: Scott Scheirer, Joe Meko. Joan Wasylosky. 
Greg Stiffler. Mark Chebalier. Back: John Shandorf, 
John Masciarelli, Dave Alessi. Tom Kirclich, John 
Mientkiewicz. 2. Officers: Front: Kathy Fox. Mike 
Amidon, Back: Joan Wasylosky, Kevin Rabin, Cyndi 



Association Of 
Three Actions 

Gannon's Social Work Club is open to 
all students at Gannon, no major barred, 
and is also known as the Student Associa- 
tion of Social Workers. The club covers 
three different categories of action in which 
all members are encouraged to participate. 
They are: educational activities, recruiting 
activities, and social activities. 

The educational activities include 
monthly meetings or lectures with guest 
speakers. The recruitment activities in- 
clude trying to attract and interest more 
students to join. And, the social activities 
include visiting and bringing gifts to 
hospital patients at Christmas. 

Cheryl Schanz. Joe Shiznay. Gail Smith. Jerry 
Magnelli. Jim Kuntz. 


Interested Even 
Before Dept. 

The Talisman Players is an organiza- 
tion on campus under the direction of the 
Speech and Drama department. They were 
originally responsible for all of Gannon 
College's theatrical productions before the 
department existed. 

Now, Talisman is open to anyone in- 
terested in acting, organizing, or working in 
Gannon Theatre plays. 




Honor Society Sponsors Play 

Gannon's honor chapter of Kappa Beta is Alpha Psi 
Omega. It is devoted to increasing student involvement in 
the theater. It sponsors at least one major production and 
several one-act plays each year. 

Student candidates are judged according to their 
work in all fields of theater: acting, backstage, box office, 
technical effects, and management. The society also 
recognizes and acknowledges any outstanding con- 
tributions to the college theater by students. 

1. Robert Knecht. Richard Jenks, Carlton 
Shea, Tony Bonvini, Mary Ann Kania, Dave 
Skovron. Rosalie Coletta, Rev. Thomas 
McSweeney. Rita Perrett. Gerald Halter, Sandy 



Vets Fight For 
Political Rights 

The Veteran's Association assists the 
veteran in his or her adjustment from 
military to academic life. In doing so, it aids 
the veteran with problems covering such 
areas as the G.I. Bill, state grants, and 
academic life. Also, the veteran is informed 
of his rights and benefits as a veteran. 

In addition, the members are active 
politically to help effect better legislation 
for the Vietnam veteran on the state and 
national level. Gamma Sigma Mu also 
awards an $800 scholarship to a non- 
veteran freshman. 

1. Front: Paul Seupenko. Rick Marino. John Allen. 
Jim Piotrowski. Mike Bojarski, Tim Johnson, Rich 
Malena. Don Schmitz Back: Stan Mikotowski, Ed Brill. 
Frank Kaleta, Gene Cinti. Carlton Tonkin. Mike Dzurik. 
John Assmi. Don Stakowdki. Larry Blake. Grover 
Longnecker. David Ihng. 2. John Allen. Jim 
Piotrowski. Steve Jones. 


A One Year Struggle For Change 

Student Senate tackled the myriad of problems that 
seem to continue year after year: commuter parking, 
dorm life, and the administration-student relationship. 
The senators were subjected to intense criticism and in- 
tense indifference, but were also regarded as the most 
effective source of potential change in the college. 

1. Josie Subotnik. Mike Miller. Chris Wodarczyk. Paul Williams. 
2 Mike Miller. 



"Wise" Guys Recognized By College 


The Blue Key National Honor Fraternity of Gannon 
consists of a select group of outstanding students. The 
major service of this organization is to recognize these 
students for their abilities. 

To get into this fraternity a student must be 
nominated and voted in. Two of the requirements for the 
nomination are that a student must be actively involved 
in at least three extracurricular activities and maintain 
above average grades. 

1 Sitting: Bill Zuk. Kevin Bell. Ron Grove. Standing: Paul Champer. 
Jude Kirk. Tom Laskowski. Richard DiGiuIio. 


1st Birthday 

Cardinal Key celebrated its first birth- 
day on Gannon's campus this past Oc- 
tober. Cardinal Key is an organization that 
recognizes successful women students at 
Gannon. It is also a sister society to the 
Blue Key Honor Society. 

Cardinal Key National Honor Society's 
major projects this year were going door to 
door at Halloween to collect food for star- 
ving countries and decorating the 
Veteran's Hospital at Christmas. 

1. Front: Mary Rita Alberstadt. Barb Dudzinski. Middle: Kathy McLaughlin. Pat Reaney. 
Carol Narkevic. Back: Ann Stephenson. Molly Mosier. 2. Mary Kay Ditz. 



New Club Competes In Intramurals 

The Table Tennis Club was a newly formed organiza- 
tion this year headed by Larry Moore. Competition 
remained within the group, but they hope to be able to get 
a team together and play other colleges. 

Four of the members were finalists in the Intramural 
ping pong doubles. Steps have already been taken in the 
sponsorship of an All Erie Area High School Table Tennis 
Tournament for the next school season. 




Wild, Energetic 
Radio Gannon 

non s W c"a E m R pu G s *™ * e , Ca " '**" °» Gan. 

who are luck„ =„ ! °' " s "steners 

W- Ganlr^o Zf ' T ° be ^ <° «"~ 
9oes out of it s „! ;?*• , The raa, ° Nation 

'-awn, pro^urs^rn by 

rock. WERG io ■«««. !. , UdSSlcal to hard 
u ^a at 89.1 on your P.M. dial. 

■ R.G Staff 2 r 

1. Jean Kozlowski. 2. Pete Farrelly. 3. Tom 
Laskowski. 4. Pam Verity. 5. Elizabeth Bucarelli. 


New Term Sees 
A New Editor 

Gannon's one and only newspaper, 
the KNIGHT, appears faithfully every Friday 
during the fall and spring semesters. 

The KNIGHT as in past years has won 
numerous awards for its literary content 
and general layout. 

During the second semester Pam 
Verity, who replaced Tom Laskowski as 
editor, worked long hard hours with her 
staff to produce a paper filled with Gannon 


1 Paula Wieszczyk. Alberta Onachila. Mary Fran 
Straub. Garry Settimi 2 Carol Potter 3 Steve Drex- 
ler 4 J Martin Seroka 5 Nancy Panzarella 


Late Start 
New Format 

This year's edition of the LANCE 
almost wasn't. After a financial struggle for 
funding, the volunteer staff got down to the 
job of organizing. As a result of the late 
start, the LANCE set some new precedents 
this year, such as including spring events 
and a fall delivery. 






New Coach Faces Disappointing Season 





1 WON 




1 TIE 








2 TIE 












4 WON 





















WON 4 - 

■--LOST 6 TIED 2 



Front row (I to r): Vince Kirkner. Ron Quiros. Joe Hahn. Bruce Patterson. 
Rick Pereira. Bryan Booth. Dennis Shade. Bert Napoleon. Back: Sero) 
Zadoorian, Jim Orband. Tim Landy. Jim Roome. Aysar Susan, Alex Tur- 
nier. Vernon Robinson. Herman Jones. 




Icemen Skate Thru Mediocre Season 


_.[ 1 *'- tjw nr 

^» ^^\ -?"^ 



v /^ * 

__^^^^L ^\% • 

EkL *- 






Knights Complete Best Season Ever 

Under the leadership of first year coach Ed Sparling, 
the Peach Street Kids completed their best season ever, 
ending with a regular season record of 23-3. In addition, 
the Golden Knights walked off with numerous MECAA 
awards. Ed Sparling was named MECAA coach of the 
year, Willie Wade made the first team of the All-MECAA 
Conference and Al Farmer made the second team. 

Team cooperation highlighted many of Gannon's 
"Big Wins." The Knights played and won against major 
teams such as Duquesne and Youngstown State. In the 
end, the Knight's defense was rated fourth in national 
small college ranks, and the entire team was rated twelfth 
in the A. P. small college poll. 

On March 7 and 8, Gannon hosted the NCAA East 
Regionals and won boosting the Knight's record to 25-3. 
At Evansville, the Knights lost to Assumption College and 
ended the season with an impressive record of 25-4. 

One of the outstanding individual players on the 
Knight team was senior Gerry Walker. Walker broke the 
all time scoring record held by Glen Summors and was 
named to the A. P. All-American third team. 

Seated (I to r): Willie Heidelberg. Larry Pittman. Mark Murray. Gerry 
Walker. Fate Harris. Bob Roth. Al Farmer. Standing: Gary Knapp, Willie 
Wade. Clyde Wright. Don Hargrave. Neal Stoczynski. Joe Blanks. Ed 





Walsh College 




Fredoma State 



Southern California College 



Geneseo State 



College of Stuebenville 



Porreco Cup 




Philadelphia Textile 



West Liberty State 



Alliance College 



Akron University 



Kings College 



Ashland College 



Youngstown State University 



Duquesne University 



St. Francis 




University of Scranton 



College of Stuebenville 



Wheeling College 



Buffalo State University 



Siena College 



Clarion College 



Youngstown State 



LeMoyne College 



Alliance College 




Canisius College 



1 io 










1® lfe.V 


¥i. * - ■ 


> ¥■ 


Gannon Hosts NCAA Regionals 

* a r 



26-8 Season; NCAA Regional Champs 

Front: Bill Koper, Steve Crane, George Stewart. Back: Dan Stephenson, 
Bill Hawkins. Mark Musone. 

1 14 




Grove City 












St. Vincent 








Purdue - Indiana 




Mercy hurst 




















Slippery Rock 
















Cleveland State 




Baldwin - Wallace 


































Fall Hopes End In Spring Slump 


1 16 

Front: Kevin Van Horn. Dave Smith. Richard 
Dopierala. Back: Al Ganzer. Tim Downing. Frank 




George Quips, "At Least We Tried!" 

Adams, Jack Armbruster, Glen 
Belleau, Kevin Best, Larry 
Dieghan, John Gido, Ron 
Grove, Fred Johnston, Jim 
Lawrence, John McGraw, 
Wayne Moody, Dave Morosky, 
Dave Perretta, Randy 
Paulinich, Mark Rienstadtler, 
Randy Spencer, Dave 











Buffalo State 









Niagara University 





Geneseo State 








St. Bonaventure 











Clarion State 



■ * 







Youngstown State 














Fredonia State 



1 - " 



University of Buffalo 


- ;, i/L 









Grove City 






Slippery Rock 





Point Park 





Niagara University 



*mm F? 



Youngstown State 


i Itt&H 



1st Year Paves Way For Future Athletes 

Organized women's sports were new this year at 
Gannon. In the past, the idea of women's teams was often 
talked about, but Mrs. Joy Sweeting of Student Service 
took the first step to making all the talk a reality. Joy 
Sweeting was herself a newcomer to Gannon. From the 
time she was hired in late June, Sweeting began to fight 
for a women's sports program. 

With no working budget, teams were recruited and 
organized. Volleyball and basketball began in the fall with 
tennis and softball following this spring. Some interested 
Gannon students volunteered to coach the fledgling 
teams. Sweeting made last minute rounds of local 
colleges to schedule matches. Then came the time for the 
teams to prove themselves. 

All in all, it was a good season for the four teams. 
Considering the inexperience of most of the girls, the 
practice scheduling problems, and the lack of money, the 
teams showed Gannon that women are not only good 
athletes, but that they have the desire and motivation to 

Joy Sweeting sees the past year as the first step in a 
major women's sports program at Gannon. Next year she 
will have a budget that will allow for paid coaches, travel 
costs, and team uniforms. The scheduling for next year's 
teams is already completed and three of the trial sports 
have become intercollegiate varsity sports: volleyball, 
basketball, and tennis. 

Sweeting's hopes for the future of the women's 
sports program include forming a league with area 
colleges in 1976 and attracting skilled high school 
athletes to Gannon. 




ik i mu& 

TENNIS. Joan Wasylosky. Lynn Michalism. Janet Nicolia. Janet 


ft ® & 

BASKETBALL Front Coach. Annie 
Spinks. Jill Ferraro. Rose Abbott. Mara 
Zambroski. Carol Woods Back Tess 
Crotty. Margot Presto. Anna Przybycm, 
Patty Fischer. Gwen Braithwaite 




VOLLEYBALL: Front: Karen Maus, Mary Ellen Wat- 
son, Lynn Michalism, Cindy Sayers. Jill Ferraro, Cindy 
Biltz. Chris Smith. Back: Coach, Tim Mahoney. Eileen 
Yearn, Barb Samuelson, Annie Myers, Peggy Ander- 
son, Debbie Jolliffe, Elizabeth Stastny, Kathy 
McKinley, Joanne Healion, Anele Carstater, Coach 
Paul Stewart. 




11 ii 

'GH '■> 


SOFTBALL: Front: Jan Keeley. 
Kathy McKinley. Eileen Yearn, An- 
nie Spinks. Chris Smith, Elena 
George. Peggy Anderson. Rose 
Abbott. Back: Debbie Gneb. Jill 
Ferraro. Valerie Farragher. Annie 
Myers. Coach. Roy Lukich, Kate 
Bnckley. Coleen Aloan. 



Frustrated Jocks Get Their Chance 

Under the leadership of a new director, Rich Wrobel, 
the Intramural Program for 1974-75 adhered to the direc- 
tives and strict rules that came as a result of last year's 
program overhaul. 

One important aspect of Intramurals is the IM coun- 
cil. It is composed of students who are elected by the 
organization they represent. These students can set 
eligibility rules, add or discontinue sports, and regulate 
the year's awards. 

Twenty-one sports were included in this year's 
program which attempts to give students a chance to get 
away from the tensions of term papers, exams, and 









V * 



■ 4fc . 

W Wr 

1 ' ''' , ' , 




■■„.■■ I 

u J Lv^^0'' l " || "'y'"^ 

1^^!^™ 2~j( 





Ts*- •31 


Rose Abbott 
Mary Rita Alberstadt 
John Andrews 
Dennis Astemborski 

Richard Adams 
Pearl Allen 
William Andolsek 
Frank Baginski 

Gennaro Aiello 
Steve Anderson 
Tony Annunziato 
Deanna Baker 

Leona Baniszewski 
Gary Bianco 
Richard Bolla 
Robert Bruschi 

Paul Barney 
Susan Biggica 
Tony Bona 
Gary Butler 

Wanda Bauer 
Edward Billick 
Peter Brown 
Rosew'ta Caines 

Kevin Bell 
Rhonda Blackman 
Roger Brumagin 
Thomas Calabrese 


Grace Camino 

Mary Carlson 

Mary Pat Carney 

Stan Carson 

Terrence Cavanaugh 

Denise Cerame 

James Chunko 

Danielle Cole 

Steven Collins 

Robert Collman 

Karen Connell 

Mary Anne Conne 

Kenneth Crawford Jr. 
James Davis 
David DiSantis 
Douglas Dunbar 

Edward Cross 
Roy Davis 
Margaret Ditz 
Joseph Durante 

Eileen Cunningham 
Larry Deighan 
Dan Drayer 
Winston Ellis Jr. 

Steve Danch 
Richard DiGiulio 
Barbara Dudzinski 
Martin Engel 


w^ ^1 


k^ *» 

jk« • » 

Patrick Fitzgerald 

Joseph Flicker 

Nanette Flickinger 

Kathy Fox 

Robert Fries 

Gary Froehlich 

Louis Gasser 

Charles Gelsinger 

Joseph Germino 

Nicholas Gicale 

Charles Glover 

James Gorski 

Paula Grack 

Sherry Lynn Gray 

Stephen Green 

Michael Greene 

Honnie ijrove 
Don Hargrave 
Gretchen Heintz 
Joseph Henry 

Debbie Gundrum 
Lynda Harpst-Sawdy 
David Henretty 
William Hilliard 


Richard H. Hubbell 
Ronald Hyziewicz 
Kevin James 
Carl Johanson 

Michael Husk 
David Ihrig 

Mary Margaret Jobes 
Constance Johnson 

Marsha Johnson 
Thomas Kelley 
Oya Kosar 
Carl Kreisel 

l-rank Kaleta 
John Kevin Kemege 
Gary Knapp 
Leon Kulinski 

Janice Kalivoda 
Jude Kirk 
David Koehler 
Reina Kurniawan 

Thomas Kelley 
Vincent Kirkner 
Kevin Kramer 
David Kuzmin 


Gayla LaPaglia 

Richard Lapinski 

Thomas Laskowski 

Susan Laws 

Demse Legacki 

Denise Legenzoff 

Michael Lewis 

Barbara Lions 

Candi Lipski 

Charles Longnecker 

Elias D. Lopez 

Donna Lowe 

Richard Malena 

James Malue 

Michael Mando 

Thomas Manna 


Robert A. Manning 

Angela Marasco 

Theresa Marceca 

William Marlowe 

John Masciarelli 

Ronald Matis 

Mary McKinney 

William McKinney 

Jay McLaughlin 

Janet McLaughlin 

Kathy McLaughlin 

David Medvec 




Christina Mitchell 
Jack Mulqueen 

Michael Morris 
Joseph Musco 

Jacquelyn Migdal 
Gloria Mills 
Mary Ann Mosier 
Carol Narkevic 

Cynthia Mills 
Michael Mirizio 
Dale Mulcahy 
Paul Nasca 


p> <s 

m. ' " 'J 

r -.. 

\V ' 

Mark Nasky 

Jon Notoro 

Charlotte Ober 


Emily Osiecki 

Anne Pearsons 

David Perretta 

Alan Peters 

Kent Peterson 

Andy Pistner 

Timothy Pohl 

Carol Potter 

David Paulson 

Sandy Pruitt 

Michael Pruvedenta 

Rocco Pugliese 


Patricia Reaney 

Bernard Repasky 

Debbie Rhule 

Mark Richert 

Michael Richwalsky 

Rita Roman 

James Rosthauser 

Karen Rubay 

Louis Santabene 

David Schabloski 

Michael Schwabenbauer 

John Seewagen 

Harry Sell 

Dennis Serwick 

Garry Settimi 

Rosilynn Shadeck 

John Shandorf 
Mary Slusser 
Anne Spinks 
Thomas Stanton 

Robert Sheperak 
Gail Smith 
Charles Stachera 
Andy Stelmack 


Margaret Stephenson 

Paula Stetter 

Janet Strohmeyer 

Josephine Subotnik 

Stanley Swacha 

Kathrine Swanson 

Brian Swenson 

Mary Jane Tharp 

Betsy Thayer 

Sherrie Thomas 

Ethel Thompson 

Alex Turnier 

Guirlaine Turnier 

Robert Tyler 

Craig Vader 

George Varroto 

Thomas Walsh 
William H.Wolfe II 

Patrick Vlahos 
Mark Wayne 
Leo Yenderusiak 
Len Zawistowski Jr. 

John Wagner 
Joseph Wienczkowski 
L. T. Zacherl 
Kenneth Zecca 

Tamora Walker 
Evelyn Williams 
James Zannelli 
William Zuk 


1974-75 Student Directory 

Abbey Gregory L 959 W 20th St Apt 2. Erie. Pa 16502 I M 

Abbott John Joseph. 108 Woodlawn Drive. Willowstreet Pa 17584. Psych 

Abbott Rosemane. 5611 Chesterfield Or Cam Springs Md 20031 NHC 

Achesmshi Leo Walter. 303 Ziegier Ave Butler Pa 16001 Ace 

Adams John 327 Newman St Erie Pa 16507. Hum 

Adams Richard J 3921 Wood St Erie Pa 16509. Soc 

Adamson George A 2324 Lynnbrook Ave . Pittsburgh Pa 15226. Ace 

Robert Todd 674 Mam St Conneaut Ohio 44030 Mgt 
Agresti Linda Marie 655 Brown Ave Erie Pa 16502 Pre-Med 
Ahigren Richard Alan 3717 Oakwood St Erie Pa 16508. Math 
Idi. Navid Box 17-4 WH Gannon Col Erie Pa 16501 M E 
s 90 Forrest St Ridgway Pa 15853 Cr J 
Aiello Gennaro C . 301 Fairview Ave Johnsonburg Pa 15845 Fin 
Albers Raymond John. Divine Word Seminary Girard Pa 16417 Sw 
Albers William Joseph 523 E Main Si SXT Spartansburg. Pa 16434. Mgt 
Albersiadt John Wm . Jr 643 Pm Oak Dr . Erie, Pa 16504. Soc 
Aiberstadt Mary Rita 643 Pin Oak Drive Erie Pa 16504, Bio 
Alberth Regis R . RD 1 Mars. Pa 16046. Phil 
Albreski. Richard Phil 1833 Zimmerly Rd Erie Pa 16509. Mgt 
Alcocer Herce J . 6812 W Old Ridge Rd Fairview Pa 16415. I M 
Aieksa Patricia Ann 2109 Victory Dr Erie Pa 16510 Hum 
Alessi David P PO Box 264. Gannon Col Erie. Pa 16501. Cr J 
Alexander David Robert 2934 W 30th St Erie Pa 16506. Mgt 
Alexander Scott Edgar 325 W 9th St Erie Pa 16502. Fin 
Aliegretti Jon A . 1641 Pa Ave. Meadville. Pa 16335 Mgt 
Allen James Emery 629 Young Rd Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 
Allen John Ross 1508 Pasadena Dr Erie. Pa 16505 I M 
Allen Kathryn Anne 1609 Dewey Rd . North East. Pa 16428 Cr J 
Allen Pearl. 1109 E 19th St Erie Pa 16503. El Ed 
Almeda Robert Joseph 962 W 25th Erie. Pa 16502 M E 
Almasi. Judy Lorraine 415 Eden Dr Monroeville. Pa 15146. Bio 
Aloan Colleen. 314 Terry Rd Syracuse NY 13219 Ace 
Amadio Mark C . Box 25. Fryburg Pa 16326. Psych 
Amen Ah Asghar. Tehran Iran M E 

Ames Charles Henry. 343 W 21st St . Erie. Pa 16502 E T 
Amidon Michael George 5240 Streamwood Drive Erie. Pa 16506. Cr J 
Amin Zohreh. 547 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507. Hum 
Ammar Atil Ahmad 1039 McCarter Ave . Erie. Pa 16503 E E 
Anderson Dennis Ray 4510 Washington Erie Pa 16509 E E 
Anderson Douglas R 430 W 8th St . Erie Pa 16502 Fin 
Anderson Margaret L 324 Fourth St., Ext Youngsville. Pa 16371. Math 
Anderson Marc Andrew 2629 Parker Ave Erie Pa 16510. Mgt 
Anderson. Stephen Albert. 926 West 34th St Erie. Pa 16508. For Lang 
Andenon George 280 Hasson Ave Oil City. Pa 16301. Mgt 
Andolsek William C 615 Poplar St Erie. Pa 16502. Psych 
Andrews John Michael. 16 Avenll St, Warren Pa 16365 Fin 
Andrews Russell John 572 Pascack Rd . Westwood. N J 07675. Bio 
Androla Kathi Lynn 217 Jamison Ave Ellwood. Pa 16117. Psych 
Angelcyk Gene, Rd 1 South Creek Rd , Girard. Pa 16417. I M 
Angelotti Susan 1119 Brewster St Erie. Pa 16503. Comm 
Anke. Ailred Francis 514 Seminole Dr Ene. Pa 16505 Mgt 
Applebergh Jon Russell 185 Bronx River Rd . Yonkers. NY 10704. Bio 
Apuzzo Alfonso Antonio. 5257 Buffalo Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. I M 
Armbruster John Alfred 650 W 21st St, Erie. Pa 16502. Phys. 
Arndt Becky Suzanne 312 Liberty St., Erie Pa 16507 Psych 
Arndt Frank William. 629 Walker St . Aberdeen Md 21001. Soc 
Arndt Gary Mercyhursl College. Erie. Pa 16501 Hum 
Ashbaugh David Michael Box 369 Knox. Pa 16232. Math 
Ashbaugh William Leray. S Main St . Box 369 Knox Pa 16232. E E 
Assini John Eric. 189 5th Ave . Koppel. Pa 16136. M E 
Astemborski. Dennis F 1044 W 20th St Erie. Pa 16502 E E 
Alkins Larry Martin 10644 W Main Rd North East Pa 16428 Cr J 
Atkins Linda Josephine. 10644 W Main Rd . North East. Pa 16428. Psych 
Aulman Karl Francis 364 Gloria St Pittsburgh Pa 15237. Soc 
Auer David. 820 E 38th St Erie. Pa 16504. Hum 
Ayers Michael J 11755 Stone Gate Chardon OH 44124. Mkt 


Babb. Robert Arthur. 7458 W Grubb Rd . McKean Pa 16426. ME. 
Babnis Peter Joseph. 270 Concord Rd Sharon. Pa 16146 M H C 
Babo David Paul 2825 Florence Erie. Pa 16504. Pre Med 
Bachmaier Paul Phillip. 1430 W 44th St Ene. Pa 16509 M E 
Backstrom Mark 1133 Brown Ave Ene Pa 16502. Mgt 
Bagmski Francis Eugene 1023 East 29th St Erie Pa 16504. Math 
Bagnoni David Mano 2324 C E 43th St 12 Erie Pa 16510 Cr J 
Bailey Ronald M . 320 E Columbus Ave Corry. Pa 16407. Ace 
Baker Deanna C . 1304 German St . Erie Pa 16503 Soc So 

"ieal 3207 Regent St Erie Pa 16506 Rad Tech 
Bakirci. Murat Zulfu. Gannon Col WH Box 3-4 Ene Pa 16501. Mgt 
Bal Michael Anthony 867 Rumsey Ave Erie Pa 16511 Pol So 
Balmski Michael John 2217 Union Ave Wesleyville Pa 16510 Ace 
Ballenger Bruce 4903 Cherryboro Dr Erie. Pa 16510 Mgt 
Bandur Marlene. 3570 Backus Rd Harborcreek Pa 16421 Med Tech 
Bandur Anthony Joseph. 3570 Backus Rd HarborcREEK Pa 16421 Gen So 
Banduco Charles Joseph 1604 High St Ene Pa 16509 Ace 
Baniszewski Can R 544 E 13th St Ene Pa 16503 Eng 
Baniszewski. Leona Mane 516 E 22th St Erie. Pa 16503. Bio 
Baniszewski. David E 544 E 13th St Ene Pa 16503 Ace 
Bankhead Decatur 454 W 3rd St Erie Pa 16507 Cr J 
Bankston George David 7341 Upland St Pittsburgh Pa 15208. Pol So 
Barabas William J . 1116 E 9th St Erie Pa 16503 Psych 
Baran. Stanley Martin 4036 Chilton Court. Erie. Pa 16505. E E 
Barcellona George A 27 East Green St Woodbndge N J 07095. I M 
Barger Patricia P North State St Ripley N Y 14775 Ace 
Barlow Vincent R 125 Conger Ave Akron OH 44303 Sot So 
Barnhart Robert Joseph 3921 Howley St Pittsburgh Pa 15224 Pre Law 
Barn.. .'d 2125 Dorn Road Waterford Pa 16441 Bio 

Ban-. W Gore Rd Erie Pa 16509 Pre Law 

Baro- p 622 W Spruce St Titusviie Pa 16354 Cr J 

Barr. A i W 6th St Ene. Pa 16507 Psych 

Barr John C Jr 620 Young Road. Apt 2 Erie Pa 16509. Ace 
Barrett Mark F 415 Ayer Rd Buffalo NY 14221 M E 
Barr 42 W 8th St Erie Pa 16502 Pre Law 

Barron. Timothy Joseph 411 Lincoln Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Pre Med 
Barron William Joseph 1042 W 8th St Ene Pa 1650. 

• Leonard 4889 Banbury Ct 15 Warrensville. OH 44128 Phil 
I Pa 16511 Mkt 
Barttett Susan A 1061 Newtc -'a 16511. MHC 

Bartos .. p a 16504 Rad Tech 

Bashaw Helen Louise 1116 East 25th St Fne Pa lfisrn Mm 

Bastuk Stephen O 408 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507 Mkt 

Battistone Arthur J 217 Beallsville Rd Bentieyviiie. Pa 15314. Ace 

Bauer Wanda Leona 126 Penn Road St Marys Pa 15857. MHC 

Baughman. Gregory Eugene 810 Cascade St Erie. Pa 16502. Bus 

Baumlin. Albert John. 164 First St Perth Amboy. NJ 08861 Pre Med 

Beal Elizabeth Lynne 401 W 18th St Erie Pa 16502 Ec 

Bechtel Jack Eugene 5480 Lunger Rd Erie Pa 16510. IM 

Becker James Robert RD 5 Robison Rd Erie Pa 16509. Fin 

Becker Dolores M 656 A Tacoma Apt 2 Erie Pa 16511. Hum 

Becker John Spafford. 1646 South Shore Dr Erie Pa 16505 Mkt 

Becker Patricia Ann 330 E 13th St Ere Pa 16503. Mgt 

Becker Susan Linda. 217 Harvey St Ene Pa 16511 MHC 

Becker Thomas Alan. 217 Harvey St . Ene Pa 16511. Ace 

Beidler. William E . 5312 Gardner Dr Ene Pa 16509. Ace 

Bekeny. Frank Stephen. 353 W 20th St . Erie Pa 16502 EE 

Belcastro James A 458 W 9th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Gen So 

Bell Blaine Maurice. 2605 Saltsman Rd . Ene Pa 16510. Pre Med 

Bell. Kevin Leigh 2605 Saltsman Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Pre Law 

Belleau Glenn Michael 302 Monroe St . Warren. Pa 16365. Ace 

Belovarac Matthew D 3204 Glenwood Pk Ave Erie Pa 16508 Ace 

Benaco. Doreen Ann. 115 Linden Ave. Erie Pa 16505 Bio 

Bender Cheryl A 1042 E 4th St Erie Pa 16507. Hum 

Bennett. Duane John. 106 Sunset Drive Girard Pa 16417 Ace 

Bensink Joseph M . 530 W 9th St . Ene. Pa 16502. Phil 

Bentz. Kevin S 931 Sedolia Ave . Pittsburgh, Pa , Fin 

Berarduco Edmonda Nina. PO Box 1344 Erie Pa 16512. Hist 

Berdis Cynthia Ann 4315 Parade Ene Pa 16504. Pol So 

Berdis Joseph Thomas. 518 E 4th St Erie. Pa 16507. Pol So 

Bernatowicz David A 410 E 21st St Erie. Pa 16503. Hist 

Bernhard. John Andrew. 3535 Cumberland Rd . Ene Pa 16510 Hist 

Bernhard. David M . 5178 Reese Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Sp /Dr 

Bernoski. Marilyn L . 806 Chestnut. Erie Pa 16502. Rad Tech 

Bertone. Thomas Ernest. 1524 Liberty St Ene. Pa 16502. Eng 

Best Jeffrey M 15 Trail Rd . Levittown. Pa 19056. Cr J 

Best. Kevin Leon 438 W 7th St. Erie. Pa 16502 Hist 

Betcher. Daniel Michael 1306 W 10th St. Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 

Betz. Russell William. 1641 W Grandview Blvd . Erie Pa 16509 Ace 

Beyea. Robert E . 89 Howell St, Canandaigua. NY 14424. Eng 

Beyer. Robert F 270 Elmar Dr . Rochester. NY 14616. Gen So 

Bianco. Gary Arthur. 129 W 6th St Ene Pa 16501. Mgt 

Bielanin. Ronald Paul. 3723 Crestwood Dr Erie Pa 16510 Bus 

Biggie. Ronald Charles. 2617 W 24th St Erie Pa 16506 Mgt 

Biggica Susan L . 226 W 8th St Erie. Pa 16501. Math 

Bilhck. Edward James. 1222 State Rd . Monessen. Pa 15062. Pol So 

Billick. Timothy Joseph. 1222 State Rd Monessen Pa 15062 Mgt 

Bilhg. David Glenn. 1325 Chelsea Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. E T 

Billig. William G . 5023 E Lake Rd . Erie. Pa 16511. Law Asst 

Bilski. Ronald, 3978 Pine Ave Erie. Pa 16504. ME 

Biltz. Lucinda D . Rd 3. Titusville. Pa. 16354. Cr J 

Biondi. Richard Philip. 3013 Auburn St . Erie. Pa 16508. ET 

Birch Thaddeus A . 6105 Meridian Dr . Erie Pa 16509. Mgt 

Biroscak. William. 1319 West 25th St Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 

Bischoff. James Richard. 602 W 26th St. Erie. Pa 16508 Mgt 

Bittner. Timothy Joseph. 5421 Carnegie St. Pittsburgh. Pa 15201. S W 

Bixby. Mark Joseph. 1422 W 33rd St, Erie Pa 16508. Math 

Bixby. Valerie Anne Rd 1. Wayland Rd . Meadville. Pa 16335. Med Tech 

Blackman. Kenneth James. 333 Arbuckle Rd . Erie Pa 16509. Mgt 

Blackmun. Rhonda Lynn. 1714 West 39th St Erie Pa 16509. Ace 

Blair. Dennis. 2402 E Grandview Blvd . Erie Pa 16510. Ace 

Blanks. Joseph Thomas. 535 W 3rd St . Erie. Pa. 16507. S W. 

Blecha. Jerry A . 3808 East Lake Rd . Ene. Pa 16511. Gen So 

Bleil. Bernard J 4039 Hershey Rd Erie Pa 16506. I M 

Bliley Kirk 1939 West 35th St. Erie Pa 16508. Ec 

Blocksom. Otho Jeremiah. 215 Scon St. Erie. Pa 16508 Soc 

Bloomstine. Mark T . 4204 French St, Erie. Pa 16504. Pre Med 

Bloxdorf. Jeffrey R . 1117 W 32th St. Erie. Pa 16508 Pre Pharm 

Blymiller. Kenneth Ray. 712 Cascade St Ene. Pa 16502 Mgt 

Blyth. Ronald Leo. 429 E Grandview Blvd . Ene. Pa 16504. Phil 

Bodendorfer. Carl G 4414 Colonial Ave . Erie Pa 16506. I M 

Bodistow. Carl D 1203 Smithson. Lawrence Pk. Pa 16511 I M 

Bodner David W . 924 W 51st St, Erie. Pa 16509. Ec 

Bohen. Stephen Francis. 1026 W 7th St, Ene Pa 16502. Sp Dr 

Bohigian, George Wayne. 5034 Iroquois Ave Ene. Pa 16511. Phil 

Bohman. Dale Arthur. 1849 High St, Erie. Pa 16509 ET 

Boiarski. Michael Henry. Rd 7. Station Rd . Ene. Pa 16510. Pre Med 

Bokoch Ronald John. 2245 Lmwood Ave . Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 

Bolkey. Duane Brian 1209 Shenk Ave . Erie. Pa 16505 E T 

Bolla. Richard James 1138 East 9th St . Erie. Pa 16503 Ace 

Bona. Wayne Anthony. 22 Woodcrest Dr . Clarendon. Pa 16313. Pol So 

Bonace. Allen Louis. 5 Malvma St Warren. Pa 16365, Theo 

Bond Barbara A 631 E 9th Street. Erie. Pa 16503. Hum 

Bond Paul Alan 631 E 9th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Math 

BondaneUa. Mary Grace. 42 N Mill St., North East Pa 16428 Pre Med 

Bonvim Anthony A. 1331 Tasker St Philadelphia. Pa 19148. Sp Dr 

Booth. Bryan Arthur. 303 E Elmira St Mansfield. Pa 16933 Psych 

Boswell Jeffrey W 557 Gilmore St Meadville Pa 16335. I M 

Bottorf. Nancy Dene. 94 Jefferson St . Salamanca. NY 14779. Hum 

Bovee. Bill Michael. 1176 Candy Lane. Ene Pa 16505. Ace 

Bowers Paul Eugene. 425 Fair Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Chem 

Boyd Dennis Richard. 625 East St Warren Pa 16365. Ace 

Boyd Roger Alan RD 1 Carlton Pa 16311 Ace 

Boyd. Thomas Michael 1067 West 6th Street Ene. Pa 16502. Ace 

Boysen. Jurgen E Twedkn Feld 80. Flensburg. W Ger 2390 Ec 

Brame. John William. RD 1 Sarah Dr . Meadville. Pa 16335 Mgt 

Braithwaite Gwenda Lea. 614 W 8th St Erie Pa 16502 Med Tech 

Brennan Maureen L 1173 Greenfield Dr Erie Pa 16509 Math 

Brennan Thos B . 309 N Leaigh St . Sayre Pa 18840 E T 

Bressan Paul Henry. 5323 Gardner Dr Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 

Breter James Carl. 1715 W Grandview Blvd Erie Pa 16509 E E 

Brewer Gregory E . 902 E 5th St Erie Pa 16507. Hum 

Bnckell Robert Edgar. 2135 Union Ave Wesleyville Pa 16510. Hum 

Bnckley Kathleen 1536 Buffalo St . Franklin. Pa 16323. Hum 

Bridge Craig Allen RD 3 Horseshoe Dr . Latrobe Pa 15650 E E 

Bnnkle Carolyn Louise. RD 3. Skyview Dr . Edmboro. Pa 16412 Meo Tech 

Bntton. Donald Paul 525 W 4th St Ene Pa 16507. I M 

Brocki Maureen Louise 4104 Albermarle Ave Erie Pa 16509 Phys 

BrodiCt Janice L 2906 Raspberry Erie Pa 16508. Hum 

Brougham Ralph Douglas 423 Poplar St . Ene Pa 16507. Soc 

Brown Carol Ann. 92 Hardmg Ave Bradford Pa 16701. Pol So 

Brown David Ardell. 1450 W Persimmon Lane Fairview Pa 16415. Mkt 

Brown David Eugene 686 Irvine Dr Erie Pa 16511. ME 

Brown Donald 19 Fruit Ave Farrell. Pa 16121 Hum 

Brown Edward Arnold 1122 S 60th Street Phila Pa 19143. Psych 

Brown Molly Janson 146 Wellon Rd . Conneaut OH 44030 MHC 

Brown. Nevis Lucille 24 Eagle Si North East Pa 16428. Soc 

Brown Peter James 470 Heberton Ave , Staten Isl NY 1030. 

Brown. Scott Douglas 20 Third St Youngsville. Pa 16371 Mm 

Brown Sharlene Bo« 159 Saegertown Pa 16433 Phys 

Brown William John 412 Dunn Blvd Erie. Pa 16507 Mgl 

Brownhill Mark James. 478 Orchard Spring Rd Pittsburgh Pa 152. 

Brumagm Dennis Eugene RD 2 Clymer NY 14 724 I M 

Brumagin. Roger Leigh. RD 1 Union City. Pa 16438 Pre Med 

Bruno. Pamela Ann 137 E 4th St P O Bo> 205 Erie Pa 16507 Soc 

Bruno Robert Andrew 623 W 1 7th St Erie. Pa 1650. 

Bruno Richard D 845 E 7th St . Erie Pa 16503 Hum 

Bruschi. Robert 2810 Zuck Rd . Erie Pa 16506. Eng 

Brutcher. James A . 111 W Park Place, Corry Pa 16407 Mgt 

Brzostowski Henry G 1118 E 8th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Mgt 

Bucarelli Elizabeth J . 919 W 5th St . Erie Pa 16507 Eng 

Buchanan Michael Jay. 329 Parade St Erie Pa 16507 Soc So 

Bucher Douglas James. 214 South High St Mechanicsberg. Pa 17055 Gen Sci 

Bucho Andy Thomas Northview Hts. 2324C A4. Erie. Pa 16504 Fin 

Buckhn Lynn Mane. Box 12-2 FH. Gannon Col . Erie Pa 16501. Comm 

Buckoski. Peter Jeffrey. 117 College St . Onskauy FIs NY 13425 Ace 

Buczynski Bernard R 2430 E 42th St . Erie. Pa 16510 I M 

Bugbee Barry Lee 53 E Pleasant Si Corry Pa 16407. Mgt 

Buialski. Cindy Ann. 1905 Lakeside. Erie. Pa 16511 Med Tech 

Bukala John A . 2012 Plum St Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 

Buono John Eric 138 N Willow St East Aurora. NY 14052 MHC 

Burchick Richard John 750 Zwilling Rd West. Erie Pa 16509. Pre Law 

Burek. Denis Edward. 78 Bnarhurst Rd Wilhamsville NY 14221 M E 

Burek Robert Norman. 78 Bnarhurst. Williamsville. NY 14221, Ace 

Burger Noreen Rae RD 2. Jamestown Rd Wallsburg. Pa 16442 Hum 

Bunch. Mary Ann. 1030 Fruil Ave . Farrell, Pa 16121. Med Tech 

Burkhart. Kenneth Clyde. 1103j Cascade Si . Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 

Burkley. Robert Michael. 1556 W 44th St . Erie. Pa 16509 Bio 

Buseck Robert John. 508 Parkway Drive. Erie. Pa 16511 Fin 

Buseck William Donald. 508 Parkway Drive. Erie. Pa 16511. Pre Law 

Bush, Ralph E RD 2 Edmboro PA 16412 Hum 

Busse Ronald Edward 4376 Baer Creek Rd . Fairview. Pa 16415 IM 

Buszek. Patricia Ann. 454 E 2nd St . Erie. Pa 16507 Med Tech 

Buterbaugh. Arthur Dale 1712 W 38th Si Erie. Pa 16508. Mgl 

Butler. Andre C . 5750 Iroquois Ave . Harborcreek. Pa 16421 Psych 

Butler. Gary Obryant 3211 Otto St . Wesleyville. Pa 16510. Bio 

Butler. Maria Michelle 3211 Olto Si Wesleyville. Pa 16510. Pre Law 

Butterfield. Eric John 3724 Colonial Ave . Apt 8. Erie. Pa 16506 E T 

Butters. Robert Alva. 2363 Prospect Ave . Erie. Pa 16510, MHC 

Buttray. Deanna L . RD 5, Meadville. Pa 16335 Ace 

Butts, Vivian, 114'.- E 21st Si Erie. Pa 16503, MHC 

Buyan. Robert Dean. 1588 Brodhead Rd . Monaca. Pa 15061. Pre Med 

Buzzy. Gregory Francis. 133 Audrey Dr Pittsburgh. Pa 15236 Arts Hum 

Caccavo. Vincent James. 415 Moreland Dr . Franklin. Pa 16323 Mgt 

Calini. Michael F . 549 W 5th Si . Erie. Pa 16507. Cr J 

Cames. Roswila. North Hall-Gannon College. Erie. Pa 16501. For Lang 

Calabrese John Anthony. 3603 Greengarden Erie Pa 16508. Ace 

Calabrese. Thomas John. 2821 Glenwood Pk Ave Erie. Pa 16508. MHC 

Caldwell. Catherine M . 1215 W 10th St Erie. Pa 16502. Math 

Caldwell. Virginia Mary. 1215 W 10th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Law Asst 

Calhhan. Randolph W.RD1. Box 78. Lucinda. Pa 16235. EE 

Camino. Grace M . 5240 Milllair Rd . Fairview. Pa 16415. Hum 

Campanelli. Vincent A . 518 Sanford Place. Erie, Pa 16511 Mgt 

Campbell. Roy Charles. 439 W 5th St Erie. Pa 16501. Pre Med 

Campbell. Thomas R . 3827 Lewis Ave Apt 6. Ene Pa 16504 Ace 

Cancilla. Kenneth John. 1709 Fairmount Pkwy. Erie Pa 16510. Soc 

Candela. Sean P 930 W 7th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Pre Law 

Canell. Claus Martin. 2304 Wager Rd . Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 

Canella. Anthony R . 177 W Mam. North East. Pa 16428. Hum 

Canella. Donna. 177 W Mam St .. North East. Pa 16428 Hum 

Cantoni. Diane E . 1530 W 25th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Eng 

Cardinale. Loretta Ann. 3409 Greengarden Blvd . Erie. Pa 16508 Bio 

Cardo. David Thomas. 8583 Kirsch Rd Erie. Pa 16510. Gen So 

Carey. Frank Robert. 5220 Station Rd . North East Pa 16428. Mai 

Cargioli. Michael Joseph. 4019 Elmwood Ave . Erie. Pa 16509. Pre Med 

Cargioh. Ronald Paul. 426 Shenley. Erie Pa 16505. MHC 

Canno. Jude A 526 Brussells St Si Marys. Pa 15857. Anth 

Carlotti. Carl Michael. 2645 Schley St . Erie Pa 16508. Hum 

Carlson, Jonilee D . 300 Presque Isle Blvd . Erie, Pa 16505 Math 

Carlson. Sandra I . 318 Miles Ave . Girard. Pa 16417 Hum 

Carlson. Timothy A 540 E 28th St Erie. Pa 16504 E E 

Carmichael. Susan J . 701 Delaware Ave Erie. Pa 16505 Hum 

Carnecki. Francis. 1329 E 10th St. Erie. Pa 16503. Bio 

Carner Marshall A 5353 Old French Rd . Ene. Pa 16504. Hum 

Carney. Mary Patricia. 14 E 30th St, Erie Pa 16504 For Lang 

Carpenter. Donna Mane. 2039 W 20th St. Erie. Pa 16502 Soc Sci 

Carpin. Brent Thomas. 2814 Ash St, Erie Pa 16504. Pre Med 

Carnck. Launce Mane. 314 Reed St Erie Pa 16507 El Ed 

Carroll. Martin John. 1553 Winslow Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Psych 

Carson. Stanley Blair. 411 David St., Barnesboro. Pa 15714. Phil 

Carstater. Anelle Elaine. Pine View Tr Ct RD 4, Union City. Pa 16438. Math 

Casconi Michael C . 3026 Elmwood. Erie. Pa 16508. Cr J 

Casella. Laurene R . 4014 Allegheny Rd . Ene. Pa 16509. Ace 

Cash. James John. 726 Liberty. Erie Pa 16502 E E 

Cassady. Pauline Etta. 1051 Priestley Ave . Ene. Pa 16511 Med Tech 

Cavanaugh. Terrence P . 3003 Gray Ave . Wesleyville. Pa 16510 Eng 

Cavicchio. Ernest A 1122 W 34th St . Erie Pa 16508. Ace 

Centotanti. Victor G . 5370 S Penna Ave . Bethel Park. Pa 15102 Mgl 

Cerami. Denise Mane. 2714 Post Ave Erie Pa 16508 Bio 

Cerne. Michael 8 . 105 Forest Place. Fredonia. NY 14063 Fin 

Chatfee. Michele Mane, 234 Pittsburgh Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. El Ed 

Chamberlain Margaret E . 307 Galway Rd . Timonium. Md 21093. Bio 

Champer Paul George. Box 248 EMingham. IL 62401 Pre Med 

Champlain, Deborah T . 4036 Crestmont Ave Erie. Pa 16508. Eng 

Chan. Frank Chinghi. 95 Brewery Rd New City. NY 10956. Bio 

Chapm. Rebecca Sue. 3416 Colonial Ave . Erie. Pa 16506. Hum 

Charters. John A . 7216 Sterrettania Rd . Fairview. Pa 16415. Ace 

Cheatle. Robert S . Jr . 33 Partridge Ave . Freehold. NJ 07728. Mgt 

Chernicky, Catherine M . 1849 W 37th St. Erie. Pa 16508. Rad Tech 

Chernicky. Charles J . 2031 W 51st St . Erie Pa 16509 ET 

Chernicky. Beth Ann. 1849 W 37th St, Ene Pa 16508. Med Tech 

Chevalier. Mark Robert. 437 W 7th St . Erie. Pa 16502 Cr J 

Chilelh James Edward 240 W 18th St Erie. Pa 16502 Mgt 

Chipley. Alice Krebs. 625 Euclid Ave Erie Pa 16511 Mgt 

Chismar. Patti Susan. 505 Lobingier Ave Pittsburgh. Pa 15104. Pre Med 

Chludzinski. Cary Freder. Apt 5. 1692 Granada Dr . Erie Pa 16509 Ace 

Christiansen. Bruce H . 4014 Harvard Rd Ene. Pa 16509 Hum 

Chunko. James Joseph. RD 1. Box 46. Gouldsboro. Pa 18424 Pre Law 

Chynoweth. Mary L. 1147 W 21st St Ene. Pa 16502 Hum 

Ciano. Virginia M . 2631 Poplar Street. Erie. Pa 16508 Ace 

Cicero. Catherine Maria. 630 Cherry St Ene Pa 16502 Med Tech 

Cieshkowski. Thomas J . 955 E 24th St . Erie. Pa 16503, Theo 

wile John 541 W 17th V 
' jgene Joseph 10« 

- Pa 16509 Mgl 

■ •- Gary 20 Miles Ave Girard Pa 1641 
Cleaver Robert Stephen 1130 I 

Clegg Ward H 1224 W 8t'- 

Clement. Kevin John 3902 Elmwood Ene Pi i' 

Clever Lisa Mane RD 2 Kittannmg. Pa 16201 Med Tech 

dinger. Cynthia Ann 1814 McClelland Ave Erie. Pa 16510 < 

Cobucci Gene M 818 Sunset Dr Girard. Pa 16417 Hum 

Cochis. George Kern 2642 Dobbins Rd Erie Pa 16511 Mgt 

Cohen. Linda Christine. 3212 Wayne St Erie Pa 16504 

Cole. Danielle Alela Route 1 Box 87-22 Indian Head. MD 20640 MHC 

Cole Diana L 510 Walnut St Ene. Pa 1651 

Coleman. Margaree 218 E 17m St Apt 6 Erie Pa 16503 

Coihgan George James. 110 W Brentridge Ave . Pittsburgh Pa 1522 

Collins. Jane. 3420 Eliot Rd Erie. Pa 16505. Hum 

Collins. Steven Craig 84 Meech. Buffalo NY 14208. MHC 

Collman Roberts D 3020 French St Erie. Pa 16504 EE 

Colonna. Mark Anthony. 1655 W 39th St Erie. Pa 16509 Math 

Colucci Alan Keith. 631 West Mam St . Geneva. Ohio 44041 ME 

Comerford. Steven Ward 1707 Kuntz Road. Erie. Pa 16509. Hum 

Compernolle. Diane Mane. 244 E 27lh Si . Erie. Pa 16504 Math 

Confer. Gregory Lee 1954 W 51st Si Erie Pa 16509 ME 

Conlon. Michael John 341 W 7th St Apt 1 Ene Pa 16502. Bio 

Conn. Eugene Robert RD 2. Wildman Rd Watlsburg Pa 16442 Mgt 

Connell. Mary Anne 2812 Greengarden Blvd. Erie Pa 16508 For Lang 

Connell Karen Mary 721 Fitlh Si . Cresson Pa 16630 MHC 

Connell. Thomas Allen 755 E 28th St Erie Pa t6504 • 

Connelly Mary Margaret. 60 Irving Ave . Croton. NY 10520. Pre Med 

Conner Darlene Carrie. RD 6 Meadville Pa 16335 Cr J 

Conti Richard Louis. 141 Temple Si . Fredonia. NY 14063. Gen So 

Conway. Richard Michael. 549 E 11th St . Erie. Pa 16501 Ace 

Coogan. Joseph Francis. Minersville St Seltzer Pa 17974 Ace 

Cook James Michael. 519 Shenley Drive. Erie. Pa 16505 Ace 

Cook Mary Trioa. 1139 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507 Ec 

Cook. Nancy Ann 4121 Parade Blvd Erie. Pa 16504. For Lang 

Cooney. Thomas Anthony. 1020 W 33rd St . Erie Pa 16508 Mgt 

Cooney. Mark E . 2507 Cranberry Si . Erie Pa 16502 Ace 

Cooney. James Richard 3511 Pnsolla Dr Erie. Pa 16506. Eng 

Cooney. Paul Alan 1045 W 34th St, Ene. Pa 16508. Fin 

Cooney. Patricia R . 4357 Village St Erie. Pa 16506. For Lang 

Cooneer. Cheryl L 130 Martin Ave . Lake City Pa 16423 Rad Tech 

Cooper John Joel Box 3. Findley Lake. NY 14736 EE 

Copley. Nancy Sue. 327 W 18th St . Erie Pa 16502. Ace 

Corntore. Charles D 3511 Davison Ave Erie Pa 16504 MHC 

Corsello. Frank J , 3835 Rilling Ave Ene. Pa 16509. Mgl 

Costa. Barbara Jean 1509 Drake Dr Erie Pa 16505. Laws Assl 

Costa Christine J 1221 Broder Ave Ellwood Pa 16117. Comm 

Cote Amber L 541 Lincoln Ave Ene Pa 16505 Hum 

Cotter David Henry 5337 Ravensworth Rd N Springfield. VA 2215' 

Cottrell David Lee 722' i Parade Si Ene Pa 16503. Mgt 

Coughhn. Daniel Thomas. 907 W 25th St . Ene Pa 16502 Cr J 

Coughlm Timothy John 4553 Village St Ene. Pa 16506. IM 

Council Claude C . Pulaski Homes Apt 58. New Brighton, Pa 15006 Pre Law 

Covello Louis R 21 New St Englewood Cliffs NJ 07632 Gen So 

Coy Delbert Fred. 8510 Kirsch Rd Erie Pa 16510. Hum 

Craft William F 1885 Easl 2nd Si Ene Pa 16511 EE 

Crane Stephen T 24 Clarion Dr . Witesboro. NY 13492. Mgt 

Crawford Kenneth. Jr Box 852 Erie Pa 16512. Eng 

Crishock James Michael. 520 Aduilon Dr Erie Pa 16505. Ace 

Crockett. Ella Louise 137 E 23rd St Erie Pa 16503. Pre Med 

Cronm. Patricia Gay A . 425 Cherokee Dr . Erie Pa 16505. Ace 

Cross. Edward John. Box 3. Wyano Pa 15969 Cr J 

Cross Faith 1821 Oxlord St Erie Pa 16505 Math 

Crotty Tess Elaine. 637 Euclid Ave . Erie Pa 16511 Ace 

Crowner. Russell James 4626 Perkins. Erie Pa 16509 I 

Crozier. Thomas 3818 Morse St Ene Pa 16511 Hum 

Cunningham. Eileen Mane. 431 Vermont Ave . Ene Pa 16505 Ace 

Curietl. Debra Annette. 1940 East 19th St Ene Pa 16510. Soc 

Curne. Joseph M . 533 W 10th Si Erie. Pa 16502 Mgt 

Curne. Robert Richard. 525 Wayne St Ene Pa 16507 Pre Med 

Curry Susan Patricia. 5525 W Sebago Dr Fairview Pa 16415 Eng 

Cuthbert Carol Rebecca 1415 Meldon Donora Pa 15033 h 

Cuthbertson James H 401 Chelsea Ave Ene. Pa 16505 IM 

Cyterski David Joseph 3058 W 24th St Erie Pa 16506. Pre Med 

Czapski. Glen T 3115 Rustic Lane. Ene. Pa 16506 Cr J 

Czemerych. Edmund John. 3418 Regis Dr Ene Pa 16510 Ace 

Dahikemper Carolyn M . 8711 Peach St Ene. Pa 16509, Mec 

Danixemper Edward H 871 W Arlington Rd Erie Pa 16509 Mgl 

Dalessandro. Anthony M 25 West Si Giassboro NJ 08028 Bio 

Daly Eunice Mae 1023 Guettner Ave Erie Pa 16505 Ace 

Damico Michael John. 6071 Knoyle Rd Erie Pa 16510 Ace 

Danch Stephen Mark 3418 Melrose Ave Erie Pa 16508 Ace 

Dascanio Joseph John 952 Delaware Ave Ene Pa 16505 Pc 

Davis Daniel Stephen 620 E 24th Si Ene Pa 16503 For L 

Davis. James Josepn 1515 Wareman Ave Pittsburgh Pa 15226 B'O 

Davis. Jeffery Jerome. 125 W Congress Corry Pa 16407 Ace 

Davis John E . 721 S Park Ave Ene Pa 16502 Mgt 

Davis John Roland. 1429 Emery Rd E Aurora. NY 14052 IM 

Davis. Roy Alan. 420 Peach St Ac- i Erie Pa 16507 ET 

Davis. Todd Melbourne 6226 Station Rd Ene Pa 165'." 

Davison. Rita 1232 W 11th St Erie Pa 16502. Med " 

Dawdy. Susan Stout. 112 Parkwa. D- £• e ^a 

Day. Lynne Rene 2212 Nagle Rd E' e Pa 1651C ; 

Dear. William. 3030 Oakwood. Erie Pa 16508. Mec 

Dececco. Dale 2844 Wes' e Pa 16502 Ace 

Decola. Daniel J . 310 V. e Pa 16502. Pol Sc 

Dedms- ■ Pa 16509. Mec 

Dedionisio. David Alan, 917 West 32ttl S: Ene Pa 16508 Ace 

Deenng Raymond 2036 E 12th St E- e =a 16511 Mgt 

Denaven. William L III 1184 Sa-a- Si -Pa 15102 ' 

Deigha- ' Mgt 

Deist Darlene M 8754 Dougan Rd North East Pa 16428 C: 

Deilnck. Mark William 1055 Ma- 5 =a 16157. MHC 

Delellis Sandra J . 238 V. Pa '6502 

Delfuoco. Jeffrey Jo-- ::~E - -a 16507 Soc So 

Deiucia, Joseph S --f fVsd J' Em( '5834. Bio 

Demarco, Mary P 3027 Patio Dr Erie Pa I650t 

Demarest Ellen Joyce B: • -. 16501 Med Tech 

Demcnak Robert James 428 Hess Ave E- e °a 16507. IM 

Demmo. James Gregory 1465 M a- A.e c " "5226 Ace 

Deniton Betty A 4667 Reese flo Erie Pa 16510 El Ed 

,ion Oavid Jerome 225 Wilcox St W Girard Pa 16417 ME 
. Josephine G RD 3. Davis Rd North East Pa 16428 Soc 

Edward Charles 2621 South 13th St Philadelphia Pa 19148 Mkt 
. 3516 Rockview Dr Bristol Pa 19007 Gen Sci 
Oesimone Mark Anthony 1641 W 23th St Erie. Pa 16502 Pre Law 
Desko Anthony Allen 8121 W Avonia Rd Fairview Pa 16415 For Lang 
Deszcz Mark Gregory Kosiuszko 17 Dunkirk NY 14048 ET 
Deutschlander Gerald J Bo« 212 Columbus Pa 16405. Pre Med 

Vincent Dommick 7231 Calvin Rd Upper Darbey. Pa 19082 Bio Abel 1137 W 8lh St Erie Pa 16502 EE 

on, Ernestine. 7556 Tacoma Rd Erie Pa 16511 Math 
Dennis Michael. 939 W 50th St . Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 
Dietsch Thomas Nicholas 113 Martin Ave . Lake City Pa 16423. Chem 
Dililippo Dennis R 431 Powell Ave Erie. Pa 16505. ET 
Digiuiio Richard Gordon 525 Davis Ave Medina NY 14103. IM 
Diiuho Cheryl Louise. 800 6th Ave Johnsonburg Pa 15845. Rad Tech 
s>usan M 1515 Front St Ridgway. Pa 15853. El Ed 
HO David 2206 Poplar Erie. Pa 16502 ET 

Albert J 4117 Marion St Erie. Pa 16510 Hum 
Dimattio Michael J 755 E 22th St Erie. Pa 16503. Pre Pharm 
Dme Robert Lyie 1145 West 29th St Erie. Pa 16508. EE 
Dmicola David Anthony 1331 W 39th St . Erie. Pa 16509. Pre Med 
Diplacido. John Mark 427 W 17th St Erie. Pa 16502. E E 
Dmenzo William Joseph 144 West Saylor St . Atlas Pa 17851. Bio 

. David Joseph 1734 W 26th St Erie. Pa 16501. Pre Med 
Disanza. Lawrence A 101 Merline Ave . Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 
Disanza Paul Angelo 101 Merline Ave Erie Pa 16509 MHC 
Ditaranto. Loretta 438 49th Street. Lmdenhurst. NY 11757. Comm 
Ditz Margaret Anne 411 E 5th St Erie. Pa 16507. Med Tech 
Ditz Mary Kathryn 411 E 5th St Erie. Pa 16507. Pol Sci 
Dockstader David S 627 Myrtle St . Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 
Doherty Michael Alan 99 Duncan Blvd . Warren. Pa 16365. Mkt 
Dollivar Beverly Ann. 7871 Lake Pleasant Rd Erie. Pa 16509, Eng 
Dombrowski Beverly M 507 Liberty St . Erie. Pa 16507. Ace 
Dombrowski Daryl Mark. 3618 Lansing Way. Erie. Pa 16506. Pre Med 
Dombrowski Michael A . 937 E 1st St Erie Pa 16507. EE 
Dombrowski Patrick C 3618 Lansing Way. Erie. Pa 16506. Mgt 
Dombrowski James Edward. 3926 Sterrettania Rd Erie. Pa 16506. Math 
Donaldson. Larry Jan. 525 Adiuton Dr Erie. Pa 16505 Ace 
Donato Linda Suzanne. 1618 Myrtle St Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 
Donato Richard Thomas. 1618 Myrtle St . Erie Pa 16502 Ace 
Donnell John Leroy. Jr 9416 Old Watertord Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. Mkt 
Donnelly Patrick James. 310 W 7th St Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 
Donner James Allen 5467 Bondy Dr . Erie Pa 16509. MHC 
Donovan Thomas James. 809 Malvern Rd . Avalon. Pa 15202, Ace 
Dopierala Richard John. 648 E 25th St, Erie. Pa 16503. Theo 
Doran William Francis. 181 Lieth Walk, Conneaut, OH 44030. Chem 
Dorich Arthur C 1738 W 24th St . Erie. Pa 16502. ME 
Doncn David George. 1738 W 24th St.. Erie. Pa 16502. Psych 
Dorman, Dennis Francis, 162 Margaretta St, Carnegie, Pa 15106. Pre Med 
Dove. Mark Hamilton. 42 Alburtus St . Bemus Pt . NY 14712. Pre Med 
Downey Margot F . 623 Vermont Ave Erie. Pa 16505. Hum. 
Downing. Timothy Marion. 256 W 20th St . Erie. Pa 16502, Pre Med 
Drago Charles Guy. 14 Herman Ave . Duquesne. Pa 15110. Ace 
Drayer Dan Albert. 511 E Main St. Corry. Pa 16407, EE 
Drennan Dian M 210 Mead Ave , Corry, Pa 16407 Sp/Dr 
Dressier Dennis Adrian 2947 Willowood, Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 
Dressman Christopher X . 411 Lakeside Dr Edinboro, Pa 16412, Hum 
Drew Barbara Louis. 262 E 31st St . Erie. Pa 16504. Eng 
Drew Barry T 443 W Front St Erie. Pa 16507. Ace 
Drexler Stephen Paul. 932 W 21st St Erie. Pa 16502 SW 
Drost Lucian Sigmond. 319 Maple St., Kane. Pa 16735. Mgt 
Drozdowski Deborah M 850 E 42th St . Erie. Pa 16504. Chem 
Dubik Deborah Anne 2717 Vanburen Ave. Erie. Pa 16504. Pol Sci 
Dubowski. Daniel William. 2711 German. Erie. Pa 16504. Pre Med 
Dudzmski. Barbara. 4021 Sunset Blvd . Erie. Pa 16504. Bio 
Dugan Patrick Jerome 3322 Maple St, Erie. Pa 16508. Math 
Duhk Francis Joseph 44 Woodland Ave . Masontown. Pa 15461. Pre Med 
Dull. Wilma Jean. 5147 Grubb Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Hum 
Dunbar Douglas Anthony. 1159 East 30th St . Erie, Pa 16504, ME 
Dunbar Margaret Ann. 114 E 31st St Erie. Pa 16504, IM 
Dunlavey John Raymond 1142 W 23rd St . Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 
Dunn William Joseph. 2422 Union Ave . Wesleyville. Pa 16510. Mgt 
Durante. Joseph Louis 10 Parkway Silver Drk. NY 14136. ME 
Ourbm. John Gordon Bigler Ave. Spangler. Pa 15775. Theo 
Durmok Albert Wayne. 558 W 6th St . Erie. Pa 16501. Mgt 
Dylewski Thomas Neal. 4409 Pine Avenue. Erie. Pa 16504, Hum. 
Dylewski Valone M. 513 Silliman Ave Erie Pa 16511. Rad Tech 
Dzunk Michael Joseph. 455 E 36th St Erie. Pa 16504 Ace 

Earick Darlyne Mane. 713 West 21st St . Erie. Pa 16502. Bio 

Eberly Mark Anthony 342 Metoxet. Ridgway. Pa 15853. MHC 

Eckard David W . 4909 Cherryboro Dr . Erie. Pa 16510. ME 

Eckert Ruth A 417 W 7th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 

Edmonds Dennis Merle. RD 9 Mark Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. IM 

Edwards John Vedder. 945 W 9th St Erie. Pa 16502. Theo 

Edwards Robert G 641 Young Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. Cr J 

Eibl Carl M 4019 Longview Ave Erie Pa 16510. Hum 

Eichenlaub. Ronald James. 622 Antrim Rd . River Vale. NJ 07675. Mgt 

Eidell Stephen Craig 230 Melrose Ave . E Lansdowne. Pa 19050. Pre Med 

Elles Pamela A 617 E 22th St Erie. Pa 16503 For Lang 

Elliott Benton H 700 W Dutch Rd Fairview. Pa 16415. Mgt 

Ellis Duane Ralph 2641 Sassafras Erie Pa 16508. Mgt 

Ellis Michael 201 W 2nd St Ene. Pa 16501 Pol Sci 

Ellis Winston Dean 173-17 Saures Ave Jamaica. NY 11433. Hist 

•■•jdrey Ann. 922 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507. MHC 
Emch Randy L 2646 Kimberly Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 
Engel. Martin John 32 Mam St Limestone. iJY 14753. Hist 
Engell William H 1608 Liberty St Erie. Pa 16502 Sci 
England James Arthur. Gannon Col Wehrle Hall. Erie. Pa 16501. IM 
Erdely. Ronald Paul 740 E 10th St Erie. Pa 16503 Psych 

m Edward Michael 1022 W 5th St . Erie Pa 16507. Psych 

in Meivm C 885 Porter St Meadville. Pa 16335 Ace 

214 West Main St . Youngsville Pa 16371 Rad Tech 

I Karen Mane 465 W 28th St Ene. Pa 16508. Med Tech 
~>an Joseph Gordon 349 W 8th St Apt 6. Erie Pa 16502. Ace 
Hise Diane 3535 Zuck Rd Erie. Pa 16506. Hum 
>ary Edward 2523 Mill St Ahquippa. Pa 15001. Theo 
Esposito Oominick Frank 4115 Albermarle Ave. Ene Pa 16509 El Ed 
• Raymond W 1681 Market St Ml Ephraim NJ 08059 Mgt 
t985 Suzanne Dr Erie. Pa 16510 For Lang 

;)onald Raymond 429 Manistee Ave Erie Pa 16511 Chem 

Thomas Lee Biery Dr Seneca Pa 16346. Mgt 
Evans Oarlene Kay 417 W 7th St . Ene. Pa 16505. El Ed 
Evans Joan L . 228 E 23rd St . Erie. Pa 16503 Hum 

•> Lynn 305 Division Ave Ellwood City Pa 16117 SW 

Falkenberg. William D . 5343 Bondy Dr Erie. Pa 16509. Bio 

Falkowski Edward J 1235 W 54th St . Erie. Pa 16509. Hum 

Fallon, Kathryn 338 W 10th St Erie. Pa 16502. Bio 

Farmer Alfred 36 W Pennywood Ave . Roosevelt. NY 11575. Mgt 

Farragher Valerie Ann 1305 N Darby Rd . Sharon Pa 16146. Pre Med 

Farrah Bradford P 107 Linda Ln Meadville. Pa 16335. Mgt 

Farrelly. Peter T 24 Eastwood Dr Norwalk Conn 06851 Comm 

Farver. Charles Ronald. 1116 Wallace St Erie. Pa 16503. ME 

Fedenci. Michael P 843 W Long Ave , Dubois. Pa 15801. Math 

Federowicz Joseph Mark 1321 E 10th St . Erie Pa 16503. ET 

Fedorko Michael. 335 W 4th St Erie Pa 16502. Ace 

Feldbauer. Cynthia Ellen. 147 Wehler Rd St Marys Pa 15857. Med Tech 

Feltz. Jerome R 4133 Brandes St . Erie. Pa 16504. Mkt 

Ferguson Gordon A . 5315 Norns Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Fin 

Ferguson. John Timothy. 545 W 9th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Med Tech 

Feronti. Thomas Keller. 4121 Stanton St . Erie. Pa 16510. Mgt 

Ferraro. Jill Diane. 411 Englewood Ave . Oil City. Pa 16301. Cr J 

Ferretli Deborah Marie. 435 Indiana Dr. Ene. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Fern. Thomas James. RD 1 King Rd . Harborcreek Pa 16421 Math 

Ficco. Kimberly Ann. 340 Center Ave . Greensburg. Pa 15601. Cr J 

Fidler. James M 61 1* W 16th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Hum. 

Figueroa. Patricia Alice. 228 Blackstone Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Psych 

Figurski. Joseph Carl. 134 Santord Place Erie Pa 16511. Math 

Figley. Pamela Ann. 1490 Bordhead Road, Monaca, Pa 15061. Comm 

Fmazzo Joseph William. 5610 Pilgrim Dr . Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 

Fmdlay Gregory F 39 Lafayette St . Huntington. NY 11743. Gen Sci 

Finegan James Michael 3940 Station Rd Erie Pa 16510. MHC 

Fmegan. Maria Louise. Box 10-1 FH Gannon Col . Erie. Pa 16501. MHC 

Finn Jeffrey Lynn. 546 Rosendale St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15208. Mgt 

Finster, David Michael. 102 SW St, Coudersport. Pa 16915. Mgt 

Fiorenzo. John Michael. 1357 Patterson Ave Erie. Pa 16508. Lib Arts 

Fiorenzo. John Louis. 1404 W 29th St. Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Floretti. Santo G . 5332 Washington Ave . Erie. Pa 16509. Pre Med 

Fischer. Colleen Mane. 1205 E 9th St, Erie Pa 16507. Soc Sci 

Fischer. Patricia Lee. 3130 Primrose Lane. Natrona Hgts . Pa 15065, Med Tech 

Fisher. Dennis Leroy. 411 Kelso Dr Erie. Pa 16505, ET 

Fitzgerald Patrick Joe. 7718 York Rd , Parma. Ohio 44130. Cr J 

Fitzpatnck. Michael D . 637 Pin Oak Dr . Erie. Pa 16504. Mgt 

Fitzsimmons. Dennis John. RD 1. Strong Rd . Waterford. Pa 16441 Gen Sci 

Fitzsimmons. Thomas F , 5616 Bondy Dr Erie Pa 16509. Bio 

Filzurka. Christine Ann. 24 Sumner Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15221. Pre Med 

Flanagan. William E . 48 W 34th St . Erie, Pa 16508. Mgt 

Fleming. Mary C . 1019 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507. Hum. 

Fleming. Shirley. 1601 Winslow Dr.. Erie. Pa 16509. Hum. 

Fletcher. Wilson S . 1916 Camphausen Ave . Erie. Pa. 16510. Ace 

Flicker. Joseph William. 829 Laurel Road. Yeadon. Pa 19050. IM 

Fhckinger. Nanette S . 440 W 9th St, Apt 4. Erie. Pa 16502. For Lang 

Flowers. Robert Allen. 13 Dons Ave . Lancaster. NY 14086 EE 

Fonzo. John Patrick. 240 Pacific St . Franklin. Pa 16323. Pre Law 

Ford. Valerie Ann. 437 W 6th St., Erie. Pa 16507. Psych. 

Forquer, Charles Peter. 815 W 11th St.. Erie. Pa 16502. Cr J 

Fox. Kathenne Anne. 2617 DeKalb Pike. Nornstown. Pa 19401 Cr J 

Fox. Timothy Francis. 944 Bellevue Ave . Syracuse. NY 13204. Pol Sci 

Fracassi. Gary Allan. 1006 E 37th St, Erie. Pa 16504, Math 

Fracassi, Joseph Francis 4656 Budd Dr., Erie. Pa 16506. Ace. 

Fraley. Michael Raymond. 915 Plum St.. Erie, Pa 16502. MHC 

Francart, Bryan Ward. RD 3. Box 114A. Leechburg. Pa 15657. Ace 

Fratus. James Edward. 646 W 5th St. Erie. Pa 16507. EE 

Freeman. John Patrick. 701 Pin Oak Dr . Erie. Pa 16504. Ace 

Freitas, Arthur A 614 W 25th St, Erie. Pa 16502. Ace. 

French. Michael E . 1506 Forsythia Ave.. Wilmington. DE 19810, Hist. 

Fries. Robert Anthony. 1158 Airdale Dr., Bethel Park. PA 15102. Mgt 

Fnscic. David Daniel. 148 Putnam Dr., Erie. Pa 16511. Eng 

Fnsina. Dominic J . 943 W 7th. Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 

Froehhch. Gary Douglas. 624 Cascade Ave . Erie. Pa 16502. Psych 

Fronzaglia. Douglas A . RD 1. Crane Rd.. Cranesville. Pa 16410. Hum 

Fronzagha. Robert James. 2424 Raspberry St, Erie. Pa 16502. IM 

Frye Robert Lee. 906 C St, Meadville. Pa 16335. Mgt 

Frykberg. William. 164 S Harrison St.. E Orange. NJ 07018. Phys. 

Fuller. John David. 904 E 26th St, Erie. Pa 16504. MHC 

Fuller. Peter M . 4486 Runkle Ext . Ashtabula. OH 44004. Ace 

Fuller. Terry Kenneth. 1001 Weber Lane. Erie. Pa 16509. Gen Sci 

Gafner. David Gerald. 2835 Hampshire Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Mgt 

Galla. Timothy Henry. 644 E 10th St, Erie. Pa 16503. Mgt 

Gallagher. John Michael. 40 Amsterdam Ave . New York. NY 10023. Pre Med 

Gallagher. Michael F . 1135 W Gore Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. Soc 

Gamble. Linda D.. 233 Shenley Dr , Erie. Pa 16505. Eng 

Gannon, James Joseph, 220 Sleepy Hollow Rd . Pittsburgh. Pa 15216. Ace 

Ganzer Albert Walter 2412 Saltsman Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Chem 

Garver. Terry Regina. 411 Kelso Dr . Lot 7. Erie. Pa 16505. Rad Tech 

Gasser. Louis Joseph. 32 Frostfield PI., Melville. NY 11746. Ace 

Gavin. Redward. 1214' i W 18th St. Erie. Pa 16502. Psych 

Gebhardt. Joseph Warren. 15 Jefferson Ave . Warren. Pa 16365. Math 

Gegick. Richard Nicholas. 130 Brighton St, E Pittsburgh. Pa 15112. Hum 

Gehrlein. Christopher James. 1013'; W 5th St. Erie. Pa 16507. Hum 

Giese. Jeffrey Alan, 5123 Clinton Dr . Erie, Pa 16509. Pre Med 

Gelsinger. Charles F . 119 S Girard St . Woodbury. NG 08096. Anth. 

George Elena M . 1269 George St . Plainfield. NJ. 07062. For Lang 

George. Ronald James. 859'; E 23rd St . Erie. Pa 16503. Cr J 

Germino. Joseph C . RD 1. Galeton. Pa 16922. Phil 

Gerrety. Kevin Andrew. 3609 W 38th St Erie. Pa 16506. Pre Med 

Gerrety. James M . 503 Monoca Dr . Erie. Pa 16505, Pre Law 

Getz James Sherwood. 7305 W Lake Rd Fairview. Pa 16415. Ace 

Ghaemaghami. Sima. 1044 W 20th St Ene. Pa 16502. Math 

Gianissia. Denis John. 344-A 19th St . Brooklyn. NY 11215. Phil 

Gibbons. Francis Xavior. 1200 Morrison Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. EE 

Gicale Nicholas T . 308 North 5th St, Olean. NY 14760. Pol Sci 

Gido. John Andrew. 450 Glenwood Dr . Ambndge Pa 15003. Phil 

Giegucz. Stanley Joseph. 1545 Orangewood Ave , Pittsburgh. Pa 15216. Ace 

Giewont. John Francis. 9715 Mark Rd Erie. Pa 16509. Mgt 

Gigho. Edward Charles. 616 Ash St . Erie Pa 16503. Ace 

Giles Cheryll A . 1704 Market St . Erie. Pa 16510 Law Asst 

Glas Melvm Lawrence 3830 Conrad. Erie. Pa 16510. Pre Pharm 

Glass Edward George. 325 Metz St Erie. Pa 16508. Mgt 

Glass Thomas William. RD 2 Old French Rd . Waterford Pa 16441. ET 

Gleason. John K 516 Mohawk Dr Erie. Pa 16505. Hum 

Gloekler William Martin. 515 Seminole. Erie. Pa 16505 EE 

Glover Damian Gerard 906 W 8th St Erie Pa 16502. Ace 

Glover Becky Mane. 3924 W Ridge Rd . Erie. Pa 16506 Bio 

Glover Charles T 4078 W 30th St, Erie. Pa 16506. Ace 

Glover. Patrick Aloysuis. 2574 W 22nd St, Erie. Pa 16506 IM 

Godfrey Kim Elizabeth. 4401 Woodbine Terrace. Erie. Pa 16504 Pol Sci 

Godzwa. James Michael. 560 East 24th St Erie. Pa 16503. Pol So 

Godzwa. Robert George. 1705 W 14th St, Erie. Pa 16505. ME 

Golden. Timothv Patrick 158 Hall Ave . Lake Citv Pa 16423 EE 

Gomolchak. Joseph Edward 924 W 3UI Si Erie Pa 16508 EE 

Goodemote. Daniel Robert 4328 Longview Ave Erie Pa I6S10. Pol So 

Goodman. Joseph Frank. 530 Grand Si Corry Pa 1640/ Mm 

Gordon Deborah Renee 1537 67th Ave Philadelphia. Pa 19126 SW 

Gordon Harold 1537 67th Ave Philadelphia. Pa 19126. Mum 

Gordon James E 5504 Heming Ave N Springfield VA 22151 Eng 

Goring, Robert F . Jr 4229 Alan Dr , Erie. Pa 16510 Mum 

Gorniak. Bernard Dominic 721 E Grandview Blvd. Erie Pa 16504 Mgt 

Gorny. Peter John 3931 Sunset Blvd Erie Pa 16504 Mgt 

Gorske Marianne. 3404 Rustic Lane. Eric Pa 16506. MMC 

Gorski. James Robert 541 East 4th St Erie Pa 16507 Bio 

Goss. Francis V 1863 E 7th St Erie Pa 16511 IM 

Grab Harry Andrew 539 Virginia Ave Erie Pa 16505 Mgt 

Grack. Paula Jean 1911 West 33rd St. Erie. Pa 16508. For Lang 

Leo Joseph. 78 Pasadena St . Pittsburgh Pa 15211. Pol Sci 
Graeca. Donald Francis. 3215 Davison Ave . Erie. Pa 16504. Mgt 
Graeca. James Mark. 3215 Davison Ave . Erie. Pa 16504 Fin 
Granelto. Susan Kathleen. 2331 Glendale Ave Erie. Pa 16510 Hum 
Gray. Barbara R 327 E 22nd. Erie Pa 16503. Mgt 
Gray. Sherry Lynn RD 4. Centerville. Pa 16404. Soc 
Green. Stephen Elmer. 7030 Bargain Rd Erie Pa 16509. MHC 
Greene. Michael Paul J06 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507 ME 
Greer Josephine D 31 1 E 27th St Erie. Pa 16504. Hum 
Gregorek. Micahel J . 1021 W 30th St Erie Pa 16508 Bio 
Gregory Stephanie A North Hall-Gannon Col . Erie. Pa 16501 Phys 
Grenci. Oavid L 143 Sherman Ave Butler Pa 16001. Ace 
Gresh Michael. 3413 Atlantic Ave Erie. Pa 16506 Ace 
Greulich Joseph Frank 1012 Weschler. Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 
Grieb Deborah A 471 South Main St . Russell. Pa 16345. Bio 
Griebel. Edward Joseph. 3921 Lake Pleasant Rd Erie Pa 16504 IM 
Griffey. J James. 209 Sanford Place Erie. Pa 16511. Comm 
Gnlfm John Daniel. 1505 Madison Ave. Warren Pa 16365 Fin 
Griffin. Janet N . 8536 Kirsch Rd. RD 6. Erie Pa 16510. Fin 
Griffith. Laurel Anne RD 2. Lk Pleasant, Waterford. Pa 16441. For Lang 
Griffith Roberta Cross. 258 W 6th St Apt 10. Erie. Pa 16507 MHC 
Grocutt Mark Gregory 4040 Westlake Rd Erie, Pa 16505. ET 
Grode. Timothy N . 2950 Hershey Rd. Erie. Pa 16506 Bio 
Groenendaal. Gene A . Lee Rd RD 4 Waterford Pa 16441. Lib Arts 
Grotkowski. Robert V . 2407 Antietam Dr Erie Pa 16510 Gen Sci 
Grove Ronnie Merle Rt 1 Youngsville. Pa 16371. Pol Sci 
Grumblatt. Llll. 639'; W 7th St Apt A. Erie Pa 16502. Comm 
Grumley. Susan Diane. 204 Jefferson Ave. Ridgway. Pa 15853. MHC 
Guanciale. Jerome Mathew. 80 S Keel Ridge Rd Sharon. Pa 16146. Bio 
Guida. Mary Elizabeth 225 W 5th St . Erie Pa 16507 Ace 
Gula. Cynthia Louise. 135 Ridge Ave Sharpsville. Pa 16150. Phys 
Gundrum. Deborah Claire 3428 Melrose Ave. Erie Pa 16508. Math 
Gunter Joyce Ann. 205 Short St Erie Pa 16507. Ace 
Gunther David R 2641 Myrtle St Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 
Gunther Michelle Marie. 2641 Myrtle St Erie Pa 16508 Rad Tech 
Gunther Kalhi 1133 Grace St Erie Pa 16507 Soc 
Guthrie Randall H 188 Kent Or Exton Pa 19341. Pre Med 
Guthman Andre William. 663 Park Ave. Huntington NY 11743. Ace 
Guthrie. Kathleen Daly. 1119 Seneca St Erie. Pa 16511. Hum 
Gutowski Michael Marion RD 1 Kersey. Pa 15846 MHC 
Guzek Frances Helen. 545 E 22nd St . Erie. Pa 16503. Soc 
Guzek. Shirley Ann. 545 East 22nd Si . Erie Pa 16503. Med Tech 
Guzowski. Charles S . 3638 Ridge Parkway Erie, Pa 16510 ET 


Haas. Jerome Bernard. 3308 Elmwood Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Habas. Joellen. 44 Hess Ave . Erie. Pa 16507, Pre Med 

Halensteiner Thomas W . 261 1 East Ave Erie Pa 16504 Mat 

Haggerty Terence M . 733 Beaver Ave . Midland. Pa 15059 EE 

Hagen. Laura T 410 W Saddle River Rd Upper Saddle. NJ 07458 For Lang 

Hagerty. Michael Francis. 129 Norman Way. Erie. Pa 16508. Pre Med 

Haglund. Connne A . 1808 E Grandview Blvd Erie. Pa 16510. Bio 

Hahn. Gretchen Pfarr. 732 Sunset Ave . Johnstown. Pa 15905 Hum 

Hahn. Joseph J 1119 W 40th St . Erie. Pa 16509. ME 

Hahn. Jon Anthony, 104 Cayuga Ave Warren. Pa 16365 Mgt 

Haibach. Pamela Anne. 3820 Trask Ave Erie Pa 16508. Cr J 

Ham Thomas Edward. 2917 Zuck Rd Erie Pa 16506 Ace 

Hairston Harry. 2443 Wannget. Pittsburgh Pa 15213 Comm 

Halaiko. Thomas Patrick 5421 Pine Bluff Rd . Columbus. OH 43229. ME 

Hall. David Michael. 713 West Front St . Oil City. Pa 16301. Pol Sci 

Hall. Ronald J . 1719 W 24th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 

Halter. Gerald William. 4099 Seneca Buffalo. NY 14224. Sp Dr 

Hamilton Pnscilla H , 5369 Peck Road. Erie Pa 16510 Hum 

Hamlett. Chris Michael. 5415 Patton St Erie Pa 16509 Theo 

Hammer. Jane Lynn. 4315 Link Street. Erie Pa 16509 El Ed 

Hammersley Michael Lee 305 E Allegany Ave. Emporium. Pa 15803 Bio 

Hanhn Maureen, 4037 Parade Blvd Erie Pa 16504. El Ed 

Hansen. Ralph Biddle. 5480 Youngndge Dr Pittsburgh. Pa 15236 Soc 

Hanson, James John Jr 246 W 6th St . Erie. Pa 16507. Gen Sci 

Hanson. James Parker 6307 Pioneer Dr Springfield. Va 22150 Mgt 

Hanson Mary Louise. 3301 Dynes Ave . Erie Pa 16510 For Lang 

Hanson Robert. 2214 Woodlawn. Erie Pa 16510. Mgt 

Harakal Diane Stephanie. 2117 Carolyn St Farrell. Pa 16121. Bio 

Haraway. Lillie Manus 1619 Holland. Erie. Pa 16503. Cr J 

Hardic. David Andrew. 201 Herron Ave. Cheswick Pa 15024, EE 

Hardic. John Jay 201 Herron Ave Cheswick Pa 15024, Bio 

Harding, Neal Edward 139 E 30th St Ene Pa 16504 Pre Med 

Hargrave Donald 110 7th St Buffalo NY 14201 Cr J 

Harpst, Gregory Alan. 1448 E 31st St Erie. Pa 16504 Pre Law 

Harpst. Sawdy Lynda C 646 W 6th St Erie Pa 16507 Psych 

Hams Fate. 164 Saranac. Buffalo. NY 14216. SW 

Hams. Joy Sherie. Lowlander 5 Edmboro. Pa 16412. Ace 

Harrison, J L. 1251 E 21st St. Erie Pa 16503 Pol Sci 

Harrison Joyce Ann 626 Jamestown St . Philadelphia Pa 19128. Med Tech 

Hart. Connie Lee. 5641 E Lake Rd Erie Pa 16511. Med Tech 

Harvey. William Anthony. 474 Woodlawn Buffalo. NY 14208 Eng 

Hassett Charles I 10133 Sampson Rd . Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 

Hassett Peter Charles. 10133 Sampson Rd Erie Pa 16509 ET 

Hauser. David Paul. 431 E 24th St. Erie Pa 16503 Mgt 

Hauser. Joanne Mane. 231 Guthrie Ave Alexandria VA 22305. Hum 

Hauser Matthew J . 1350 W 34th St, Erie Pa 16508. Ace 

Hausmann. Thomas Michael. 3714 Hazel St Erie. Pa 16508 Pol Sci 

Haver. Patrick Anthony. 592 Arbor Lane. Pittsburgh. Pa 15236 MHC 

Hawkins. William M . 185 Autumnview Rd . Williamsville. NY 14221 Mgt 

Haywood. Susan Elizabeth 124 W 36th St Erie. Pa 16508 Chem 

Heald. Donald Leo. 714 North St. Oil City Pa 16301. Pre Med 

Healion. Joanne. 5 Church St, Netcong. NJ 07857. SW 

Heberle. Michael D . 3620 Atlantic Ave . Erie Pa 16505 Ec 

Hedlund. Peter Sanfnd. 5248 Wiltsie Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. I M 

Heher. Daniel J . 31 12 Hudson Ave Erie. Pa 16508 M E 

Heibel. Thomas Gerard. 2620 Cochran St Erie. Pa 16508 I M 

Heid. Peter Francis 442 E 5th St Erie. Pa 16507 Chem 

Heidelberg. James N . 2320 Myrtle St Ene Pa 16502 Cr J 

Heidelberg. Willie Mel. 4418 W 25th Ave . Gary IN 46404. Pre Law 

12 Marshall : 

■■ P« 1650 

•• Pi 1650'- 
- at Charles 2616 Ka»pr • 
jane 192 F« 

203 Bamei v 
Henderson Dartene Renae 421 New- ')f>07 Soc 

Hendrickaon Carol L Bon 338 L Be' • 
Henke Christine F 220 Good- 

Henrelty David Jeftery 5 South Gate Rd Bradford Pa 1670' 
Henry Lowman Scott RD 6. Greentburg. Pa I5t 

Thomas Calvin. 826 W 7th St Erie. Pa 16502 Hum 
Herbstritt Linda Anne. 234 E Lakeview. Erie Pa 16504 
Herbstritt Kathleen M 234 E Lakeview Blvd Erie Pa 16504 Arts & Hum 
Herman David Joseph 616 Snyder St Connelltville. Ph 
Herron Dennis M 310 M. , 16507 IM 

Herron. Michael William 1 Runnymede Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15205 G> 
Hertel James Richard 301 Glenruadh A ■ 16505 I M 

Hess. Oebra Louise. 4020 Carney Ave Erie Pa 16510. Bio 
' Lionel Edward 961 W 22nd St Erie Pa 16502. Ace 
Hickey Edward Allen 1141 E 29th St Ene. Pa 1650-s 
Higbee Timothy John 7 Waugh Ave . Greenville Pa 16125 Hum 
Higgms. Ronald Gerald. 240 Locust St . Erie. Pa 16508. Med Tech 
Higham. James Joseph. 2121 W 33rd St . Erie Pa 16508. Pol So 
Hill. Frank John 538 W Sixth Erie Pa 16507 Hum 
Hill Jeffrey Donald 5976 Old Perry Highway, Erie. Pa 16512. Mgl 
Hilliard. William Henry 362 West 24th St Erie. Pa 1650. 
Hinterlang. Gary E . 2312 Athena Ave Pittsburgh Pa 15210 EE 
Hipps John G Jr 946 Boyer Rd . Erie. Pa 16510 Pre Med 
Hirsch. Robert Leo. 7790 Hewitt Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. EE 
Hitchcock Gregory C . 57 W Main St . North East. Pa 1642fc 
Hiznay Joseph Raymond 114 Orchard Ave. Glenshaw. Pa 15116, SW 
Hockensmith Richard D . 1203 W 34th St Erie Pa 16508. Pol So 
Hodges. Robin Marie RD 1. Camb Sprgs. Pa 16403. Rad Tech 
Hoey. Mark Francis. 114 Dolores Terr . Syracuse. NY 13212. EC 
Hoffman Arthur James. 148 Curtze Drive. Fairview. Pa 16415. EE 
Hoffman. James Anthony. 132 W 36th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Pre Med 
Hogan. Patrick M 37 Airport Rd Meadville. Pa 16335. Law Asst 
Holden. Richard Wesley 8881 Parson Rd . Erie. Pa 16509 ME 
Hollamon Larry 209 Parade St . Erie. Pa 16507. Soc 
Holland. James J . 408 W 6th St . Erie Pa 16507. Art Ed 
Hollern David Henry. 557 Pine St . Meadville. Pa 16335 Soc 
Hollern James William. 2131 Southwestern Dr . Lakewood NY 14750 Mgt 
Hollern. Thomas Richard. 1829 W 35th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 
Hollinger Henry Edward. 1009 W 11th St Erie. Pa 16502. EE 
Holm Heidi Kathleen 3225 Timber Lane Erie. Pa 16506 El Ed 
Holman. Mary Carey. 1302 W 10th St Erie. Pa 16502. MHC 
Holmes. Rebecca Kathleen, RD 7. Wales Rd . Erie Pa 16510 Eng 
Holowienko Lester A . 540 E 12th St Erie Pa 16503. Pre Law 
Holts Darryl, 432 North 60th St, Philadelphia. Pa 19151. Mgt 
Hooper Stephen Robert. 1033 W 35th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Math 
Hopsecger. James Anthony. 505 Cranch Ave . Erie Pa 16510. EE 
Horneman. Edward R . 1623 Taylor Ave . Arnold Pa 15068 Phys 
Horning, Russell Jay 210 E Alleghany Ave. Emporium Pa 15834, Soc So 
Housman. David L 1215 Oakmont Ave Erie Pa 16505. Math 
Howard. Gloria Ann. RD 1. Girard. Pa 16417. Med Tech 
Hresko Claire V 18 Oak Ave Denville NJ 07834. Hum 
Hromyak. John Michael. 230 Kelso Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Pre Pharm 
Hubbell Mary K 238 W 6th St Erie Pa 16507 Comm 
Huber James M 437 W 7th St Erie Pa 16502 Mgt 
Huegel. Martin Ray. 1002 W 25th St Erie Pa 16502. Pre Pharm 
Huey Ralph N 3485 Pondview Or . Erie. Pa 16506. Ace 
Hughson Mary H 1317 W 8th St . Erie. Pa 16502 Cr J 
Humes. Terry Lee. 401 Holland St . Erie. Pa 16507 Ace 
Hunt. Bruce Edward. 429 E Grandview Blvd . Erie. Pa 16504 SW 
Hunt, Rodney Ray. 927 W 34th St Erie Pa 16508. Fin 
Hunter. Roy Allan RD 1. Waterford Pa 16441. I M 
Hurlbut. Edward. Gannon Col Box 259 40. Erie. Pa 16501 Psych 
Hurley, John Joseph 111 E 31st St . Ene. Pa 16504 Ace 
Huseby Steven Ray 56 Roseaveet. Sykesville. Pa 15865. Hum 
Husk. Michael Clayton 626 Porter Ave . Warren. Ohio 44485 EE 
Huth. Jeffrey Allen. 118 Washington St, Freeport. Pa 16229 Bio 
Hutzler Mary Ann 4002 Feidler Erie Pa 16506 Bio 

Hvezda. Robert Joseph. 413 Susquehanna Ave . Olyphant Pa 18447 Soc So 
Hyche, Joyce Mane. 724 Walnut. Erie. Pa 16502. Cr J 
Hynes. James Howard. RD 1. Plumer Rd Oil City Pa 16301 Ace 
Hynes. John M . 627 Japan St Erie. Pa 16502 El Ed 
Hyziewicz. Ronald Joseph. 638 E 32nd St Erie Pa 16504 ME 

lavarone. Annette Teresa. 445 Huron St . Erie. Pa 16502 Cr J 

Iglesias. Jose A Box 6412. Loiza St Sta . Santurce. PR 00914 EE 

Ihng. David Allen. 4103 Harvard Rd Ene Pa 16509. I M 

llyankoff Samuel W . 602 Poplar Way. Carnegie. Pa 15106 Pre Med 

Ims. John Haughney. 817 Liberty St Erie Pa 16510 Eng 

Irvm Kevin Rae. 4553 Wolf Rd . Erie Pa 16505 Cr J 

Ison. Gary. 121 Walis Ave Farrell. Pa 16121 Hum 

Ivan. Christine Ellen. 1617 W Gore Rd Erie. Pa 16509 Med Tech 

Ivonowski. Joseph M 15 Brown St Reynoldsville. Pa 15851 Pre Med 

Jablonski Joe John 432 E 7th St Erie Pa 16503 Pre Med 
Jackson. Daniel Joseph 3121 W 25th St Erie. Pa 16506 Mgt 
Jackson George Lawrence. 639 E 4th St Erie Pa 16507 For Lang 
Jackson. Robert Mann 1214 E 8th St Ere Pa 16503 MHC 
Jackson. Robert Russell 444 W 7th St Apt 2 Ene Pa 16501 
Jacobsen Christine Jane 412 Indiana Dr . Erie. Pa 16505 Phys 
Jahany David Wehrle Hall Gannon Col Erie. Pa 16501 E E 
Jakubcsik Steve. 2114 Cranberry St Erie Pa 16502 p 
Jakubowski Edwm J Rd 6. HaM Rd Ere Pa 16510 - 
James. Kevin Leroy. RD 1 Slippery Pk Pa 165057. Ace 
James. Edward William Jr 2018 E 20th St Erie Pa 16510. Mgt 
Jamison. Darryl 330" Elmore St Pittsburgh Pa 15219 Med Tech 
Jancek Michael Victor 3547 Bnerwood Dr . Ene Pa 16510 Eng 
Jansen Richard Thomas. 2057 Andover Lane Ene Pa 16509 
Jansen Robert William 2057 Andover Lane Erie Pa 16509 C 
Jarmolowicz. Casimir J 524 .- E 7th St E'e Pa 16503 Mkt 
Jarocki Mark Joseph 321 Woodland Ave Farrell Pa 16121 Theo W.told S 255 E 13th St E"e Pa 16503 Hum 
Jeffries Pearl Marie. 1038 W 18th St . Ene Pa 16502 Cr J 
Jenkins Carmen Gail. 722 Junilla St Pittsburgh. Pa 15219 Med Tech 
Jenney. Theodore John RD 6. Meadville Pa 16335 E E 
Jennings. Charles G . 411 Waterford St Edmboro Pa 16412 E E 
Jennings Dale Douglas. 3315 Pine Tree Terrace Ene Pa 16506. Fin 
Jensen. Henry Richard 9941 Donation Rd . Waterford Pa 16441. Mgt 
Jensen John M 443 Parkside Dr Erie Pa 16503. Mkt 

Jensen Lynda Ann 33 Shoreway Rochester NY 14612 Pre Law 
Jerge. James Edward 4032 Sunset Blvd Erie Pa 16504 E E 
. St Ene. Pa 16502 Ace 
St Erie. Pa 16508. Soc 
i Margaret 3503 Charlotte St Erie Pa 16508, MHC 
Johanson Carl Richard. 134 Adam Road Massapequa. NY 11258. E E 
Johnson Constance Joyce 745 Tacoma Rd Erie Pa 16511 Hum 
MM 3011 W 25lh St Erie Pa 16506 M E 
(46 W 35th St . Erie. Pa 16508. I M 
Johnson. Joshua Arney 1715 Poplar St Erie. Pa 16502. Bio 
Johnson Jerry Louis 3791 Gay Rd . Erie. Pa 16510 I M 
Johnson John Leland Rural Route 2. Sugar Grove. Pa 16350. Pre Med 
Johnson John Thomas. 42 N Chapel St Gowanda. NY 14070 Ace 
Johnson Larry Gene. 1519 E 20th St Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 
Johnson Marsha Carol 1 1 1 East 32nd St Brooklyn. NY 1 1226 Cr J 
Johnson Roy A . 1324 Patterson Ave Erie. Pa 16508 Ace 
Johnson. Ruby Dickerson. 2020 A. 5 E 10th St Erie Pa 16511 SW 
Johnson. Timothy Leroy 30 Summit St , Erie. Pa 16508. ME 
Johnston t 606 Liberty St Franklin Pa 16323. Fin 

,- Deborah Ann 9690 Iredell Rd . Richmond. VA 23235. Pre Med 
Gerald Clyde 1127 W 24th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Mgl 
Jones Herman Oswald. Stony View. Stony Hill St Andrew. Jamai Mgt 
. .iwrence Leslie 727 Napier Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Hum 
Steven Evan. 4643 Southern Or . Erie. Pa 16506. Bio 
Jones Thomas Edward. Box 146. Hilltop Rd . Oakdale. Pa 15071. Math 
Jonsson Mary Elizabeth 429 Stafford Ave Erie. Pa 16508. Bio 
Jordan David Charles 3416 Devoe Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. Phys 
Joseph Joseph Thomas 5380 Cassady Rd . Sharpsville. Pa 16150. Bio 
Jozelowicz. Janice M 514 Marshall Dr Apt 3 Erie. Pa 16505. Sp/Dr. 
Jungquist Edward W 114 Pin Est . Dunkirk. NY 14048. Theo 
Jurenovich David M 149 Meadowbrook Rd Sharon. Pa 16146 Psych 


Kaczmarek Norbert Paul. 3529 Aberdeen Ave . Erie, Pa 16506. Ace 

Kahabka. John M . 85 Fairfield. Lancaster. NY 14086. Pre Med 

Kaliszewski Edward John. 1236 Silliman Ave. Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 

Kaleta Frank John. 4340 Gem Court. Erie. Pa 16504. Art & Hum 

Kalinowski Joseph. 428 Montpelier Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Phil 

Kahvoda. David Robert. 1646 W 24th St Erie. Pa 16502. E T 

Kalivoda, Daniel Francis. 1646 W 24th St Erie. Pa 16502. M E 

Kahvoda Donald John. 513 Sanford PI., Erie. Pa 16511. I M 

Kaltenbaugh Bonnie Jane. RD 1. Sandy Lake. Pa 16145. Rad Tech 

Kane. John Michael 4876 Harris Rd.. Syracuse. NY 13215. Ace 

Kania. Mary Ann 7217 Wattsburg Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. Sp/Dr 

Kapadia Hitesh T . 521 W 8th St Erie. Pa 16502. ME 

Kapusciak. Karol, 3002 E 38th St., Erie. Pa 16501. Hum 

Karle. James John 3916 Garden Ave . Erie Pa 16502. Ace 

Karle Patricia Joan. 5125 Roshndale Ave. Erie. Pa 16509. Pre Pharm 

Karpmski Henry B . 408 Myrtle St., Erie. Pa 16507. Hum 

Karpinski. Mary M . 2067 Charleston Ave . Erie, Pa 16509, Med Tech 

Kasick Kenneth George. 945 Hazard Rd . Palmerton. Pa 18071. MHC 

Kassiri. Bi|an Vahid M E 

Kazimierowski Stanislaw. 2507 Saltsman Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Bus 

Kean. Theodore A 502 Jefferson St, RD 2. Conneautville. Pa 16406. Ace 

Keeiey. Jan Leslie. Edgewood Dr Ext . Transfer Pa 16154. Ace 

Keibler Howard N . 3134 W 42nd St, Erie. Pa 16506, Mgt 

Kell David Alan. 5702 W Kell Rd . Fairview. Pa 16415, Pie Med 

Kelly Timothy Edward, 235 S Home Ave , Avalon. Pittsburgh, Pa 15202, Ace 

Kelley Thomas Patrick. 111 Pine Rd . Edgeworth. Pa 15143. Mkt 

Kelley. Thomas Roland. 3627 Allegheny. Erie Pa 16508. Gen Sci. 

Kelsey Bruce Allen. 2648 Frontenac Dr Erie. Pa 16511. Chem 

Kemege. John Kevin 227 W 2nd St, Erie. Pa 16507. E.E. 

Kennedy Carolyn S . 409 SW 9th Ave . Ft Lauderdale. FL 33312. Hum 

Kennedy George William. Box 85. Corsica. Pa 15829. Pre Med 

Kenniston. Michael John. 243 Hasson Ave . Oil City. Pa 16301. Mgt 

Kerber Ann Marie H , 7234 W Springside Dr.. Fairview. Pa 16415. Pre Law 

Kerr Susan Lynne. 415 Indiana Dr , Erie. Pa 16505. Bio 

Kerr, Terry Lee, RD 1. Titusville. Pa 16354. Cr J 

Keys. Cynthia R . 141 East 3rd St, Erie. Pa 16507. Art Ed 

Keys. Fredye Jean 1852 Woodlawn. Erie. Pa 16510. El Ed 

Keys. Marva Jean. 2506 Pear St, Erie. Pa 16503. Psych 

Keys. Vickie Jean. 207'; W 26th St, Erie, Pa 16508. Lib Arts 

Keyvinski Stephen A . 118 Central Ave . Warren. Pa 16365. Mgt 

Kibbey Luonda Anne. RD 2. Box 188. Pittsfield. Pa 16340. For Lang 

Kicey. Diane Marie. RD 1. W Springfield Pa 16443. Pol Sci 

Kiehlmeier. Scott L 2710 Greengarden Blvd . Erie. Pa 16508. Pre Med 

Kierus Hendrik. 813 Reed St , Erie. Pa 16503. Cr J 

Kim. Youngsa. 1339 W 10th St, Erie. Pa 16502, Hum 

Kinem. Mark John. 2109 S Manor Dr . Erie. Pa 16505 

King. William John. 902 West 51st St Erie. Pa 16509. 

Kingston. Kimberly Ann. 624 Sommerhem Dr . Erie. Pa 

Kirclich. Thomas George. 3932 Carney Ave . Erie Pa 16510. Cr J 

Kirk Donna Rae 362 W 9th St Erie. Pa 16501 MHC 

Kirk Jude James 516 West 9th St Erie. Pa 16502 Bio 

.Villiam N 111 Valleyvale Dr . Pittsburgh. Pa 15209. Chem 
Kirkner Vincent Lewis. 44 Beechwood Ave. Malvern. Pa 19355. Soc 
Kirkner Richard Mark. 44 Beechwood Ave . Malvern. Pa 19355. Comm 
Kirsch. Patrick V 710 Bigler Ave . Barneboro. Pa 15714. Art & Hum 
Kirsch William Michael. 1861 W 24tn St. Erie. Pa 16502. Fin 
Kisko. Oarlene Ann. 2015 Eastern Ave Erie. Pa 16510 Ace 
Klein Charles Adam Jr Box 351. Marnottville Randallstown. MD 21133. Hum 
Klein. Christopher John 624 W 25th St . Erie. Pa 16502 Pol Sci 
Kiem Jean Marie. 2633 Schley St Erie. Pa 16508. For Lang 
Kleiner John Edward 788 Irvine Dr . Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 
Klemen Michael Joseph 820 W 25th St Erie. Pa 16502. E.E. 
junnar Steige 22. Herbrechtgn Ger E C 
Edward Charles. 595 Penn St Lmesville. Pa 16424. Math 
Kioss Joanne E RD 3 Williams Rd North East Pa 16428. Gen Sci 
Knapp Gary Thomas. 24 W 33rd St . Erie. Pa 16508. Soc 
Knapp Karen Dorothy 24 W 33rd St Erie. Pa 16508. MHC 
Knepper Gilbert William 620 Marne Road. Erie. Pa 16511. Soc Sci 
Kneib Robert William. 413 Lake Ave . Erie Pa 16511 Pre Med 
Knight Gerald E 1217 Smithson Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Hum 
Knight. Geraldine June 4206 Schaper Ave . Erie Pa 16509. Lib Arts 
Knoch William Alfred 1826 Plainfield Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa 15226 Fin 
Knoll Christopher Mark 510 W 29th St Erie. Pa 16508 Ace 
Knoll. Michael Douglas 805 German St . Erie. Pa 16503. Mgt 
Kobylmski Jacqueline M . 350 Shades Beach Erie Pa 16511 Med Tech 
Kochansky Thomas M . 3217 Loveland Ave Ene. Pa 16506. E T 
Koehler. David Paul 12 Alpark Ave Pittsburgh. Pa 15216 E E 
Koerner George Edson 910 W 1st St Oil City Pa 16301. Mgt 
Kofta Oaniel K P O Box 86. Erie. Pa 16512 Nurs 

er Mary Ruth 4305 Wayne St Ene Pa 16504 El Ed 
Kolivoski George Joseph. 1349 E 8th St Erie Pa 16503 M E 
Konapelsky Richard S 822 Maryland Ave Whitehall. Pa 18052 E E 
Kons. David Andrew 724 Liberty. Erie. Pa 16502 Mgt 
Koper William Donald 605 E 12th St . Erie Pa 16503 Mgt 
Kopkowski. Paul J 2668 E 33rd St Erie Pa 16510. M E 

. nski Thomas James 128 E 31st St Erie Pa 16504 E E 

16505. Law Asst 

Kortyna Ricky Edward RD 1. Bulger. Pa 15019. Phy Asst 

Korytko Myron Ihor. 3615 Woodhaven Dr . Erie. Pa 16506. Hum 

Kosar. Kaya. 623 Kahkwa. Erie. Pa 16505 M E 

Kosar Oya A . 623 Kahkwa Ene. Pa 16505. E E 

Kosar Semra S . 1224 West 8th St Erie Pa 16502 For Lang 

Kosm Lawrence Adam. 7309 Old Wattsburg Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Gen Sci 

Kossbiel Mark Steven 356 E 39th St Erie Pa 16504. Mgt 

Kosobucki Mark Edward 2404 Parade St . Erie Pa 16503. Med Tech 

Kovach. Susan Jean. RD 1. Central City Pa 15926. M E 

Kowalewski. Ronald A. 2837 New St . Erie. Pa 16504. Mkt 

Kowalewski. Thomas D 931 'i E 9th St . Erie Pa 16503. Mgt 

Kowalczyk, Donald Joseph. 249 Franklin Ave . Fairview. Pa 16415. M E 

Kozlowski. Laurence S 519 W 31st St, Erie. Pa 16508. Fin 

Koza Nancy Lee. 318 Elk Ave . Kane Pa 16735. Math 

Kozlowski Jean Marie 711 Cascade St Erie. Pa 16502 Gen Sci 

Kozlowski Regma Marie. 5205 Exeter Rd Erie. Pa 16509. Law Asst 

Krahe. Michael Joseph. 3827 Myrtle St . Erie. Pa 16508 Eng 

Krall Joseph Slanlev. 62 Vilsack St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15223. Ace 

Kramer Drew H . 1824 Irwin St . Aliquippa Pa 15001. Pre Med 

Kramer. Ellen M 24 Warren Dr Norwalk, OH 44857. El Ed 

Kramer Kevin Harold. 1135 Wisconsin Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15216. Chem 

Kraus. James Brian 3409 Washington Ave Erie Pa 16508. Ace 

Kraus. Linda Mane. 7223 East Lake Rd . Erie. Pa 16511 Pre Med 

Kraut Martin Joseph. 1005 W 10th St Erie. Pa 16502 E E 

Krebs. George Charles. 971 Alexander Rd . Princeton Jet . NJ 08550. Mkt 

Kreisel. Carl James 1495 Blossom Hill Rd.. Pittsburgh. Pa 15234. Ace 

Knegish. Leonard Ralph, 3618 Main St Erie Pa 16511 Bio 

Krkoska, Judith Carol, 415 Holland St Erie. Pa 16507. Psych 

Krkoska. Carolyn Ann 312 Eaglepoint. Erie. Pa 16511. Med Tech 

Krishna. Cynthia Wells. 4132 Woodbine Terrace. Erie Pa 16504. Phy Asst 

Knvonak. Gregory N . 2312 McClelland Ave Erie Pa 16510. E T 

Kruise. Arlene Rita. 1113 E 5th St, Erie. Pa 16507. El Ed 

Kruise. Barry Paul. 1113 E 5th St. Erie. Pa 16507. Soc Sci 

Kruise. Kenneth Charles. 1113 E 5th St. Erie. Pa 16507. Gen Sci 

Krull. Kirk J . 6241 Charlotteville Rd.. Newfane. NY 14108. Ace 

Kruszewski. Sandra Ann. 424 E 37th St. Erie. Pa 16504. El Ed 

Kuczka. James Joseph. 236 Lackawanna. Buffalo. NY 14212. Mkt 

Kuczma. Gary Leo. 114 Pius St. Pittsburgh. Pa 15203. Bio. 

Kucharczuk. Thomas John. 304 South 16th St Allentown. Pa 18102. Pol Sci 

Kuebler. John Clarke. 225 Illinois Ave.. Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Kuhn. John G . 3132 Evanston Ave . Erie. Pa 16506. Math 

Kuimski. Leon Stanley. 102 Clarion St, Oil City. Pa 16301. Bio 

Kulka. Joseph Michael. 455 W 7th St, Erie. Pa 16502. MHC 

Kuntz. James J . 532 Church St . St Mary s. Pa 15857, S W 

Kurniawan. Reina. 259 W 6th St, Erie. Pa 16507. Pre Med 

Kurpiewski. Thomas. 231 Wallace St. Erie. Pa 16507. Chem 

Kurtzhals William A . 731 W 10th St, Erie. Pa 16502. ME 

Kuzmin. David Michael 3417 Bird Drive. Erie. Pa 16510. M E 

Kwiatek, Karen Marie. 2928 Maple St, Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Kyle. Donald Rupert. 1735 Skyline Dr Erie. Pa 16509. Mkt 

Laborde. Ronald Irvin. 3419 Edison Ave . Wesleyvilie. Pa 16510. Ace 

Lachesky. Robert James. 3928 Cherry St, Erie. Pa 16509. Eng 

Lachowski. Randolph Paul. 1316 W 23rd St . Erie. Pa 16502. Mgt 

Laconi. S Jean. 911 South Hill Rd Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 

Latata. Peter Stephen. 2923 Poplar St, Erie. Pa 16508. Psych 

Lahnan. Lawrence Michael. Nash Rd . E Springfield Pa 16411. Ace 

Lally. James Raymond. 934 Ringgold St, Pittsburgh. Pa 15220. Fin 

Lamb. Linda L . 6901 Belle Road. Harborcreek. Pa 16421. Ace 

Lambert. Norman Harold 228 Shenley Dr . Erie. Pa 16501. Soc Sci 

Lamond. Deborah Ann. Gannon Col. NH Box 9-6. Erie. Pa 16501. Cr J 

Lamp, James A . 4227 Trask Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. Arts & Hum 

Landy. Timothy Burke. 110 Georgetowne Place. McKeesport. Pa 15135. Pol Sci 

Langer. Michael Robert. 831 Burkhart Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 

Lapaglia. Gayla Mane. 1204 W 34th St Erie Pa 16508. Sp/Dr 

Lapmski. Richard Alan. 100 Lewis St, Ambndge. Pa 15003. Ace 

Laplaca, Charles Dennis. 1009 W 20th St, Erie. Pa 16502. Phil 

Larson. Thomas Scott. 432 W 7th St . Ene. Pa 16502. Lib Arts 

Laskowski. Bernadette M . 1038 E 10th St.. Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 

Laskowski. Thomas Mark. 3324 Glenside. Erie Pa 16508. Eng 

Laskowski. Timothy John. 3324 Glenside Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. Hist 

Lass. James Edward. 61-34 Gates Ave. Ridgewood. NY 11227 Pre-Law 

Lastowski. David Michael. 820 E 22nd St, Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 

Latcovich. Stephen F . 125 Sherman. Ridgway. Pa 15853. I M 

Latimer. Patricia Ellen. 919 Washington PI., Erie. Pa 16502. El Ed 

Lauer. Betti Ann. 56 N Dillon Dr . Titusville. Pa 16354. Mgt 

Lauer Douglas Robert. 406 Division St . Oil City. Pa 16301. Hist 

Lauer. Richard George. 143 Link Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15237. Psych 

Lavosky. Richard L . 1233 Rankine Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 

Lawrence, James Francis. 121 Sampson Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15205. Bio 

Laws. Susan Wendi. 5116 Clinton Dr., Erie. Pa 16509. Pre-Med 

Lawson. Robin Amelia. 7226 Susquehanna. Pittsburgh. Pa 15208. Mgt 

Lawton. Ruth Butler. Mrs . 212 E 7th St, Erie, Pa 16503. Nurs 

Lazzaro. Glenn S . 4 Terry Court. Montvale. NJ 07645. Eng 

Lebovich. Christine D. 6031 Huxley Ave. Bronx. NY 10471 Cr J 

Lechner. David Edward, 3603 Raspberry St . Erie Pa 16508. I M 

Lechner. William Thomas. 425 W 31st St . Erie. Pa 16508. Mgt 

Lee. Robert Henry. 434 West 10th Si . Erie. Pa 16502 M.H C 

Lee. William. 95 Brewery Rd . New City. NY 10956. E T 

Lefaiver. Christine Ann. 3121 Perry St., Erie. Pa 16504. Hum 

Legacki. Denise Frances. 6600 Glenloch. Phila. Pa 19135. Psych 

Legrys. Lisa Ann. 530 Charles St . St Marys. Pa 15857. Psych 

Lemock Kenneth Edward. RD 4. Rt 86. Waterford. Pa 16441, E E 

Lemon, William H , 3848 Penns Grove St , Philadelphia. Pa 19104, Pol Sci 

Lentulay. Susan Mane 637 W 8th St . Erie. Pa 16502. MHC 

Leofsky. Edward Eugene. 41 Mechanic St . Girard. Pa 16417. I M 

Leone. Henry P 1614 Liberty St Erie Pa 16502. Mgt 

Leone. Dennis Fred 1130 W 28th St, Erie. Pa 16508. Hum 

Len John L . 608 Payne Ave . Erie. Pa 16503. Hum 

Leveto Daniel J . RD 4. Meadville Pa 16335. Pre-Med 

Levin. Helen Mane. 650 Young Rd . Erie. Pa 16509 Soc 

Lewis. Arthur Joseph. 117 Myrtle St . Erie. Pa 16507. Ace 

Lewis. Carla Roxanne. 636 Brooklyn Ave. Brooklyn. NY 11203. Pre-Med 

Lewis, James E 5741 Carnage Hill Dr Erie. Pa 16509. Gen Sci 

Lewis Joanne. 342 E 21st St . Ene. Pa 16503. Hum 

Lewis Michael W . 260 Elm St Westfield. Pa 16950. E T 

Lewis Patricia H.RD7 Depot Rd . Erie Pa 16510 Mgt 

Lewis Sidney P RD 7. Depot Rd Erie. Pa 16510. Mgt 

Lichtenfeld Kurt C . Jr . RD 2. North East. Pa 16428. I.M. 

Lichtinger. Vincent D RD 4. Sedgwick Rd . Waterford. Pa 16441. Math 

Licsko. Sharon. Box 4. Gilmore Rd . Girard. Pa 16417. Pre-Med 

Liebenstein. Richard J . 939 Westbrook Rd West Milfred. NJ 07480. E E 

Lmdner William Richard. 3230 Hemlock Dr Erie. Pa 16506. Ace 

Lmdsey William Louis. 1108 E 25th St Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 

Liotta. Cynthia Louise 48 Wall St . Northeast Pa 16428. Rad Tech 

Lipski Marion Candace. 3622 Fountain Way. Erie. Pa 16506 Eng 

Liscmski Thomas Ge'ard Ridgway Rd Johnsonburg. Pa 15845 Cr J 


Loonch Thomas Carl. 927 Cascade St Erie Pa 

Logan M.irh j 1221 P»1 '6505 Mgl 

Lohse. Richard. 214 W 3rd Si Erie Pa II 

I o|«w ikl. PatrlCM Pa 16504 Mgl 

Lonchanc. Francis Clair. 4429 KoeMer Road trie Pa 16510 Ace 

Loncki. Gary Chester. 525 E 411 

Loney. Bernard Gerald. 418 Stall w Pa 18508 Ace 

Long. Suzanne. 228 Pine St Punxsulawney Pa 15787 Hum 

Longtime Richard A 23 Leicester P-- Hist 

Longley. William John 131 Clayton St. Erie Pa 16509 Pre 

LongnecKer. Grover James 1223 West 9th Street Erie Pa 18502 Hist 

Lorah. Richard G 830 Cranberry St Erie. Pa 16502 Mgl 

Lolilo. Patricia Evelyn 402 W 8th St Erie Pa 16502 •• 

Love. Denise Elaine. 334 W 5th St No 1 Erie. Pa 16501 Eng 

Lowe. Donna Mane 926 St Marks Ave Brooklyn NY 11213 For Lang 

Lozowski. Gary Edward. 190 Graham Dr Erie. Pa 16509 M E 

Lucas. Carl Julius. 2512 East 41st St . Erie. Pa 16507 I M 

Lukas. John William. 200 Grahamville St . North East. Pa 16428 M E 

Lucchese. Phillip S . 203 Curtis Pkwy Kenmore. NY 14223 Pre-Med 

Luchey. Dennis John. 303 E 12th St . Erie. Pa 16509 Psych 

Lukas. Marianne. 3705 Lochiel Ave . Erie. Pa 16505 Med Tech 

Lukasiak. Mathew Robert. 207 Lincoln St . Oil City Pa 16301. See 

Lutz. Nancy Eileen. RD 2. Oil City. Pa 16301 Pre-Med 

Lynch. Arthur Aaron. 633 E 24th St Erie, Pa 16503 Gen Sci 

Lynch. Daniel K . 922 W 50th St Erie. Pa 16509 Mgt 

Lynch. Duane Dee. 1319 E 28th St . Erie. Pa 16504 Mgt 

Lynch. Jessie B 320 Shawnee Dr Erie. Pa 16505 Bio 

Lyons. Barbara. 332 Wilson St Erie, Pa 16507. Soc So 


Maas. Joseph Martin. Jr 708 Rosedale Ave . Erie. Pa 16503 E E 

Mabie. Regis Paul. 2634 Wayne St . Erie. Pa 16504 Mgt 

MacArthur. Jack T . 111 Robison Rd . West. Erie. Pa 16509 Soc 

MacDermott. John Dubois. 1056 N Center St Corry Pa 16507 I M 

MacHuga. Michael George. 702 W 26th St Erie Pa 16508 Pre-Med 

Maoulewicz, Anthony F . 129 E 31st St, Erie. Pa 16504 M E 

Maoukiewicz. David John. 412 Hess Ave . Erie. Pa 16507 Theo 

Maciukiewicz. Susan M 412 Hess Ave. Erie. Pa 16507. Mgt 

Mack. Christopher Dennis. 3710 Depot Rd . Erie. Pa 16510 Mgt 

Macko. Robert Frank. 245 Scott St . Erie. Pa 16508 Mgt 

MacLeod. Jeanne Edwards. 310 Strathmore Ave. Erie Pa 16505 Pre-Law 

Madlehner. Daniel A . 150 Brighton Ave Erie. Pa 16509. Ec 

Madras. John Joseph. 716 E 7th St . Erie Pa 16503. Hum 

Madukaii. Titus. 254 W 8th St, Erie. Pa 16501. Pre-Med 

Madura. Allen Richard. 3204 Ash St . Erie. Pa 16504. Phy 

Maenpa. John E . Jr . PO Box 6232. Erie. Pa 16512. Pre-Pharm 

Magill. Patrick Michael. 918 Ruth Ave. Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 

Magnelli. Gerard. 907 McCoy Rd . McKees Rocks Pa 15136. F W 

Magnotto. Michae 1 Angelo. 333 E Judy Lynn Dr . Farrell Pa 16121. Comm 

Maher. Howard T . 501 North Ave . Baden. Pa 15005. Phy 

Maher. Terrance E 501 North Ave , Baden Pa 15005. Bus 

Mahoney. John William. Rt 98. RD 2. Meadville. Pa 16335. E E 

Mahoney. Joseph Conneen. 207 Willow St, Johnsonburg. Pa 15845. Cr J 

Mahoney. Timothy. RD 1 Conneautville. Pa 16406. Eng 

Maki. Cynthia Ellen. 2718 Sterrettania Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Chem 

Malekzahdeh. Hussein. Gannon- Dr Peterson. Eric. Pa 16501 E E 

Malene. Daniel Lee. 17 Kramer Ave . Oil City. Pa 16301. I M 

Malee, Daniel Thomas. 353 Dewey Circle. Ridgway. Pa 15853. Mgt 

Malena. Richard Francis. 4320 Caroline Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Soc So 

Maleski. John Joseph. 2565 E 39th St, Erie. Pa 16510. E.T 

Mahnchak. Michael Paul. 5247 W 51st St . Fairview, Pa 16415. Bio 

Malinowski. Richard C . RD 2. Old French Rd . Watertord. Pa. 16441 M E 

Malue. James Patrick. 2405 Fairmont Pkwy. Erie, Pa 16510. Math 

Maly. Martin John. 431 E 2nd St . Erie. Pa 16507. Mkt 

Mamrak, George Elmer, 667 Payne Ave . Erie. Pa 16503, Ace 

Mancini, Samuel Peter. 1148 W 39th St . Erie. Pa 16509. Eng 

Mando. Michael Anthony. 644 E 29th St . Erie. Pa 16504. E E 

Manendo. Dennis A . 1219 W 8th St . Erie. Pa 16502 Mgt 

Manna. Thomas Anthony. 3202 Peach St . Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Manning. Robert A . 154 High St., Bradford. Pa 16701. M H C 

Mara. Kent William. 4686 Budd Dr Erie. Pa 16506. E T 

Marasco. Angela Marie. 1041 W 31st St , Erie. Pa 16508. For Lang 

Marasco. Toni Ann. 105 Clay St . Kane, Pa 16735, Rad Tech 

Marchini, Timothy R . 756 E 43rd St , Erie. Pa 16504 E E 

Marcribroda. Diana. 5741 Carriage Hill Dr Erie Pa 16509. Pre-Med 

Marino. Ricky Donald, 136': W 26th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Ec 

Markham. Robert Louis, 3210 Amherst Road. Erie. Pa 16506 Ace 

Markley. Dennis Robert. 1450 W 34th St Erie Pa 16508 El Ed 

Markopolos. Harry M 3854 Myrtle. Erie. Pa 16508 Hum 

Marlowe William Harold 153 Filield Avenue. Conneaut. Ohio 44030. E E 

Marshalick. Steven A 208 S Beech. Mt Carmel. Pa 17851. Phy Asst 

Marshall Robert Joseph. 3383 Hartman Rd Erie Pa 16510 M E 

Martin John M 1341 W 41st St Erie. Pa 16509. Mkt 

Martin. Michael Patrick 1047 W 10th St Erie. Pa 16502 Mgt 

Martin. Margaret Ann 1047 W 10th St. Erie. Pa 16502. Lib Arts 

Martin. Patricia Ann. 3112 W 32nd St . Erie. Pa 16506 Bio 

Martin Thomas 4703 Upland Dr . Erie Pa 16509 Hum 

Martinko. Robert P 92 Canvet Dr . Campbell Ohio 44405. Gen So 

Marton George William 2904 Pine Ave Erie Pa 16504 Pre-Med 

Martone Lawrence A 3517 Gerry Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Marz. Rosemary 1140 E 29th St Ene Pa 16504. Ace 

Masoarelli. John Lewis. 522 N Pittsburgh St, Connellsville. Pa 15425 Cr J 

Mason Bonnie Lou 4475 Runkle Ave . Ashtabula. OH 44004. Rad Tech 

Masotlo. Sherry Ann 2703 Oakwood St Erie. Pa 16501 Rad Tech 

Masters. Thomas Richard. 1128 Gnswold St Sharon Pa 16146 Pre-Med 

Mathew M M 3321 W 32nd St . Erie. Pa 16506 E E 

Matis Ronald Joseph 105 Chautauqua Blvd . Ene Pa 16511 Pre-Lav. 

Matlock Robert John. 1834 E 41st St Erie. Pa 16510 Sp D' 

Matovu. Joseph L 3364 Chillum Rd 301. Mt Rainier. MD 20822. Mgt 

Matson. Donald Louis. 441 W 9th St Erie. Pa 16502 Fin 

Matson. Thomas James 2908 Chestnut St, Ene. Pa 16508 M E 

Matson Thomas John. 145 W 25th St . Erie Pa 16502 Med Tech 

Matthews. Allan Edwin. 6873 Buffalo Rd Harborcreek. Pa 16421 Pre-Med 

Mattis. Thomas John. RD 2 Box 266 Guys Mills. Pa 16327 Bio 

Mattivi. Susan Jane. PO Box 38 Dagus Mines. Pa 15831 Gen Sc 

Maus Karen Mane. 1028 6th Ave Ford. Pa 16226. M.H.C. 

Maxa. Robert Lawrence. 1830 Kay Gie Way Erie. Pa 16510. Pre-Med 

Mayhew. Carol M . 713 E 30th St. Erie. Pa 16504 Mgt 

Mazur. William Ronald. 345 E 34th St Erie Pa 16504. I M 

Mazzeo. Christine Ann. 1305 W 44th St., Erie. Pa 16509, Med Tec 

Mazzucca. Kathleen Ann. 15 Tabor St Little Silver. NJ 07739. M.H.C. 

McAndrew Terence M . 2925 Chestnut St, Erie. Pa 16508 Gen Sc 

McCalhon. Timothy J . 3937 Liberty Blvd . Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 

McCarthy. John Joseph. 3302 McKee Rd Erie Pa 16506 Ace 

McCarty. Richard James. 522 E 32nd St Erie. Pa 16504 Math 

McCauley. Jo Anne. 146 E 5th St . Erie Pa 16507. Hum. 

. A 4409 l ,- 
McDoi I .. 

■•» 204 S«v 

McDougall ( '■ 

McGarngle Robert W., 214 

a. 3828 Tr.i My! 

McGraw John Coughlm 291 M.i 
Mclntyre. David P RD 2 Orchard Beach Rd North East Pa I642( 

.seph. 422 W 10>- 
McKenna. Robert J . 61 1 Powell Ave Erie. Pa 16505 Bio 
McKinley Kathleen M 26 R' Hum 

McKmney. Mary Kathryn 620 W 10th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Eng 
McKinney. Paulette Mae. 215 W 201' Med 

McKita. Dennis James. 171 Terrace Dr Monongahela Pa 15063 •'■ 
McLaughlin. Kathleen H 1102 Woodland Ave Pittsburgh. Pa 15212 
McLaughlin. Janet Lee. 3630 Greengarden Blvd Ene. Pa 16508. Arts & H 
McLaughlin. James Andrew. 807 California Ave Ellwood City Pa 16117 Chem 
McLaughlin. Marilyn Anne. 8785 W Baron Rd . McKean Pa 16426 - 
McKee. Larry Ray 23 Joel St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15205. Mkt 
McLean. Carol Christine. 617 Crotty Dr . Erie. Pa 16511 Rad Tech 
McNelis. Mary Kathenne 5414 Patton St . Erie. Pa 16509. Gen So 
McSweeney. David Niel. 111 Cedarbrook Dr Pittsburgh. Pa 15220 Pre-Med 
McVay. Kathleen Ann, 147 Kennedy St Bradford Pa 16701. Lib Arts 
Meade Arthur Charles. 3103 Erie St . Erie Pa 16508. Chem 
Meagher. Daniel Joseph. Box 74, Dilltown Pa 15929. Phil 
Meara. Thomas Damien. RD 1 Lake City. Pa 16423 E T 
Medvec. David Steve. 2604 Reed St Ene Pa 16504. Mgt 
Medvid. Cyndi Kathryn, 330 Prestley Rd Bridgeville. Pa 15017. Eng 
Meegan Maureen Ann. Box 10-9 FH Gannon Col Erie Pa 16501 M HC 
Meisner Nanette. 97 Center Ave Mt Pleasant. Pa 15666 Bio 
Meko Joseph Phillip. 217 E 34th St Erie Pa 16503 Cr J 
Mellow. Ellamae Burdick PO Box 408 Fairview Pa 16415 Ace 
Mentch William Clyde 2920 E 29th St Ene Pa 16510 Mgt 
Mentley Dolores. 716 W 7th St Erie Pa 16502 Ace 
Meredith Barbara Jean 2031 East 18th St . Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 
Menson David Jerome 1435 4th Ave Freedom Pa 15042 Mgt 
Merntt Mark Alan. 4014 Parade Blvd . Ene Pa 16504 Pre-Med 
Merz. Douglass Francis. 729 Glenside Ave Berkeley Hts. NJ 07922. M H C 
Metalonis. Evelyn Mane. 2512 Pennsylvania Ave Erie Pa 16503. Hum 
Meyer. Robert Allen 3230 Hazel St Erie. Pa 16508. I M 
Meyers. Annie Laurie I 270 N Chestnut St Bath Pa 18014 Pol So 
Meyers. Louis A 8590 E Lake Rd Erie. Pa 16511 Hum 
Mialki. Lawrence S 2719 Central St Natrona Hgts Pa 15065 Hum 
Mialki. Leonard Stephen. 2719 Central St . Natrona Hgts Pa 15065. Hum 
Miaczynski Frederick M 2113 Fairmont Pkwy Erie Pa 16510. Ace 
Michalism. Marilyn 511 Stadium St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15204. Hum 
Micket Wesley John 1990 Clinton Ave . N Rochester. NY 14621 E E 
Middleton Manon Thomas 194 34th 113rd Ave New York. NY 11412. Ace 
Miehl. Edward P. 1118 West 23rd St. Ene Pa 16502 Mgt 
Mientkiewicz, John J 7216 Westiake Rd . Fairview. Pa 16415. Cr J 
Migdal Jacquelyn May. 250 W 7th St Ene Pa 16502 Sp Dr 
Mikotowicz Stanley F 4914 Lexington Ene Pa 16509 Ace 
Milano. Marcia M 3025 Harvard Rd Erie Pa 16508 Mgt 
Miles Jon Keith 640 Line Ave Ellwood Ctiy Pa 16117. M H C 
Milewski. Joseph J . 533 E 30m St Ene Pa 16504. Psych 
Miller. Catherine Ann 337 E 8th St Erie. Pa 16503 Med Tech 
Miller. Chas L . 507 Parkway Dr Erie Pa 16511 Hum 
Miller. Douglas Wm RD 3 Station Rd North East Pa 16428. M E 
Miller. Deborah Lee 5202 Love Rd Ene Pa 16506. Bio 
Miller. Edward Bauman RD 1 Titusville Pa 16354 Rad Tech 
Miller. Eugene E . 4026 Warsaw Ave Erie Pa 16504 Ace 
Miller. Gary Michael 12 Mineral St Oil City Pa 16301 Pol So 
Miller Henry Charles. 523 E 23rd St Erie Pa 16503 Chem 
Miller. Jana Sue. 227 Washington St New Bethlehm Pa 16242 Cr J 
Miller. Jerome J Jr 509 Walnut St Erie Pa 16507 Ace 
Miller. Kathryn Diane 60 Miller Ave Fairview. Pa 16415 Cr J 
Miller Leo Jefferson 3118 Old French Rd Erie Pa 16504 Mgl 
Miller Peter John 501 W 3rd Si Oil City Pa 16301 Pre-Law 
Miller Stephen Allen. 306 lllino ''a 16505 M H C 

Miller. Virginia Agnes. 337 East 8th St . Erie Pa 16503 Ace 
William John. 5454 Lucky Lane. Erie Pa 16509. Math 
Mlllls, Francis P . 582 Orchard Beach Rd . North East. Pa 16426 Ec 
Mills Cynthia Diane. 222 W 8th St . Apt 9. Erie. Pa 16501. * 
Mills. Gloria Virginia. 2125B Gladstone Apt 1 Erie Pa 16511 Hum 
Milone. Patricia Mane. Box 12-5 NH Gannon Col . Erie Pa 16501. Comm 
Milosich Maryann M . 23 St Marys Dr . Lackawanna. NY 14218. For Lang 
Mioduszewsk. Mark Edwin 2029 Bird Dr Wesieyville Pa 16510 Pre-Law 
Mirando. Faith M . 821 Buffalo St Conneaut. OH 44036 So 
Mmzio Michael A 1616 Chestnut Erie Pa 16502 Psych 
Misdom. Richard Alan 272 Russells Mills Rd S Dartmouth MA 02748 Cr J 
Missaghi. Joseph. Wehrle Hall - Gannon Col Ene Pa 16501 E E 
Mitchell. Christina M 147' , West 25th St Ene Pa 16502 Psych 
Mitronovas Ana F 3940 Lewis Ave Erie Pa 16504 Hum 
Mieczko David i_eon 3632 Bnerwood Dr Erie. Pa 16510. I.M 
Moehler. Donald Charles 249 W 7th St Aot A Ere Pa 16501 Arts & Hum 
Moffett. Thomas Joseph. 512 W 8th St Ene Pa 16501 Cr J 
Momayez. Homayoon Box 409 Cocnranton Pa 16314, E T 
Monachmo. James Samuel. 151 Summit St, Batavia. NY 14020. Pre-Law 
Monaghan. Daniel Robert. 2328 Eastern Ave Ene Pa 16510. Eng 
Monocello. Mark Dennis 4005 Zoar Ave Erie Pa 16509 Ace 
Monocelio. Rochelle M . 4005 Zoar Ave Erie Pa 16509 M.H.C. 
Moody. Wayne Edward 355 W 3rd St Erie Pa 16507. Eng. 
Moody. Wilfred Edson. Jr . 5906 Overbrook Dr Ene. Pa 16505. Mgt. 
Mooney. Steven L 201 E 21st St Erie. Pa 16503. Mgt. 
Moore. David W 1549 W 31st St.. Erie. Pa 165C: 

Moore. Kathleen Leome. 1370 W Canterbury Lane. Fairview Pa 16415. For Lang 
Moore. Larry W . 1326 German. Ene. Pa 16503 Eng. 
Moore. Mark Lawrence 1704 W 40th St Erie. Pa 16509. Mgt 
Moore. Sarah Ann 1321 Mulberry Lane. Fairview. Pa 16-*; Sen 5: 
Moore. Terrence A . 3208 Regent St. Erie. Pa 16506 
Moore. Thomas. 1849 Fairmont. Pkwy Ere Pa 16510. Mgt 
Moosa. Inge. Crane Rd Box 552 Edmboro Pa 16412 Hurr 
Morabito. Paul Jeffrey 4047 Holly Rue Erie Pa 16506 Arts i - 
Morad. Theodore. 1923 West 34th Street. Erie Pa 16508. Mgt 
Moran. Scott Thomas 2714 Pittsburgh Ave . Erie. Pa 16508 Pre-Med 
Morey Jeffery Allen 12012 E Kerr Rd . North East. Pa 16428. Ace 
Morgan Michael Anthony 209 Timberyoke Rd Corapolis. Pa 15108 Pre-Law 
Morosky. David Alan. 137 Johette Ave. Erie. Pa 16511, Ace 

Morris Michael Ray 564 West 188th St Apt 4D '. • 12202. Med Tech 

Morris. Paul Robert. 2010 Crestview Dr Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 

Rodwick Marshall 1203 I4ir. St Peru. IL 61354. Cr J 

•mas Wallace. 2401 German St Erie. Pa 16503. Eng 
Morrow Michael Earl 3923 Bell Si Erie. Pa 16511. Psych 
Morrow Thomas Roberl 321 Madison Ave Erie. Pa 16505 Hum 
Morse Gerald Wade 2611 Dobbins Rd . Erie. Pa 16511 E E 
Mosher John Dudley Bo« 924 Erie Pa 16512 Hum 
Moticska Joyce Marie. Box 23 E RO 3 Tarentum, Pa 15084 Pre-Law 
Moyer Gary Stephen 713 , Maple Dr Mononganela. Pa 15063. Pre-Law 
Mozdy Mark John 609 Lincoln Ave Erie. Pa 16505 Psych 
Mucciarone. Mark Anthony 1325 W 9th St Erie. Pa 16502, Soc 
Muck.nhaupt William B 137 E South St Corry Pa 16407 S W 
Muders James E Jr RD 2. Box 30. Sewickley. Pa 15143. EE 
Mulcahy Dale Allan 259 Market St St Marys. Pa 15657 Psych 
Mulqueen Joseph John 107 Sherwood Ave . Teaneck. NJ 07666 Mgt 
Munn Milan John 1064 Brown Ave Erie Pa 16502. Mgt 
Murawski. Linda Anne 1434 E 8th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Hist 
Murch Donald Prentiss. 3812 Cherry St Erie. Pa 16509. Phy 
Murosky Robert A 604 Chestnut St Apt 5. Erie, Pa 16502. Hum 
Murphy Diane Marie 817 Chestnut St Erie Pa 16502. SW 
Murphy Paul James 2113 Bailey Terr . Philadelphia. Pa 19145. Psych 

■ William 1202 N Military. Niagara Falls. NY 14304 Ace 
Murray Michele Kathryn. 417 Maple St Emporium. Pa 15834 M H C 
Murray. Thomas Stepnan 129 Euclid Ave. Erie. Pa 16511. Pre-Med 
Musco Joseph Nicholas. 795 Broadway. Newburgh. NY 12550. Pre-Med 
Muskovich Mark A 1303 Davidson St . Aliquippa. Pa 15001. Bio 
Musone. Mark A 469 Arch St Meadville Pa 16335. Soc 

Charles Richard. 213 Gridley Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. M E 
Myers Russell Presscott. 112 Williams Rd , Butler. Pa 16001. E T 
Olga Halyna. 161 Fernald Ave . Bullalo. NY 14218. Mkt 


Nadkarm. Bhavam Shanka 321 Dunn Blvd . Erie. Pa 16507. I M 

Namey Gerald T 1166 Candy Way. Erie. Pa 16505. Bio 

Namey. Samuel Anthony 1166 Candy Lane. Erie Pa 16505. Pre-Med 

Napoleon Berthony 1317 8th Ave. Neptune. NJ 07753. Psych 

Narkevic Carol Ann. 1030 Beaver Rd . Ambndge. Pa 15003. Bio 

Naruszewicz Genevieve. 1053 West 9th St Erie. Pa 16502. Lib Arts 

Nasca Paul Charles. 136 Chestnut St. Fredonia. NY 14063. Ace 

Nasky. Mark Joseph. 1804 W 35th St . Erie. Pa 16508, Ace 

Nasca Leonardo S . 3207 Otto St . Erie. Pa 16510. Bio 

Natalie Louis James. 1152 W 26th St, Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Naves. Jettery Lewis. 521 Hegeman Ave . Brooklyn. NY 11207. Comm 

Naylor. Curtis. 239 25th St . Erie Pa 16503. Theo 

Nazanan. Larry J . 2826 Reed St . Erie. Pa 16504. Mgt 

Nedresky Joseph Peter. 2408 Liberty St . Erie. Pa 16502. Chem 

Nelson. Mary Lee. 746 East 19th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Soc Sci 

Nelson. Richard William 603 Rondeau Dr . Erie, Pa 16505. SW 

Nelson, Robert Leon. 619 Vermont Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 

Nelson. Thomas Ohmer. 2916 Cascade St . Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Nelson Timothy William. 603 Rondeau Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 

Nesko David Lawrence. 515 Myrtle St, Erie. Pa 16507. Hist 

Neubert. Susan Morton. 3520 W 26th St, Erie, Pa 16506. Sp/Dr 

Neumaier. Judith Ann. 520 Virginia. Erie. Pa 16505. M H.C. 

Nevmsky. Dennis M 1099 Bon Air Dr . Sharon, Pa 16146. M.H.C. 

Newcamp, Christine L 430 E 21st St., Erie. Pa 16503. Psych 

Newell. Paul Michael. 5325 Norris Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Pre-Med 

Newhouse. Thomas Edward. 101 Elk St, Lake City. Pa 16423 Hist 

Nicholas, Steven Charles. 122 Stolp Avenue. Syracuse. NY 13207. Hist 

Nichols, Douglas R , 902 South Shore Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Soc 

Nichols Epp Pamela. 641 W 5th St, Erie. Pa 16507. Soc Sci 

Nicholson Meredith H . 4838 W Ridge Rd . Erie Pa 16506. Gen Sci 

Nickerson. Cynthia Ann, 510 Irvine Dr . Erie. Pa 16511. Sci 

Nicoletn Philip A 2928 Plum St. Erie. Pa 16508. Math 

Nicoha. Janet Elaine. 1135 E 28th St, Erie. Pa 16504. For Lang 

Niebauer. Bernard A . 18 W Main St, Fairview. Pa 16415. Math 

Niedenberger. Therese A 844 Agnew Rd , Pittsburgh. Pa 15227. Pol Sci 

Niedernter. Charles F . 406 W 32nd St, Erie. Pa 16508. Phy 

Niedomys. Paul Joseph. RD 2. Sample Flats Rd . Corry. Pa 16407. Pol Sci 

Niehaus Michael Joseph. 708 E Budd St, Sharon Pa 16146. Theo 

Nies. James Louis. RD 9. Gunnison Rd . Erie. Pa 16509, Mgt 

Nkanang George Ferguson. 254 W 8th St, Erie. Pa 16501. Ace 

Noble Stanley. 2109 Liberty Erie Pa 16502. I M 

Noble Marian Jo. 1549 W 23rd St, Erie. Pa 16502. Nurs 

Noble Mark E . 60 Harrow Rd . Levitown. Pa 19056. Phy Asst 

Nolan. Thomas F . 907 Chestnut St, Erie. Pa 16502. Pol Sci 

Norman. Kenneth Dominic. 6138 Footmill Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. M E 

Norman. Virgil E . 507 Monaca Rd . Aliquippa, Pa 15001, Sp/Dr 

Noms Cynthia Joan. 3703 Woodhaven Dr . Erie. Pa 16506. Law Asst 

North. William Wright. 1522 Liberty St, Erie. Pa 16502. S W 

Northrup. Denise Sue 11 Poplar St . Northeast. Pa 16428. Nurs 

Notoro. John Anthony. 11 Ellison St. Clarendon. Pa 16313. Eng 

Novacco. Luciano Peter, 2106 W 32nd St . Erie Pa 16508. E.T 

Nowacmski James A 1009 East Ave Erie Pa 16503. I M 

Nowak. David Clem. 2203 Eastlawn Pky . Erie. Pa 16507. Ace 

Nowak James Daniel 210 E 5th St . Erie. Pa 16507. E E 

Nutter. James C 255 Locust St Erie Pa 16508. Mgt 

Nutter Patrick William. 255 Locust St . Erie. Pa 16508. Soc 


Oakes Sally Anne. PO Box 442. Kane Pa 16735. Phy Asst 
Ober. Charlotte Mae. 1017 Adams Street. Erie. Pa 16505. Psych 
Obuszewski. Kenneth J 562 E 12th St Erie. Pa 16503. EE 
Occhuizzi Anthony Felix. 85 Lee Dr , N Haledon. NJ 07508, Pre-Law 
Ochalek Mark G 1673 W 8th St . Erie. Pa 16501 Ace 
Ochs Wayne Thomas. RD 3, N Bethlehem. Pa 16242. Ace 
Odonnell Thomas William 14 W 3rd St Erie Pa 16501 E E 
Ogawa David 1104 E 3rd St Erie Pa 16507. EE 
Ohman. David Roy 2511 E 41st Si Erie Pa 16510. Ace 
Ohm Elaine Grace. 2713 Feasler Ave . Erie. Pa 16506. Nurs 
Olds Brian Elton 4119 Brewer Ave Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 

Rebecca M . 34 South Pearl. North East. Pa 16428. Sci 
Oliver Floyd O 715 Grove St Conneaut. OH 44030. Ace 
Oliver Michael Stephen. 933 Fulton St Erie Pa 16503. Hum 
Ollinger Fred Kroll. 3924 Garden Ave Erie. Pa 16508. Hist 
Olshausky Gregory T 357 W 8th St Erie. Pa 16507. Psych 
Olson Stuart A 650 Park Ave E . Erie Pa 16502. Psych 
Olszewski Dennis 2423 E Grandview Blvd Erie Pa 16510 Hum 
Olszewski. Mark Jerome 1214 East 8th St Erie. Pa 16503. E E 
Omalley. John Oumn 99 Oriole Dr Youngstown Ohio 44505. M H C 

i Alberta R 195 E Washington St . Albion Pa 16401. Comm 
Onachila Benedict E 195 E Washington St Albion. Pa 16401 Cr J 
Onda Albert Andrew 236 r W 5th St Erie Pa 16507 E E 
Ondich Stephen Paul. 418 Peach St Erie. Pa 16507. M E 
Ondrey Gerald S 108 Water St . Edmboro. Pa 16412. Pre-Med 
Oneili Patricia Lee. 5956 Jodie Lane. Erie Pa 16509. Psych 
Oneill Robert Edward 903 French St . Ene Pa 16501. Bio 
Onorato. James Joseph 2627 Golf Club Rd Erie Pa 16509 Pre Med 

Opachko. Kathleen Marie. 117 N Main St , Punxsutawney Pa 15767. Hum 

Opolka Joseph John, 412 Moreland. Franklin. Pa 16323. Ace 

Orband. James Matthew, 8228 Danbury Ct , Norlolk, VA 23518. Psych 

Oresick Mark Steven. 2224 Park Ave . Ford City. Pa 16226. Cr J 

Orlando Richard Gerard. Box 271. Shirley St, N Kingsville. OH 44068 Pre-Med 

Orlando Jellrey J . 2015 W 30th St. Erie Pa 16508. Mgt 

Osborne, Lester R Jr . 200 Cherry St . Lake City. Pa 16423. I M 

Oshea. John L . 3154 Brentwood. Pittsburgh. Pa 15227. Phil 

Osiecki. Joseph J 2718 E 43th St . Erie. Pa 16510. Ace 

Osiecki Emily Louise. 2593 Putnam Dr Erie Pa 16511, For Lang 

Osiecki Mark Francis, 2593 Putman Dr Ene, Pa 16511. ME 

Ostrowski Michelle M . 225 Bonvue St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15214. Psych 

Ostrowski. Lawrence C . 920 W 37th Si . Erie Pa 16508. Hist 

Ostrowski Raymond C . 3003 Loveland Ave . Erie. Pa 16506 Hum 

Otoole. James Regis III. 558 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16501. Psych 

Owens. Anne C . 727 W 9th St, Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 

Oxley Noah Jr 669 Lakeview Ave . Conneaut. OH 44030. Phil 

Ozimek. Richard F 405 Beachgrove Dr Erie. Pa 16505. Hum 

Paavola. Jellrey Lee. 3024 W 26th St Erie. Pa 16506. Pre-Med 

Page. Donald Alan. 1224 Idaho Ave . Erie. Pa 16505 E E 

Palermo. Paula Jo 2303 Popular St . Erie. Pa 16502 M H C 

Palka. Louis A . 489 Milbeth Dr . Pittsburgh Pa 15228 Ace 

Palermo. Cynthia L 1443 W 39th St Erie. Pa 16509. Hum 

Pamula. Adrian John. 1250 E 33rd St . Ene. Pa 16504. Theo 

Panzarella. Nancy Anne. 3343 Culver Rd , Rochester. NY 14622. M H C 

Papaccioli Louis A , 1101 Wayne St . Erie Pa 16503. Ec 

Papalia. Joannie. 555 E Main St , Youngsville. Pa 16371. Eng 

Parham. Robert L . 43 Burbank Terrace. Buffalo. NY 14214. Psych 

Pans. Vincent Edward. 5 Man Lane. Lakewood. NY 14750. Gen Sci 

Parker. Kevin Andrew. 238 Lake Shore Dr E . Dunkirk. NY 14048. Soc Sci 

Parks. Robert Wm . 4013 Old French Rd . Ene Pa 16504 Law Asst 

Parlavecchio. Dennis S . 301 Green Ridge Dr . Ou Bois. Pa 15801. Pre-Med 

Parlavecchio. James K . 301 Green Ridge Dr . DuBois. Pa 15801. Chem 

Parlock. Robert Stephen. 1 Garden Terr Hazlet NJ 07730 Pre-Law 

Pastore. Carla Lee, 818 S Hill Rd Erie Pa 16509. Bio 

Pastorek. Joyce Ann 1303 Douthett Ave. Tarentum Pa 15084 Cr J 

Paszko. Charles Paul. 6171 Knoyle Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. I M 

Paterniti. Thomas Edward. 454 E 27th St . Erie. Pa 16504, Pre-Med 

Patterson. Charles Edwin. 315 Liberty St Erie. Pa 16507 Bus 

Pattison, Kent Ray. 235 E 39th St, Erie. Pa 16504 M E 

Paulenich. Randall T J , 3524 Panin Rd . Sharon, Pa 16146, Fin 

Pauley. Robert Anthony. 894 Seneca Crk . W Seneca NY 14224 ET 

Paulson. Gary Gene. 3930 Holly Rue. Erie. Pa 16506. Mgt 

Peach. Patricia Ann. Box 304. Ironia. NJ 07845. Cr J 

Pearce. Deborah. 449 Liberty St. Conneaut. OH 44030. For Lang 

Pearson. Anne Caroline. 1107 Chestnut. Erie. Pa 16509. Gen Sci 

Pede. Pasquale Santino. 3226 Poplar. Erie Pa 16508 Pre-Med 

Peditto. Francis Anthony. 7410 Castor Ave . Philadelphia. Pa 19152. Bio 

Pelkowski. Douglas Allan. 3056 W 12th St . Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 

Pella. Charles A . 1007 Western Ln . Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Penfold. William George. 60 Lambert Ave . Fredonia. NY 14063, Psych 

Penna, Nick James. 1220 Oregon Ave.. Erie, Pa. 16505. Pre-Med 

Pepiot. Margaret Witten. 135 E. 38th St, Erie. Pa 16501. Hum 

Pepiot. Mary Brooks. 135 E 38th St . Erie Pa 16501. Arts & Hum. 

Pereira. Richard E . 142 Myrtle St, Erie. Pa 16507. Pol Sci 

Perino. Ricardo James. 1432 West 31st St, Erie. Pa 16508. Pre-Med 

Pernice. Daniel Joseph. 1332 Peninsula Dr.. Erie. Pa 16505. Pol Sci 

Perretta. David M . 2215 7th Ave . Altoona. Pa 16602. Soc 

Perrett. Rita Ann. 913 French. Apt J. Erie. Pa 16501. Eng 

Perry. Michael Richard. 905 Linden Court. W Springs. IL 60558. Sp/Dr. 

Peterman, Carol A . 22 W 4th St . Erie Pa 16507. El Ed 

Peters. Cheryl Kay. 5835 Georgetown. Erie. Pa 16509. Psych. 

Peters. Robert Daniel. 2936 Haas Ave , Erie. Pa 16505 

Petersen. Peter Leroy. 1009 Shenley Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Petersen. Robert A . 3010 East Ave , Erie. Pa 16504. Ec 

Peterson, Fred. 447 W. 10th St.. Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 

Peterson. Kent David. 27 Meade St. Wellsboro. Pa 16901. Mgt 

Peterson. Thomas Paul. 226 California Dr . Ene. Pa 16505. Pol Sci 

Peterson. William Rhiel. 4350 Feidler Or . Erie. Pa 16506. ME 

Pfister. William Stephen. 4502 Village St . Erie. Pa 16506. Chem 

Phillips. Francis David. 122 W Kelso Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Phillips. Karen A.. 249 High St, Conneaut. OH 44030. Rad Tech 

Phillips. Mary Jo. 829 W 10th St., Erie. Pa 16502. For Lang 

Phillips. Patricia Ann. 4203 W Ridge Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Pol Sci 

Phillips. Victor Gerald. 3010 Wayne St, Erie. Pa 16504. Bio 

Pickens. Pamela Miller. 2415 E 32nd St. Erie. Pa 16510. Mgt 

Pickens. Robert Earl 2415 E 32nd St . Ene. Pa 16510. Ace 

Pien. Kenneth Allan. 575 Townhall Rd.. Waterford. Pa 16441. Comm 

Piluso. Ronald Ferdinand. 2264 Lynnbrook Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15226 E E 

Piotrowicz. Ann M . 713 E 32nd St, Erie. Pa 16504. Rad Tech 

Piotrowski. James R . 3206 Penna Ave . Erie. Pa 16504. Phy Asst 

Pipoly. Terrence J . 1916 W 51st St Erie. Pa 16509. Mgt 

Pisarski. Jan Joseph, Jr . 1008 11th St, Ambndge. Pa 15003. Mgt 

Piskor. Thomas G . 963 Heslep Ave . Donora. Pa 15033. Mgt 

Pisano. Bruno. 927 W 25th St. Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 

Pistner. Andrew George. 357 Brussells St . St Marys. Pa 15857. Mgt 

Pistner. John Clarence, 357 Brussells St . St Marys. Pa 15857. Ace 

Pitonyak. James Andrew. 3727 Ridge Pkwy . Erie. Pa 16510. Pre-Law 

Pitonyak. Mary Lou. 3727 Ridge Parkway. Erie. Pa 16510. M HC 

Pittman. Larry. 4284 Indian Bend. Memphis. TN 38109. Cr J 

Pizzat. Cynthia Ann. 3827 Sassafras St . Erie. Pa 16508. Gen Sci 

Pizzat. Valerie Ann. 3827 Sassafras St . Erie. Pa 16508. Eng 

Plasha. Frank Michael. 3528 Breezeway Dr . Erie. Pa 16506. Arts & Hum 

Piatt. Jeffrey C . 1025 W 6th St, Erie. Pa 16507. Hum 

Platteter Dale Thomas 82 Colonnade Dr Rochester. NY 14623. ME 

Platteter. James George. 82 Colonnade Dr . Rochester. NY 14623. E T 

Platteter. Robert Dale. 82 Colonnade Dr . Rochester. NY 14623. ME 

Plavecsky. James E . 316 Hazel Ave Ellwood City. Pa 16117. Chem 

Ploehn. Robert Hughes. 455 W 7th St Erie Pa 16502. Mkt 

Plonski. Dorothy J . 406 Sanford Place. Erie. Pa 16511 Ace 

Ploszai. David Norman 2066 Andover Lane. Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 

Plyler Tern Lee. 8667 Edmboro Rd McKean. Pa 16426. Rad Tech 

Pohl. Timothy Allan. 1337 E 8th St . Erie Pa 16503. Gen Sci 

Polancy. Mario John. 1652 Charles. Erie. Pa 16509. Eng 

Pollock. Glenn Gary. 4021 W 32nd St, Erie. Pa 16508. ME 

Poole. John Earl. 331 E 14th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Hum 

Porreca. Patricia J . Box 164. New Salem Pa 15468. Nurs. 

Porsch Gerald William. 8905 Ennis Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Mkt 

Pospiech. Stephen Edward. 97 Ridgeview Dr . W Patterson. NJ 07425 Pre-Med 

Post. Robert C . 842 Silliman Avenue. Erie. Pa 16511. Ace 

Postlewaite. Carolyn M . 9266 Tate Rd . RD 5. Ene. Pa 16509. Rad Tech 

Potter. Amelio Robert. 432 Parade Apt 2. Ene. Pa 16507. Mgt 

Potter Carol Ann 1313 W 22nd St. Erie. Pa 16502. Nurs 

Potter. Carolyn J . 337 W 6th St, Apt 3. Erie. Pa 16507 Ace 

Poulson. David Lee. 38 Carson Ave . Oil City. Pa 16301. Phil 

Pourmehraban Iraj Far Manieh Ave No 68. Tehran. Iran E E 


Power M '! W 9tn Si ErM Pa 16502 Comm 

Prethli Ronald George 553 Maurus St. Si Marys Pa 1585.' Phil 
Presogna. Gary Joseph 8J1 v\ - Pa 16507 I M 

Presogna Jorin Rodger 1424 Poplar Si Erie Pa 16502 Bio 
Pratla. Vim < - Pa 16506 M E 

Pretlo. Margot L 106 Township Line Rd Eilon Pa 19341 MMC 
Prez. Thom.i II Brandes Si Erie Pa 16503 S W 

Price Donald A RD V Golden Drive Meadviiie. Pa 16335 E E 

4007 Bnggs Apt 2 Erie Pa 16504 Mum 
Prlndlej, Ronald Lee 1507 Cneliea Ave Erie Pa 16505. E E 

Robert Ray 3905 Page St Erie. Pa 16510 Mgl 
Pnschak. Janet Ann, 2112 Cook Ave Erie Pa 16510. For Lang 
Prokopchak. Richard 1141 E 38th St. Apt 11 Erie Pa 16504 Pre Med 
Pross. Donald Joseph. 4104 Dexter Ave Erie Pa 16504 Med Tech 
Prugar. Joseph Edward. 1143 E 40th St Ene Pa 16504. Med Tech 
Print! Sandra Barnes. 2714 W 17th St Erie. Pa 16505 Soc 
Prussia. Harold Arthur RD 2. Conneautville. Pa 16406. Rad Tech 
Pruvedenti. Michael J 642 Downing Cl Erie Pa 16502 Psych 
Przybycm. Anna Marie, 1155 W 6th St Erie. Pa 16507 Ace 
Pugliese. Rocco Vincent 1550 Princeton Ave Trenton NJ 08636 Pol Sci 
Pulinski. Judy Ann 1017 E Grandview. Erie Pa 16504 For Lang 
Pupo. Edward Michael 641 E Center St Jonnsonburg. Pa 15845. Ace 
Purzycki. Daniel Leonard 1041 Thurman St . Camden. NJ 08104 E E 
Pustelak. Larry John. 719 E South St Corry Pa 16407 Mgl 
Pyska. Michael Allan RD 1 Box 774 N Kensington Pa 15068 Pre-Law 


Qumlan. John L 400 Camelot Cl Apt 314. Pittsburgh Pa 15220 Math 

Qumlan. Robert Joseph 4 Cross St Pittsburgh Pa 15205, Mgl 

Quinn, Mary Ann, 910': E 20th St . Apt 2. Erie Pa 16503. Soc So 

Quirk Michael Paul. 1591 W 41st St Erie Pa 16509 Eng 

Quiros. Ronald. 3115 Plum St Erie Pa 16504 Pol So 

Quttma. Kanm Wadi. Gannon Wh Box 10-10. Erie. Pa 16501. Ec 

Rabogliatti. Ralph E . 711 Napier Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Soc So 

Raclawski. Jules F . 2521 Pear St, Erie. Pa 16510. Gen So 

Radkowski Theresa L 963 Alcoma St . Sharon. Pa 16146. Gen So 

RaHerty. Manpat 514 Roslyn Place Pittsburgh. Pa 15232. Hum 

Ragen. Debbie Jo 2308 Taggert. Erie. Pa 16510. Ace 

Ragon. Mark J . 1603 W 1st. Oil City. Pa 16301. Hist 

Rahal. Joseph William, 416 Raume Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. El Ed 

Rainstord. Lynn A . 6725 Canterbury. Madison. OH 44057. Rad Tech 

Rantl. Hannelore 1012 W 6th St . Erie. Pa 16507. For Lang 

Rasletter John Joseph. 914 East 30th St . Erie. Pa 16504. Mgt 

Rasletter. Stetan. 1242 W 10th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Psych 

Raszkowski. Diane Lee 3809 Mam St. Erie. Pa 16511. Soc 

Ratkowski. Timothy J . 4005 Old French Rd . Erie. Pa 16504. E T 

Ray Donald James. 8011 Buttalo Rd . Harborcreek. Pa 16421 Ace 

Reaghard. Richard Ray. 5744 Poketa Road. Verona. Pa 15147. Pol Sci 

Reaney. Patricia Ann 240 Franklin St . Elizabeth. NJ 07206 Comm 

Rebman. Donald Warner. 4139 Stanton St . Erie. Pa 16510. Arts & Hum 

Reddout. Richard Lee. 3256 W 32th Si . Erie. Pa 16506. M H C 

Reed Donald Edward. RD 6. Hartman Rd Erie. Pa 16510 Mgt 

Reed. Sally F 4030 Cochran St . Erie, Pa 16508. Soc 

Reeder. Sherman Bruce. 4108 Crestmont Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. Nurs 

Rees. Robert James 446 W 5th St Erie Pa 16507. M H C 

Reevey. Edward. Box 254. Gannon College Erie. Pa 16501. M H C 

Reichart. Michael F . 1043 Buckeye Dr . Sharpsville. Pa 16150. Theo 

Reichel. Juanita Frances. 3301 Cindy Lane. Erie. Pa 16506. Fin 

Reilly Robert William 33 Lawton Ave . Hartsdale. NY 10530. Bio 

Reinstadtler. Mark. 1624 Larson Or . Pittsburgh, Pa 15243, E E 

Reisenweber, Jeanne M 1520 W 24th. Erie. Pa 16502 Soc 

Reisenweber Thomas L 2622 Poplar St . Erie. Pa 16508. Fin 

Reiser David A . 3205 Pittsburgh Ave . Erie, Pa 16508. Mgt 

Reitz. George E . 2314 Peach St . Erie. Pa 16502. Psych 

Raiae. Hamid Reia. Try Ave 4. Aban 28 Tehron. Iran, M E 

Reksa. Thomas Stanley. 3253 Fleetwood Dr . Erie. Pa 16510. Hist 

Renshaw Robert Ernest. 2533 E 39th St Erie. Pa 16510. I M 

Repasky Bernard James. 417 Cummings St . Cambridge Sp . Pa 16403 E E 

Reppert. Alan Edward. 1541 W 54th St . Erie. Pa 16509. Bio 

Resnick. Frank Joseph. 2421 Freeport Rd N Kensington. Pa 15068. Bio 

Ressler Terrance James. 1501 Sill Si Warren. Pa 16365. Fin 

Restrepo. Jose Eusebio. 4333 Carney Ave . Erie Pa 16510. Mgt 

Reuss. Mary A . 167 Lake Cliff Dr . Erie. Pa 16511. Hum 

Reuter Ingrid H . 9426 Lost Pond Or . Twinsburg. Ohio 44087. Hum 

Rhule. Debora Anne, 1193 Hillcrest Rd . Odenton. MO 21113. Psych 

Riblet. Sherne L . 67 W State St . Albion. Pa 16401. Ace 

Richards. David 8ntt 2235 Turk Rd . Ooylestown Pa 18904 Hum 

Richardson. Thomas W . 4040 McCreary Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Pre-Med 

Richnck. Michael E 111 Anderson Dr . Erie. Pa 16509. Gen So 

Richey. Robert Andrew 329 E 28th St, Erie. Pa 16504. Ace 

Rickert. Mark E . 143 W 4th St Erie Pa 16507. Mgt 

Ricklolt. Mark Allen. 527 Lincoln Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 

Richwalsky Michael J 3002 Wayne St, Erie. Pa 16504. E T 

Rieser. Gil Edward 15 Tintern Lane. Scarsdale. NY 10583. Mgt 

Rmderle. John Raymond. 1118 Liberty St. Erie. Pa 16502 ET 

Rios. Abarca Carmen. 2117 McClelland Ave. Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 

Ristau. David Carl. 217 W 26th St . Erie. Pa 16508. ME. 

Rizzo. Mary Kathenne. 1164 W 24th St. Erie. Pa 16502. Pre-Law 

Roach. James William 3425 Pnsolla Dr . Erie. Pa 16506 Ace 

Roach. Robin Mary. 3319 Raspberry. Erie. Pa 16508. Eng 

Robbms. Barne Ross. 502 Sparkhill Ave. Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 

Roberts. Donald Charles. 71 Harmon Dr , Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 

Roberts. Mildred L . 1860 E 34th St, Erie. Pa 16510. Eng 

Robinault. Marjone Ann. 611 Water St. Warren. Pa 16365. S W 

Robinson. Michael P . 2225 East Lawn Pkwy . Erie. Pa. 16510. Eng 

Robinson Vernon W . 1 Belmont Heights. Stonyhl. Jamaica. Mgt 

Robison. Robert J . 416 W 10th St . Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 

Rodngues. David Robert. 327 Hess Ave Ene. Pa 16503 Cr J 

Rodriguez. Maria Ehsz. 457 W 5th St., Erie. Pa 16507 Rad Tech 

Roehng. William John. 2927 Davison Ave . Erie. Pa 16504 Mgt 

Rogers. Gordon Ray 512 Chelsea Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Rogers. Newlon Frederick. 511 Roemer Blvd Farrell. Pa 16121. Arts & Hum 

Rogers. Robert Wayne. Shay St, Seneca. Pa 16346 Pre-Med 

Rogers. Walter John. Jr . RD. Box 53. Fairview. Pa 16415 Pre-Med 

Rolewicz. Danette Yvonne. 3940 Liberty Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15224. Nurs 

Roman. Mark Allen. 5 Angora Rd . Carnegie. Pa 15106. E E 

Roman. Rita Angela. 7419 Avon Dr . Mentor. OH 44060. Bio 

Romeo. Robert Louis. 3535 Aberdeen Ave . Erie. Pa 16506. Pre-Med 

Roome. IV. James William. 8 Crosmour Rd . Rhineback. NY 12572. I M 

Roos. Robert Frank. 1138 Hilltop RD . Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 

Ropelewski. Anne Marie. 924 E 11th St.. Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 

Ropski. Steven Joseph. 3207 Davison Ave. Erie. Pa 16504. Bio 

Rose. Richard EL, 198 Durley Dr . Broomall, Pa 19008. Mgt 

Rose, Timothy. 4307 Longview Ave . Erie. Pa 16510. Ace 

Rose. William Richard. 4045 Miller St, Pittsburgh. Pa 15221. Mgt 

Rosenburg. Kevin G 601 Lake St . Girard. Pa 16417 Ace 

Rosenquetl John M 1667 Oudley Erie Pa 16509. Cham 

Ross. Richard. 1604 W 23rd St Erie Pa 16502 I M 

Ross. Rosa L . 426 E 19lh St Erie. Pa 16503 Hum 

Rossi. Frank Joseph 378 Laurel Dr Sharptville Pa 16150 Mgt 

Rosthauser. James W 3518 East Ave Erie Pa 16504 Cham 

Rosthauser Kenneth A 3518 East Ave Erie Pa 16504 I M 

Roth Margaret Mary 3232 Rambler Dr Natrona HgtS . Pa 15065 Nurs 

Roth Michael Joseph. 3827 Burton Ave Ene Pa 16504 Mgl 

Roth, Richard J 454 Chapman Pkwy Hamburg NY 14025 Hitt 

Roth Robert Edward. 454 Chapman Hamburg NY 14025. Hum 

Rouch. John Christopher, 630 E Grandview Erie Pa 16504 Ec 

Rouch. Mathew Steven. 630 E Grandview Blvd Erie. Pa 16504 Eng 

Rovito. Kevin Anthony. 3938 Bnggs Ave Apt 3 Erie, Pa 16504 Ace 

Rowe. Robert Arthur 5639 Winthrop Dr Ene Pa 16506 Bio 

Rubay. Karen Marie 8062 Wattsburg Rd Erie. Pa 16509 Soc 

Rubino Michael Francis 1151 W 24th St Erie Pa 16502 ME 

Rudolph. Theodore Ralph 456 W 6th St . Erie. Pa 16501 E T 

Rulla Joseph Eugene. 1915 Lakeside Dr . Erie Pa 16511 Soc So 

Ruggiero. Debra Ann. 101 Lighthouse St Erie Pa 16507 Cr J 

Rushin. Christine L . 639' i W 7th St . Erie Pa 16502. Eng 

Russell. John. 936 E 28th St . Erie. Pa 16504 Pre-Med 

Russell. Jeannie. 3415 Adelaide St Erie. Pa 16510 M H C 

Russell. Peter C 3241 Brandes St Erie. Pa 16504 Mgl 

Ryan Gary Daniel 210 N Lowell Ave . Syracuse. NY 13204. M E 

Ryan Gerald Vincent 340 W 25th St Erie Pa 16501 Cr J 

Ryan Virginia Ann 5139 Lake Pleasant Rd . Erie Pa 16509 S W 

Rydzewski. Randall N 4217 Wayne St Ene Pa 16504 Fin 

Sable, Timothy A 1 19 Peter St Duquesne. Pa 15110, M H C 

Sacco Joseph Raymond Jr , RD 2. Cochranton. Pa 16314 Mki 

Sacco. Charles William 2660 W 38th St . Erie. Pa 16506 Eng 

Sachse William Carl 227 E 5th Apt 4. Ene. Pa 16507 I M 

Sague. Miguel Angel 2150 E 40th St Erie Pa 16510 Art Ed 

Sahoney. Marcella Joan. 2418 Brandes Si Ene Pa 16503 Ace 

Salmon, Stephen Michael. 100 Round Hill Road North Haven CT 06518 Phil 

Sailer William George 711 Cherry St . Erie Pa 16502 Pol So 

Saltsman. Sharon Kay. 8917 Horseshoe Or Erie. Pa 16510. Pad Tech 

Sammons Phillip Duane 2340B E 43rd St Apt 11 Ene Pa 16510 E E 

Samuelson. Barbara Ann RD 5. Box 430 Stroudsburg Pa 18301 SW 

Sandberg Michael D 2622 Bird Dr Erie Pa 16510 Mgt 

Sanlord Scott McLennon. RD 3. Corry Pa 16407 I M 

Santabene Louis Michael. 1144 West 39th Street Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 

Santmi. Edward S 646 West 18th St Erie Pa 16502 Eng 

Sanzo. Nick 3230 Allegheny Rd Erie. Pa 16508 Mgt 

Sapone. William Samuel. 1104 State Rd Monessen Pa 15062 Ace 

Sapper Barbara Ann, 2913 Ellsworth Ave Erie Pa 16508 Math 

Sapper Kathleen M . 2913 Ellsworth Ave Erie Pa 16508 Ace 

Sarbak. Dennis Joseph 1020 E 26th St Erie. Pa 16503 Mgt 

Sargent Daniel Francis, 243 Templeton Ave. Girard Pa 16417 Hist 

Sauer. James Edward. 330 Indiana Dr Erie. Pa 16505 Hum 

Savko. Janet Lynn. Route 1. Box 94. Sugar Grove. Pa 16350 El Ed 

Savo. John. 826 Lackawana St . Mayfield. Pa 18433. For Lang 

Sawchak. Father Paul RD 2 Edinboro. Pa 16412. Theo 

Sawlelle. Bruce Richard. 3218 Perry St Erie Pa 16504 E E 

Saxton Thomas Lyle. Jr . 413 E South St Corry. Pa 16407 Math 

Sayers. Cynthia Mae. General Delivery. Frenchville. Pa 16836 Pre-Med 

Scalise. Andrea Marie, 507 Connecticut Dr , Erie Pa 16505 Pre-Med 

Scahse, Dennis Michael. 17 Weber St . Columbus Pa 16405 I 

Scalise. Ehssa Anne 948 W 6th St Erie Pa 16507 Math 

Scarpiiti Edward Luoon. 814 W 52nd St Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 

Scantlebury. Carolyn S . 4717 Upland Dr Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 

Scarantino. Thomas A 521 Gerritt. Philadelphia. Pa 19147. SW 

Scavella. Silvio 638 W 23rd St Erie Pa 16502 Ace 

Schabloski David F , Almeter Rd Warsaw NY 14569 Psych 

Schalfner. Scott R . 5650 Bondy Dr . Erie. Pa 16509 Ace 

Schaller, James L . 329 W 5th St Apl E Erie Pa 16507 Phy Asst 

Schanz Cheryl A . 624 W 8th St . Ene. Pa 16502 S W 

Scheirer. Scott R 427'; N 5th St . Allentown. Pa 18102 Cr J 

Schelinski. Lynda. 620 Cascade St Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 

Scheppner. Mark Neal. 742 E 40th St Apt 3. Erie. Pa 16504 Gen So 

Schertz Blane Douglas 701 S Greenbnar St Arlington VA 22204 Theo 

Scheufele Susan Kay 5225 Roslmdale Ene Pa 16509 For Lang 

Schick. Donald Walter. 157 Baer Dr . Apt 15. Erie Pa 16505. Mgt 

Schickler. Raymond G . P O Box 229 Gannon Col Ene Pa 16501 Ace 

Schieder. Oonald George 56 Herman St Feasterville Pa 19047 '.' 

Schilling Helen. 4326 Valencia Cl . Erie. Pa 16506. Pre-Med 

Schlereth, Paul W 361 Marzole Rd . Pittsburgh Pa 15209 Gen So 

Schmitt. Kenneth J . 405 Dumar Rd , Erie. Pa 16509. Hum 

Schmitz. Donald. 2927 Loveland Ave Erie Pa 16506 Ace 

Schneider. John Mark. 707 Gay St Oil City Pa 16301 E E 

Schneider Jeffrey Alan 509 W Spruce St Titusviile. Pa 16354 Cr J 

Schneider Mary Louise. 911 W 7th. Ene Pa 16502 Hum 

Schodl. Robert Paul. 914 Chelsea Ave Erie Pa 16505 E E 

Schorr Thomas Lawrence. 1409 Lakeside Dr Allison Park Pa 15101 M E 

Schreiber Esther M . 400 Autumn Ave . Brooklyn. NY 11208 Hum 

Schreier. Tom C . 108 Concord Ave . Trenton NJ 08619 Pre-Med 

Schnefer Charles Mark. 2802 Hampton Rd Erie Pa 16508. Mgt 

Schroeder Richard John. 319 W 23rd St, Apt 4 Erie Pa 16502 Ace 

Schroeder Sleven P 108 Chippewa Dr Butler Pa 16046. Phil 

Schubeck Alice Gertrude 643 Nagle Rd Ene Pa 16511 Ace 

Schumacher Mark John. 4004 Cherry St Erie. Pa 16509 Pre-Law 

Schultz. John M . Jr . 628 E Walnut St Titusviile. Pa 16354 Theo 

Schutz. John A . RD 3. Meadviiie. Pa 16335 Lib Arts 

Schwabenbauer. Michael P . 316 Washington Ave Oil C:ty. Pa 16301 Psych 

Schwartz. Sally Jennifer. 342 Lawr Hall. Behrend. Ene Pa 16510. Nurs 

Scorpion Jerrold A 4007 Cambronne St Pittsburgh Pa 15212 Pc 

Scott Harold Leverne Ripley Sherman Rd Ripley NY 14775 Ace 

Scott Judy F . 10 Burton Ave Ripley. NY 14775 E E 

Scottmo. Margaret M 603 W 6th St Ene Pa 16504. M H C 

Scottmo. Thomas Peter 603 West 6th St Ene. Pa 16508 Eng 

Scrimenti. David John. 57 South Pearl. North East, Pa 16428 Hum 

Scrimenti. Stephen M . 57 S Pearl St Northeast Pa 16428 P 

Scully. Lawrence Charles 2701 Harvard Rd Erie Pa 16508 Pre-Med 

Scutella. Frank Michael. 209 Dippold St Marys. Pa 15857 Pre-Law 

Secarea. Carolyn Mane. 2131 Lmwood Ave Erie Pa 16510. Eng 

Sechnst David Patrick. 909 Liberty St Ene Pa 16502 

Seekmgs Mark Charles. 225 W 5th St . Ene. Pa 16507 Mgt 

Seeley. William F . RFD 2. Guys Mills Pa 16327 C"e~ 

Seelmger. William I RD 6 Jane Lane. Erie Pa 16510 I M 

Seewagen John Kieran. 13 Lmwood Ave Farmmgdaie NY 11735. M E 

Segal. Melmda Elise. 3725 Atlantic Ave Erie Pa 16506 Ace 

Seib. Keith D 3144 Bank Drive Ene Pa 16505 M 

Seidler. Michael Anthony Harrysbourg. Dunkirk NY 14048 Mgt 

Seigley. Ronald P 233 Lourdes Dr . Girard Pa 16417 Mgt 

Seley. Stevan C . 520 W 6th St Ene Pa 16507 Mkt 

Sell. Harry William. 317 W 16th St . Erie Pa 16502 Pre-Med 

Semrau Richard Howard. 3629 Oakwood St Erie Pa 16508 Math. 


aenger Kathleen Ann. 3507 Charlotte Si . Erie. Pa 16508 Pre-Med 

Senor John Wallace 4003 East Ave Erie. Pa 16504. Theo 

Serlozo Charlene E . 918 Chestnut St . Erie. Pa 16502 Lib Arts 

Seroka. Joseph Martin 910 E 35th St Erie. Pa 16504. Comm 

Seroka. Ronald Leo 2617 Lmwood Ave . Erie. Pa 16510 Phy 

Seth James Francis. RD 4 Waterford, Pa 16441 Ace 

Settimi Garry Louis 910 Mount Ephraim Ave Camden. NJ 08103. Gen Sci 

Seyboldt David Anthony 416 Lake Clitt Or Law Park. Pa 16511. Mgt 

Shade. Daniel Sherman. 6 Dinicola Dr Wesleyville Pa 16510. Hum 

Lmda Kay 409 Peach St . Erie. Pa 16501. Med Tech 
Shade. Dennis Michael 6610 E Lake Rd Erie. Pa 16511. Bio 
Shade. William J RD 1. Box 44 Albion. Pa 16401. Phy Asst 
Shadeck Rosilynn Jean 2113 Chestnut St Erie. Pa 16502. For Lang 
Shaffer Timothy Bruce 3517 Charlotte St . Erie. Pa 16508. Chem 
Shandort. John Michael PO Box 218 Gannon Col Erie, Pa 16501. Cr J 
Sharer John 5545 Upland St . Philadelphia Pa 19143. Ace 
Sharkey Daniel C 369 Livingston Rd W Mifflin Pa 15122. Hum 
Sharrer William Douglas 710 E 6th St Erie Pa 16507. Ace 
Sha* Gregory Charles 3626 Zimmerman Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Mgt 

M chael Joseph 226 Lake Ave. Erie. Pa 16511. Comm 
Shea. Carlton J 916 Wallace St . Erie. Pa 16503. Pre-Pharm 
Shea Catherine Anne RD 1 Palmerton. Pa 18071, Med Tech 
Sheehan Daniel Patrick. 3711 Charlotte Si. Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 
Sheehan Michael John. 18 Mindi Court. Erie. Pa 16510. Ace 
Sheerin Robert W 319 Dickson Ave . Pittsburgh, Pa 15202. Soc 
Shelhto Greg Andrew 508 Hess Ave . Erie. Pa 16507. Bio 
Shellito Susan Marie. 3730 Allegheny Rd . Erie. Pa 16508. Psych 
Sheperak Robert John. Jr 515 Clearview St . Pottstown. Pa 19464. Mgt 
Sheridan. Jullia Ann 118 W Main St . North East. Pa 16428. Pre-Law 
Shesterenko Lidia. 151 E 33rd St . Erie Pa 16504. Med Tech 
Shields Shirley. 239 W 21st St, Erie. Pa 16502, Law Asst 
Shigo Agnes Mary 86 South Lake St . North East. Pa 16428. Bio 
Shingle Gary L 5532 Old Glen Park Ave . Erie. Pa 16509. Hum 
Shinko. Samuel Lee. 5410 Bondy Dr Erie. Pa 16509. Mgt 
Shirley. Elizabeth Jane. 310 Wilson St., Erie. Pa 16507. Soc 
Shoup. Brian Thomas. 3617 Cascade St . Erie. Pa 16508. Eng 
Shreve. Kenneth Hobart. RD 3. Union City. Pa 16438. Phy Asst 
Shulesky Eugene F 3467 Zimmerly Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Bio 
Shupenko. Paul D 1 152 W 23rd St . Erie, Pa 16502. Mgt 
Sidehnger. David Edward 2922 East 32nd Street. Erie. Pa 16510. Chem 
Siefert Gretchen K 6 Avenll St., Warren. Pa 16365. Med Tech 
Siemieniak. James H 1949 E 42th St . Erie. Pa 16504, Hum 
Sikora John M , 4345 Morse St., Erie. Pa 16511 Gen Sci 
Silenas Michael A 1105 Hilltop Rd . Erie. Pa 16509. E E 
Simmons. Gerald Lee. 1744 Fairmont Pkwy . Erie. Pa 16510. S.W 
Simon. John Richard. 127 Halley St . Erie. Pa 16511. MM 
Simone. Michael Andrew. 31 West Miller. Trenton. NJ 08638. Psych 
Simonetti, Ronald R . 3816 English Ave . Erie. Pa 16510. Soc 
Singh Vmay. RD 1. Bernville. Pa 19506. EE 

Singleton, Michelle R . 243 S Fourth St . Reading. Pa 19602. Pol Sci 
Sivillo. Rocco P., 556 W 19th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 
Skonieczki. Timothy E .. 4423 Brandes St, Erie. Pa 16504. Rad Tech 
Sliwiak. Rose Mary. Henry Rd . Box 56. Sewickley. Pa 15143. Med Tech. 
Slocum. Karen G , 3612 South St, Wesleyville. Pa 16510, Ace 
Slomski. Bernard Joseph. 2101 Ash St, Erie. Pa 16503. El Ed 
Slomski. David Carl. 2101 Ash St.. Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 
Slomski. Karen Ann. 958 E 36th St . Erie. Pa 16504. Rad Tech 
Slusarz. Michael Edward. 2625 W 6th St, Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 
Slusser. Mary. 151 W 3rd St, Erie. Pa 16507. Comm 
Smigel. Constance Mary. 5917 E State St, Sharon. Pa. 16146. Med Tech 
Smith. Carl Oliver. 334 E 3rd St., Erie. Pa 16507. Psych. 
Smith. Cheryl Ann, 533 Smithson Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Math 
Smith. Christine Marie. 1013 Silliman Ave . Erie, Pa 16511. Ace. 
Smith. David F . 312 Dunn Blvd . Erie. Pa 16507, Ace 
Smith. Gail Ann. 2917 Evanston St. Erie, Pa 16506. S W 
Smith Gary Russell. 1363 W 10th St, Erie. Pa 16502. Fin. 
Smith Homer Lee. 55 Spruce St . Buffalo. NY 14204. Soc Sci 
Smith June M . 914 W 10th St., Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 
Smith. Joseph Raymond. Ridge Road Ext . Baden, Pa 15005. E E 
Smith. Kathleen Mane. 345 Shorehaven. Erie. Pa 16505. ME 
Smith. Marcia Ann. 405 Reed St . Erie. Pa 16507, Pol Sci. 
Smith. Raymond Jeflrey. 3903 Rilling Ave . Erie, Pa 16509. I M 
Smith. Richard Alan 1319 W 52nd St . Erie. ?a 16509. Mgt 
Smith. Richard Robert. 139 South Main St Union City. Pa. 16438. Rad. Tech. 
Smith. Robert Philip. 133 League St . Philadelphia. Pa 19147. Pol Sci 
Smith. Roger. 922 W 11th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Pre-Law 
Smith. Vanessa Faye. 2520 Pear St . Erie, Pa 16510. Med Tech 
Smith Wayne Varden. 1938 W 21st St., Erie. Pa 16502. Pol Sci 
Smith William Claude. 1821 West 32nd Street. Erie. Pa 16508. Mkt 
Snidanch. Nancy Lucy. 4001 Harvard Rd . Erie, Pa 16509. El Ed 
Snider. Darlene D . 2517 Bird Dr . Erie. Pa 16510. Pre-Med 

Snyder Patricia Annette. Box 22-A. Craigdell Rd . Lower Burrel. Pa 15068. Hum 
Sobma Raymond Joseph. 106 Cornplanter. Oil City. Pa 16301. Pre-Law 
Sofia Sami Mane 3056 W 12th St . Erie. Pa 16505. Soc 
Soltis. Deborah Jean. 713 W 40th St, Erie. Pa 16509. Mgt 
Sonnenberg Robert C 1001 Marshall Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Hum 
Sontag. Frank J , 1045 E 32nd St . Erie. Pa 16504 Hum 
Sorauf Grace S . 4181 Roxbury Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Psych 
Sowural. John Anthony. 1606 Poplar St, Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 
Spadacene. Joan Mane. 2308 Liberty St Erie. Pa 16502. Fin 
Spak Rosemane Ann. 40 Franklin Ave „ Fairview. Pa 16415. Bus 
Sparber George Edward. RD 2. Lmesville. Pa 16424. Mgt 
Speed. Loretta Mane. 830 E 5th St . Ene, Pa 16507. M H C 
Speed Zebera Burmce. 1824 Bird Dr Erie. Pa 16510. Rad Tech 
Spence Lois Lynn. 419 Lighthouse St Erie Pa 16507. Rad Tech 
Spencer Randy Lee. RD 2. North Lake Road. Andover. OH 44003. Mgt 
Speranza. Donald Vincent, RD 1. Box 97. Saltsburg. Pa 15681. E E 
Speros Bess 241 E 11th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Soc 
Spiegel Robert L 908 Raspberry St . Erie. Pa 16502. E T 
Spinks Anne E 217 E 24th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Pre-Med 
Spinks Barbara Claire. 217 E 24th St Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 
Spinks. Donald A . 219 E 24th St . Erie. Pa 16501. Hum 
Spinks. James. 2561 E Grandview Blvd Erie. Pa 16510. I.M 
Spinto. Mark G 4205 Concord Rd , Erie. Pa 16506. Pre-Law 
Spitman Todd Michael. RD 3. Ladd Rd . Corry Pa 16407. Mgt 
Sprawka Luke Henry 732 Amherst St . Buffalo, NY 14216. E E 
Spring. William J 25 Glenwood Dr . Oil City. Pa 16301. Bus 
Sprouse. Parmney Paul. Jr . RD 6. Knoyle Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. Mkt 

Michael Victor 341 E 10th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Comm 
Staab. Jacqueline C 436 W 31st St Erie, Pa 16508. Rad Tech 
Stachera Charles A 530 East 3rd St . Erie. Pa 16507. Math 
Stachowiak John. 218 E 6th St . Erie. Pa 16507. Pol Sci 
Stadler Paul Joseph 1128 Western Lane. Erie. Pa 16505. Pre-Med 
Stammler Henry John 3422 Hampshire Rd Erie. Pa 16506. Bio 
Stansell. Stanley Robert 117 Parade. Erie Pa 16507. Phy Asst 
Stanton. Thomas Francis. 55 Moran St . Oil City. Pa 16301. Soc 
Starr, Gregory John. 227 Mohawk Dr Erie. Pa 16505 E E 
Steele. Thomas Hugh 557 W 3rd St . Ene. Pa 16507 Ec 
Stag Mark Adrian. 4615 Cherry St Erie. Pa 16509 Hist 
Stelmack Andrew J Jr 5637 Peach St Erie Pa 16509. Pol Sci 

Stephenson. Daniel John 172 Oak Hill Hgts . Butler. Pa 16001, Gen Sci 
Stephenson. Margaret Ann. 337 W 6th St . Apt 3. Erie. Pa 16507 Math 
Stern. Kevin Jack. 1400 Evergreen Ave Brockway. Pa 15824. Mkt 
Stetter. Paula S 5726 Howe St . Pittsburgh, Pa 15232. M H C 
Steva. Donald M . 931 W 51 st St Ene. Pa 16509. Bio 
Stewart George Miller. 229 Reist St . Williamsville. NY 14221 S W 
Stewart Lynn P . 2802 Zimmerly Rd . Erie, Pa 16506. Ace 
Stewart Paul David Jefferson St . Conneautville. Pa 16406. Mkt 
Stiftler. Gregory John. 2765 E 31st St, Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 
Stiftinger. Robert J 4129 Burton Ave . Erie. Pa 16504. Math 
Stiles. Barry Paul Box 464. Northeast Pa 16428. Mgt 
Stoczynski. Neal S . 84 Wallace. Cheektowaga. NY 14227. Ace 
Stolz Henry James. 2821 Elmwood Ave . Erie. Pa 16508. I M 
Stough Carol Ann. 1011 Washington PI Erie. Pa 16502. Math 
Strasser. Lance Edward. 827 Powell Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. For Lang 
Straub, Mary Frances. 2250 Rmderle Dr . Erie Pa 16509. Comm 
Strenio. George James. 1038 E 4th St . Erie. Pa 16507. M E 
Strickland. Helen. 1860 Linwood Ave , Erie. Pa 16510. Psych 
Strohmeyer Janet Mary. 1334 W 31st St Erie. Pa 16508. Math 
Stubler. Robert William. 12 Ellen Dr . Oil City Pa 16301. Ace 
Stuczynski. Gerald Mark. 3415 East Ave . Erie. Pa 16504. Math 
Sturtevant. Richard M . PO Box 133. W Springfield. Pa 16443. Soc Sci 
Styer. Carl Lyman. RD 3. Muncy. Pa 17756. E E 
Subotnik. Josephine K . 3805 Burton Ave . Erie. Pa 16504, Pol Sci 
Suhari. Albert Eddy. 513 W 5th St . Erie, Pa 16507, Ace 
Suleski, F Michael, 422 E 13th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Ace 
Sullivan. David J . 711 W 9th St Erie, Pa 16502. I.M. 
Sullivan. Mark J . 34 Temple St . Portville. NY 14770. Ace 
Sullivan. Michael Eugene. 4620 Sterrettania Rd . Erie. Pa 16506. Chem 
Sullivan. Sean Timothy. 4517 Wood St, Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 
Sullivan. Sean Lawrence. 2902 Ash St Ene. Pa 16504. Pol Sci 
Susan. Aysar Philip. 464 W 9th St, Erie. Pa 16502. M E 
Sutula. Robert E .. 6212 Meridian Dr., Erie. Pa 16509. E.T 
Swabb Martin Richard. 1202 W 33rd St, Erie. Pa 16508. M E 
Swacha. Stanley Joseph, 24 Plum St, Oil City. Pa 16301. Eng 
Swanson. Greg. 4319 Aaron Rd.. Erie. Pa 16511. Hum 
Swanson. Kathnne Elma. 5142 Grubb Road. Erie, Pa 16506. Bio 
Swanson. Richard J . 817 W 51st St.. Erie. Pa 16509. Pre-Med 
Swantek. Richard M . 3523 Oakwood St, Erie. Pa 16508. Psych 
Swartwood. Cheryl Ann. 431 West 5th St, Erie. Pa 16507. M H.C 
Sweatman, Leroy D . 7016 Belle Rd , Harborcreek. Pa 16421. Mgt 
Swienski. Russell Mark. 645 E 9th St. Erie. Pa 16503. EE 
Swierczewski. Robert J , 1048 E 25th St, Erie. Pa 16503. EE 
Swigonski. Alan Michael. 1214 E 9th St.. Erie. Pa. 16503. Mgt 
Swiner. Ronald Joseph. 681 Prestley St. Carnegie. Pa 15106. Ace 
Sybrant. Roger Lee. 640 E 13th St, Apt 2, Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 
Syed. Ahmed M . 314 West 21st Street. Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 
Sylla. Ibrahima. 410 Joshua Dr . Erie. Pa 16511. Hum 
Szatkowski, Donald Paul. 1852 W 23rd St, Erie. Pa 16502. I.M. 
Szymanowski. Robert S . 318 Euclid Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 
Szuchmanski. Mary K , 408 Myrtle. Erie. Pa 16507. Hum 
Szymanski. Stephen J . 215 Murrayhill Ave . Cheswick. Pa 15024. EE 
Szydlowski. Victor. 425 E 24th St, Erie. Pa 16503. Mgt 

Tabasco. Anthony J . 2013 Moore St, Philadelphia. Pa 19145. Ace. 

Tacone. Daniel Edward. 3115 W 22nd St. Erie. Pa 16506. Mkt. 

Taft. Charles McCulloch. 5144 Roslindale. Erie. Pa. 16509. Pre-Law 

Talaber. Diane Louise. 1612 Elliote Ave . Bethlehem. Pa 18018. M H C 

Talanco. Joseph Franics. 2130 W 36th St, Erie Pa 16508. Pre-Med 

Talanco. Thomas Sam, 2009 Oxford, Erie. Pa. 16505. Eng 

Talanco. Sam R . 2130 W 36th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Pre-Med 

Tallini. Deborah Jean. 90 Kaywood Dr.. Rochester. NY 14626. M.H.C. 

Tallon. Winifred. 201 E. 16th St.. Erie. Pa. 16503. Cr J 

Tamilin. David Robert. 530 W. 6th St.. Erie. Pa 16507. Phy Asst 

Tann. Rebecca M.. 634 Pittsburgh Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 

Tanty. Margaret Jo. 74 Harding Ave.. Bradford, Pa 16701. El Ed 

Tarkowski, Robert David. 28 Kellogg St. Erie. Pa 16508. Bio 

Tarr. Kerry Allen. 109 E 2nd St, Waterford. Pa 16441. E E 

Tarver. Elking Junior. 3110 Bird Dr . Erie. Pa 16510. Ace. 

Tate. John C , PO Box 1871. Erie. Pa. 16507. Cr J 

Tavares. Richardo Manuel. 197 Elm St, Staten Is., NY 10310 Mgt 

Taylor. Alan Lee. 935 Marshall Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. ME 

Taylor. Arthur A . 11160 Kanmar Dr.. North East. Pa 16428. Hum 

Taylor. Charles Larry. RD 1. Pettis Rd.. Meadville. Pa. 16335. Mgt. 

Taylor. Linda Lee. 1416 E 20th St, Erie. Pa 16503. Soc Sci 

Taylor. Rita Ann. 524 Mt Joy Rd.. Clearfield. Pa 16830. Chem 

Taylor. Vicki Lynne. 461 W 7th St, Erie. Pa 16502, Hum 

Tech, Dennis James. 7425 Turner Rd.. Union City. Pa 16438. E E 

Tedesco. John Arthur, 1355 W 39th St, Erie. Pa 16509. Pre-Med 

Tempest. Stephen Ford. 406 W Walnut St . Titusville. Pa 16354. Arts & Hum 

Terbeek. Russell Richard. RD 2. Snyder Rd . Box 197, Venetia. Pa 15367. Phil 

Tharp. Mary Jane. 541 E. 9th St, Erie. Pa 16503. M.H.C. 

Tharp. Mary Pamela. 541 E 9th St, Erie. Pa 16503. Nurs 

Thayer. Michael William. 1118 E 25th St. Erie. Pa 16503. M.H.C. 

Theobald. Therese Mane. 3744 Chapel Hill Dr., Erie. Pa 16506. Rad Tech 

Thomas. Gary Philip. 661 Young Rd . Erie. Pa 16509 urn 

Thomas. Sherne Lee. Franklin. Rd . Waddington. NY 13694. Pol Sci 

Thomas. Willa Mae. 1924 East 18th St . Erie. Pa 16510. Soc Sci 

Thompson. David William. 314 South St . Ridgway. Pa 15853. Arts & Hum 

Thompson. Ethel Adele. 315 E 22nd St . Erie Pa 16503. Eng 

Thompson. Francis P . 32 Penn Blvd . E Lansdowne. Pa 19050. Eng 

Thompson. Hugh Robert. 4409 Melrose Ave . Erie. Pa 16509. Ace 

Thompson. James Norman. 522 E 10th St, Erie. Pa 16503. Arts 4 Hum 

Thompson. Jessie Ann. 451 W Front St, Erie. Pa 16507. M H C 

Thompson. Kathleen Anne. 2616 Liberty St, Erie. Pa 16508. Soc 

Thompson. Richard James. 142 Meade Ave . Pittsburgh. Pa 15202, Eng 

Thompson. William John. 2202 Bird Dr . Apt 4. Erie. Pa 16510. ME 

Thorn. Catherine Ellen. 3033 W 24th St . Erie. Pa 16506. Comm 

Thornton. Kathleen Susan. 1119 Potomac Ave Erie. Pa 16505. M H C 

Tirpak. Barry. 813 W 21st St . Erie. Pa 16502 Ace 

Tobin. David John. 252 Hilltop Dr . Lowr Burrell. Pa 15068. Cr J 

Tomasone. Richard C . 1311 Sill, Warren, Pa 16365. Chem 

Tome. Richard. 1940 W 32nd St, Erie. Pa 16508. Hum 

Tome. Robert Samuel. 3045 W 25th. Erie. Pa 16506. Art Ed 

Tonkin. Carlton Jerome. 119 Market St Warren Pa 16365 Pre-Med 

Toppins. Helen. PO Box 261. Gannon. Erie. Pa 16501 Gen Sci 

Torok. James Michael. 1834 W 35th St . Erie. Pa 16508. Ace 

Town. Henry Dorr East Lake Rd . Rt 2. Westfield. NY 14787. ME 

Trabinger. Richard C . 1119 W 33rd St Erie. Pa 16508. Mgt 

Treadwell. Larry. 40 Heldman St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15219. Cr J 

Treese. Thomas Norbert. 301 Soeder Drive. Glenshaw. Pa 15116. Bio 

Tucholski. Edward L . 3921 Conrad St, Erie. Pa 16510. Hum 

Tucker. John Curtis. 1856 Cahstoga St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15221. Cr J 

Tulho. Patricia A 2401 Bhley Rd . Erie. Pa 16510. El Ed 

Tulp Randall Bruce 433 Parkside. Buffalo. NY 14216. Pre-Law 

Turmer. Alex. Box 15A. Gannon College. Erie. Pa 16501. Mgt 

Turnier. Guirlame. Gannon College. Box 15A. Erie. Pa 16501. For Lang 

Tuschak George Thomas 14 Hathaway Street E . Girard Pa 16417 Mgt 

.regory 402 Parkway Erie Pa 16511 Med Tech 
Tylkowski Phihp James. 719 East Ave . Erie. Pa 16503 M E 
Tynecki. Edward R . 936 Wyoming Erie. Pa 1650*. 


Unger, Sandra Jean. 552 E 13th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Gen Sci 
Urda. Stephen Paul. 115 N Erie St. Mercer. Pa 16137. Pol Sci 
Uzarski. Tim G . Bo» 719, Linesville. Pa 16424 Hum 


Vactor. Sandra Marie. 239 E 25th St . Erie. Pa 16503. Hum 

Valyo. David Robert 133 Cedar Hollow Rd Paoli. Pa 19301. Cr J 

Vancise. Dana Scott 1604 Charles St Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 

Vandamia. Nicholas R . RD 1. Draketown Rd Edinboro. Pa 16412 Ace 

Vanhorn. Kevin Michael 204 Mohawk Dr . McKeesport Pa 15135. Mgt 

VanVolkmburg Emily J . 17 WoodcresI Dr Warren. Pa 16313 Law Asst 

Varrato. George Ralph. 108 Wallace Ave . Leechburg Pa 15656. Mgt 

Varughese. George 707 Myrtle St. Erie. Pa 16502. M E 

Vasil Michael David 805 E Grandview Blvd . Erie. Pa 16504. Ace 

Vats Rai Kumar 547 W 7th St . Erie. Pa 16502. E E 

Veith. Daniel Richard. 5526 Clinton St Ene. Pa 16509. Ace 

Veon. Judith T 1441 South Shore Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Hum 

Verity. Pamela Gail 6025 Overlook Dr Erie Pa 16505 Eng 

Vergotz. James S 224 E 28th St Erie. Pa 16504. Pol Sci 

Veres. John Alan 529 Smithson Ave . Erie. Pa 16511. Mgt 

Vianello Giuseppe Eroe. 5317 Old Sterrettania Erie Pa 16506 E E 

Villella Mark 936 W 7th St Erie. Pa 16502 Pol Sci 

Vincent. Bettie Jean. 725 E 19th St Erie Pa 16503 Mgt 

Vincent Ramond 237 Locust St Erie Pa 16508. Mgt 

Vincent. John Sherwood. 1027 Hartt Rd Erie. Pa 16505. Ace 

Vilale. Richard D . 5232 Clinton St Erie, Pa 16509 Mgt 

Vlahos. Patrick James. 1321 W 25th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Gen Sci 

Voelker Ronald William 415 Lighthouse St Erie Pa 16507. Ace 

Vogt. Christopher Aurand. 2400 Shadyside Ave . Huntingdon. Pa 16652. Ace 

Vokac. Kenneth Jerome. 4135 Page St . Erie. Pa 16510 E T 

Volgstadt. Sandra L 5117 West Ave Erie. Pa 16509. Rad Tech 

Vommero. John R Jr 153 Brighton Ave Ene. Pa 16509. I M 

Vorse. Harold Leroy RD 1 W Lake Rd . Lake City, Pa 16423. Mgt 

Vorse. Thomas W Jr 109 S Lake St . Lake City. Pa 16423. Bio 

Voyten. Barbara J 462 Shady Ave . Sharon. Pa 16146. E E 

Vuksta. Bruce James. 1199 Spring Valley Dr Erie Pa 16509. Mgt 


Wachna. Alma M . 2085 Berkshire Lane. Erie. Pa 16509 Hum 

Wade Wilhe Glen. 988 Celma Ave Akron. OH 44307. Ace 

Waechter. Winifred. 810 Nagle Rd Erie. Pa 16511. Cr J 

Wagner Daniel P . 3204 French St . Erie. Pa 16504 Cr J 

Wagner. John Thomas. 649 W 8th St . Erie Pa 16502. E T 

Walker Gerald Eugene. 783 Griffith Aliquippa. Pa 15001 Cr J 

Walker Glenn Howard Box 35-9 FH Gannon Col . Erie. Pa 16501. Math. 

Walker. Tamora L 321 Newman St . Erie. Pa 16507. S W 

Wall. Dan. Gannon College Erie Pa 16501 Hum 

Wallace Richard Daniel 43 Wagner. St . Carnegie. Pa 15106 ME 

Walsh John Andrew RD 3. Linesville. Pa 16424. Phil 

Walsh. Terence M 568 Bement Ave New York. NY 10310. Ace 

Walsh. Thomas Patrick. 568 Bement Ave . New York. NY 10310. Mgt 

Walter. Diane Clara. 23' i Highland Ave. Youngsviile. Pa 16371. Psych 

Walters Leon 1126 East 26th St Ene. Pa 16504. Pre-Med 

Ward. Thomas Harold. RD 2. Dons Dr Girard. Pa 16417. Pre-Med 

Ward Thomas Ft, 1718 W 39 St Erie Pa 16509. Mgt 

Warholak. Andrew. Jr , 17 Watson St Carnegie. Pa 15106. E E 

Warner. Edward George. 58 Randy Lane. Nassau. NY 11803. Cr J 

Warren. Anne Mane. 3041 W 32nd St . Erie. Pa 16506. S W 

Waruszewski. Robert W . 816 Hess Ave Erie Pa 16503. Med Tech 

Waschek. John Francis. RD 3. Moscow Pa 18444 Ace 

Wasylosky Janet. 292 Morgan St. Lowr Burrell. Pa 15068 Med Tech. 

Wasylosky. Joan. 292 Morgan St Lowr Burrell Pa 15068. Cr J 

Watson. Mary Ellen 1127 5th Avenue. Ford City. Pa 16226. M H C 

Wawrzymak. Elizabeth 1109 W 18th St Erie. Pa 16502. Pre-Med 

Wawrzyniak. Wamta Alice. 1109 W 18th St., Erie. Pa 16502. Pol Sci 

Way. Mark Joseph. 20 Glenwood Dr Oil City. Pa 16301 Pol Sci 

Wayne. Mark James. 200 Gumnip Ave . Elmira. NY 14905. Mgt 

Weaver. William Franklin. 616 Walnut St., Erie. Pa 16502. E E 

Webb Marianne. 1405 Central Dr Erie Pa 16505. Eng 

Weber. Alphonse Steven 301-10th St . N Kensington Pa 15068. E E 

Weber. Joseph Francis. 9434 Ridge Rd Middleport NY 14105. Cr J 

Weber. Robert A 141 E 31st St, Erie, Pa 16504. Mkt 

Weber. Susan M . 1024 W 9th St . Erie. Pa 16502. Ace 

Weber Walter William. 324 i Cherry St . Erie. Pa 16507. Hist 

Weckesser. Mary. 521 Seminole Dr . Erie. Pa 16505 Eng 

Wegley. Claude E 2622 Putnam Dr . Erie. Pa 16511. Ace 

Weigmann. John Robert 630 Colorado Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Mgt 

Weindorf, Thomas E 2828 Legion Rd . Erie. Pa 16506 Hum 

Weiser. Paul Allen 329 Indiana Dr . Erie. Pa 16505. Gen Sci 

Weisenfluh. Robert H 2608 Wolverine Dr . Erie. Pa 16511. Lib Arts 

Weiss. Donald Richard. 6061 Meridian Dr . Erie, Pa 16509. Mgt 

Welch Susan L . 821 W 26th St, Ene. Pa 16508. M H C 

Weils. Roberta Louise. 5 Phoebe Ct . Coioma. MU 07067 Sp Dr 

Welsh. Amy Rose 22 Greenbush St . Pittsburgh. Pa 15211. Mkt 

Welsh. Donald J . 1304 W 54th St . Erie Pa 16509. Ace 

Welsh. Thomas Michael 423 Dale Dr Ene. Pa 16511 Phil 

Wennck. Oaniei Michael 1036 E Lake Rd Ene. Pa 16507. Gen Sci 

Wenslow. Sandra G . 4812 Love Rd Erie Pa 16506 Hum 

Wenzel. John Michael, 3228 Pine Ave Erie Pa 16504 E T 

Wenzel. Roger S 121 Gould St . Corry. Pa 16407 Mgt 

Werle. Donald Nelson 431 Pittsburgh Ave . Erie. Pa 16505 Ace 

Wermcki. Michael J . 252.- E 5th St , Erie. Pa 16507, Cr J 

Wermcki. Robert Lester 731 East Ave Ene Pa 16503. Ace 

Wessman. David Duane. 3320 Raspberry St, Erie. Pa 16508. Psych 

Whaling. Timothy P , 3622 Harvard Rd . Erie Pa 16508 Gen Sci 

Wheaton. Larry Leroy 416 Cambridge Rd Erie. Pa 16511 Mgt 

Wheeler Kathenne A . 630 Vermont Ave . Erie. Pa 16505. Sci 

Wheeler. William T 1025 W 18th St, Erie. Pa 16502. Hum 

Whipple. Larry L . RD 4. Lane Rd . Watertord. Pa 16441. Pre-Pharm 

Whipple. Sandra Lee. RD 9. Henderson Rd . Ene Pa 16509 Law Asst 

White. James Douglas 813 Oakmont Ave . Erie. Pa 16505 Pre-Med 

White. Nels Anthony. 1738 W 36th St, Erie. Pa 16508. Mgt 

Whitesell. Guy. 977 First St, Meadville. Pa 16335. Hum 

• •towaga ►.■ 
■ ■■ Paul John 2633 Frontanac 
'229 E 26i' 
| Ronald Robert 202 Cnipp«f Dr Gktnsr ■■ • 

Wiehagen Joseph t Rose L> ' • 

Wietner Rudy Carl 2818 Wellington R 

,mond J' 4612 8a»m i . 16509. E E 

Wieszczyk Paula M 4612 Bat Pa 16509 Med 

Wilhelm Jamea Fred. 2921 Hampton Rd Erie Pa 16508 C 
Wilhelm Walter Carl 2856 W 33rd St Erie Pa 16506 Cn«m 

1416 East Ave Erie Pa 1650-: 
Will Gregory Glenn RD 5 Hiiiborn Rd Ene Pa 16509 Bo 
Williams Arthur. 505 Ash St Erie. Pa 1650.' 
Williams Beatrice P . 1206 E 20th St Erie Pa 16503 Nurs 
Williams Brian James. P O Boi 17 Irvona. Pa 16656 Rad Tech 
Williams Evelyn 922 Raspberry Erie Pa 16502 Cr J 
Williams Kim Robert 5985 Bethel Park Dr Bethel Park Pa 15102 M HC 
Williams Paulette B . 2725 Monroe St Erie Pa 16504 Hum 
Williams Paul David 5146 Richmond St Erie. Pa 16509 Pol Sci 
Williams. Perry James 1722 Glendale Erie Pa 16510 M E 
Williams. Willred Earl. 2513 Station Rd . Wesleyville. Pa 16510 Mgt 
Williamson Kyle Ann 358 E 38th St . Erie. Pa 16504 Hum 
Wilsher Wade. 505 Myrtle St Erie Pa 16507 Chem 
Wilson, Deborah Claire. 1709 W 14th St Erie. Pa 16505 Mgt 
Wilson. Mary Jo. 246 West 21st. Erie Pa 16502 MHC 
Wilson. Susan Marian. 2771 E 29th St Erie Pa 16501 Eng 
Wmarski. Susan Theresa. 944 E 25th St Ene, Pa 16503 Phy Asst 
Winston Patrick Holland RD 5 Waterford Pa 16441 Math 
Wismski Bernard Gene 508 E 11th St Ene Pa 16503 Soc 
Wismski Daniel R 1019 Wallace St Erie Pa 16503. Mgt 
Wismski. Gerald Edmund. 310 Andrews Park Blvd . Erie Pa 16511 Cr J 
Wismski John Alex 1019 Wallace St Ene Pa 16510 Bio 
Wislmski Martin. 415 Meredith Perth Amboy NJ 08861 M E 
Wisniewski Richard G 1133 Buffalo Rd . Erie. Pa 16503 Pre-Pharm 
Wodarczyk. Christopher J 720 Vine St Erie Pa 16503. MHC 
Woiciechowski. Paul E Claylon Ave . Monroeville. NJ 08343 Pre-Med 
Wosciechowski Eugene 702 Weschler Ave Erie Pa 16502 Mgt 
Wolanin. Mary Ann. 718 Pin Oak Dr . Erie, Pa 16504 Med Tech 
Wolbert Paul Alan 1639 W 21st St Erie Pa 16502 Gen So 
Wolfe Janet Elizabeth. 525 Smithson Ave . Ene Pa 16511 E T 
Wolfe William Herman 1906 W 36th St , Erie. Pa 16508. Mgt 
Wolfram Joy Mane 512 East 261h St Ene Pa 16504 MHC 
Woods Carol A 208 Manon Ave Punxsutawney Pa 15767. Rad Tech 
Woods. Deborah Ann 515 E 23rd St Erie Pa 16503 Pre-Law 
Woods Leonard Joseph. 1302 Mam Pittsburgh. Pa 15215 Psych 
Woods. Neil Joseph 4409 Kahn Dr Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 
Worku. Tamerat. Box 15-5 Wh. Gannon Col Erie Pa 16501 Comm 
Wright. Clyde M 505 Fourth St Riverton NJ 08077. S W 
Wright. David Lee. Box 123, Tionesta Pa 16353 Rad Tech 
Wright Mona Margaret 2302 i Peach St Ene Pa 16502. Soc 
Wright. Matthew Peterson. 709 Nevada Dr Ene Pa 16505. Ace 
Wroblewski. Daniel E 712 E 25th St Erie Pa 16503 E E 
Wrotniak Chester M 5007 Forrest Rd Lewiston NY 14092 Bio 
Wunsch Regma M 417 Superior Dr . Erie. Pa 16505 Phy 
Wyman. Ross Sterling 819 Hess Ave Ene Pa 16503 Mgt 


Yambor. Kathleen Jean 1434 W 39th St Ene. Pa 16509 Ace 
Yanek. Carl Edward. 4314 Greengarden Blvd Erie Pa 16509 Mgt 
Yanichko. Robert Frank 2040 Vermont Ave. W Mifflm Pa 15122 
Yarnngton. Bruce Garner. 3901 Oxer Rd Erie Pa 16505 E T 
Yeager Michael George 855 Park Road. Reading. Pa 19610. M E 
Yearn Eileen Beth. 540 Center Hill Rd . Pittsburgh. Pa 15239 Mgt 
Yenderusiak Leo George 210 W 8th St Apt 7 Erie Pa 16501 EE 
Yeung. See Kee. 106 Nam Chang St 2/F Hong Kong Ace 
Yochim. Timothy Charles. 308 Cascade St Erie Pa 16507 MHC 
Young. David Arthur. 4130 Conrad Rd Erie Pa 16510 For Lang 
Young. Edwin Ethan Box 247 Sugar Grove Pa 16350 Soc 
Yurchak. Timothy John. P O Box 106 Edinboro. Pa 16412 ET 
Yuslum. Pearl Naomi. 253 E Market St Wilhmstown. Pa 17098 Cr J 
Yuskovic William John. 1168 W 54th St Ene Pa 16509 E E 

Zadeh Majid Lai. Gannon Col Wh . Box 21-3 Ene Pa 16501 Ec 

Zadoonan Seroi. Gannon Col . Wh.. Box 4-1 Erie Pa 16501 E E 

Zacherl Lemoyne Thomas, 2111 Myrtle Ene Pa 16502 Ace 

Zaiac. Rhonda RD 2. Page Rd Wattsburg. Pa 16442 Nurs 

Zalewski. Gerald F , 1226 W 8th St Erie. Pa 16501 E T 

Zambroski Mara Ann 428 W 10th St Ere Pa 16502 Pol So 

Zameroski Allen P 340 Rock St Ridgway Pa 15853 Mgt 

Zamierowski Mark W 1126 E 10th St Ene Pa 16503 Eng 

Zannein. James Libby 260 South Ave Bradford Pa 16701 B = 

Zarnegar, Ramin. Box 21-6 Wh. Gannon Col Erie Pa 16501 ME 

Zarnegar. Sita. Box 2-5 Nh. Gannon Col Erie Pa 16501 E E 

Zawistoski. Carl Joseph 901 East 41st St Erie Pa 16504 Ace 

Zawistowski Leonard A 4142 Pine Ave Erie Pa 16504 CrJ 

Zawistoski Michael Paul 2049 W 25th Si Erie Pa 16502 C 

Zebrowski. Jacqueline J 3908 East Ave Ene Pa 16504. Hum 

Zecca Richard L 327 S Evalme St . Pittsburgh Pa 15225 Mgt 

Zecca Kenneth A 212 Sassafras St Ene Pa 16507. Mgt 

Zecca Louis Thomas. Eur Comm Area. Box 4011 APO New York NY 09633 Mgt 

Zehna Francis John 3908 Dauphin Pkwy . Erie Pa 16506 E E 

Zendron Frederick James RD 1 Box 9 Saxonburg Pa 16056 Ace 

Zeus. Anthony Philip 4331 Aaron Rd Ere Pa 16511 I M 

Ziberna Anthony K 21 Lenzman Ct Ambndge Pa 15003. Chem 

Ziegenhme James P Box 114. RD 1. Lewistown. Pa 17044. Math 

Zielmski Frank Roman 1213 W 37th St E"e Pa 16508 Mgt 

Zielmski Robert M 729 E 12ttl St E' e Pa 16503 Ace 

Zieionis Gary Peter 349 Sporting Hill Rd Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055 Math 

Zilch. Herman George Jr 257 Templeton Ave Girard Pa 16417 Mgt 

Zimmer Brian Timothy. 3706 W 14th St Ene Pa 16505 Ace 

Zimmer Douglas Irvm 326 Harvey St . Erie Pa 16511 Bio 

Zimmer James Michael 2421 Cranberry Si E' e Pa 16502 Ace 

Zimme- . - A 2061 W 24th St Ene Pa 16502. B'0 

Zmgelewicz Stephen F 710 Pm Oak D' Ene Pa 16504 E I 

Zomcik David C RD 5 Waterford Pa 16441 Bus 

Zuk. William. 3194 W 25th St Cleveland Ohio 44109. Math 

Zuraw John Francis 646 Oakmont Ave Erie Pa 16505. Math 

Zylka. John S Jr 5214 Bramblewood Lane Ene Pa 16505 



LANCE Staff Says Thanks 

On behalf of all Gannon College students, 
we wish to express gratitude to all the 
friends of the College for their con- 
tributions to the 1975 Lance. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Andolsek 

John W. Appelbergh 

Florence Barnhart 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Belleau 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bolla 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Bucher 

Walter S. Buckoski 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Chamberlain 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chunko 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cipicchio 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Colucci 

Florence Cyterski 

Archie F. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Demarest 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer DiGiulio 

Mr. & Mrs. James Donovan 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin G. Engel 

The Flicker Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Gicale 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. Griffey 

Mr. & Mrs. Merle Grove 

Mrs. James Hahn 

Mr. & Mrs. James Hanson 

D. M. Hawkins 

Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Hooper 

Mrs. Katherine J. Hunt 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Hynes 

Herbert A. Johanson 

Raymond M. Jordan 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kahabka 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kaleta 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kirkner 

Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Koza 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Krall 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kuzmin 

Albert L. Lamp, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Lapinski 

Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Laws 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Lee 

i i 

Mr. & Mrs. John Licsko 

James P. Malue 

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Maxted 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. McLaughlin & Family 

In Memoriam 

Mrs. Viola Merison 

R. E. Merz 

Mr. & Mrs. W. John Misdom 

Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Mulqueen, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Narkevic 

Mrs. Ferdinand Niebauer 

Mr. & Mrs. Garold M. Oakes 

Stephen Ondich 

Mr. & Mrs. Casimer Osiecki 

Mr. & Mrs. Al J. Piotrowicz 

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Potter 

Casimere C. Reaney 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Resnick 

Norbert A. Rydzewski 

Oswald W. Santini 

James Sayers 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Sell. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ceasar A. Settimi 

Mrs. Theresa Simon 

Homer L. Smith, Sr. 

Dr. Cameron F. Snider 

Mrs. Josephine Stoczynski 

Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Straub 

Mrs. Charles M. Taft. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Trabinger 

Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Valyo 

Joseph E. Weber 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Wiehagen 

Thomas E. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Zacherl 

Mr. & Mrs. Vasyl Zuk 



City Beer Company 
Erie Times-News 

Gage Hotel 
Martucci's Tavern 


3729 McClelland Avenue 

Phone 899-3151 


Rev. Msgr. William R. Hastings 

2701 East Avenue 


144 East Sixth Street 

Phone 452-6831 

1975 LANCE Staff 

Editor-in-Chief Mary Fran Straub 

Associate Editor J. Martin Seroka 

Copy Editor Carol Potter 

Features Editor Nancy Panzarella 

Copy Staff Debbie Gundrum 

Janet Strohmeyer 

Layout Editor Alberta Onachila 

Organizations Editor Paula Wieszczyk 

Seniors Editor Garry Settimi 

Sports Editor Steve Drexler 

Sports Staff Tony Dalessandro 

Coordinator of Photographic Services J. Martin Seroka 

Photography Staff Paul Heintz 

Fran Millis 

Mary Fran Straub 

Contributing Photographer Ted Gocal 

Advisor Christopher C. Thorn 


The Lance is an endangered species. Each year in- 
terested students have to fight to keep the book among 
Gannon's extracurricular activities. And, each year as the 
new edition of the Lance is published, another group of 
students must begin the fight for the next book. 

The 1975 Lance is the result of an experiment in fun- 
ding. Students paid a fee at spring registration and the 
Student Senate appropriated the remainder of the cost of 
the book. 

I would like to thank Kevin Quinn for his interest and 
endurance in working to find a new system of funding the 
book, Ron Volpe for his support of the book, and our ad- 
visor, Chris Thorn, for his guidance, encouragement, and 

And lastly, in the tradition of past Editor's notes, I 
would like to also thank the members of my staff who 
worked their asses off. 

Mary Fran Straub 


May 1975 


VbrrtliDt Mo I S * 

V I 






Marc«lin«. Mo., U.S.A.